How to Spot MBTI Types (according to TypeTips)

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So, I’m still fascinated by MBTI. And today, I’m just gonna outline and compile what TypeTips said about spotting different MBTI personality types from the outside.

TypeTips is a YouTube channel. He’s amazing when it comes to MBTI knowledge. Check out his channel here: TypeTips

Dislaimer: These are all quotations and from TypeTips.

Let’s start!!!


– Twinkle in eyes

– Toggle their eyes because of exciting possibilities

– Appears manic

– Looks like there’s a desparate need for inner peace

– Playful and perky energy

– Resting, smiling face (corners of the mouth life upwards and returning back into a smiley face)

– Dresses loosely and carefree, liberated kind of feel

– Half are actually subdued or quiet even if they’re described as bouncing off the walls

– Self-assuredness in the eyes


– Soft, teddy bear like energy. like you want to pet them

– Has a strong on/off switch from being approachable

– Kind of sinking feeling as if feelings are being soaked inwards

– Squishy, oozy Center,  meek and frail look

– Sincere look in eyes with inner warmth

– Weak energy

– Soft, assured kind of look which gives them confidence

– May have an artistic look, but not like INFJ. They prefer an earthier and homey kind of look

– A lot dress like they’re in the 1940s, which is when clothes were classy yet down to earth

– Just smile enough, and not exaggerated


– Dimensional in expressiveness

– Dramatic looking folks; eyes are intense and expressive; fierce looking

– Even if they’re bored, eyes convey a lot of intense emotions

– Glazy, gleamy eyes which conveys a lot of depth and soul

– A bit of unpleasant look

– Can be elegant looking but dramatic

– Dreamy eyes but it looks like it’s directed towards an agenda; eyes are not focused on the now

– Looks determined


– Looks like nice and gentle people

– Eyes are pretty wide open

– ELEGANT; Ooh La La look

– Dreamy, starry eyes; looks like dreamers


– Skeptical and stern look

– Appear to be smirking and smiling at first like ESFJ, but goes back to stern look

– Lack elegance in their look; earthly beings

– Dress with a professional air

– Look that looks like they’re totally in this world and not to the future

– Intonation of speech makes them sound practical


– Consonant, practical sounding tone to their voice

– Looks self-content and calm on the eyes and on their one-sided smile that doesn’t look totally sincere

– Looks like they’re hiding the secrets of inner peace

– Looks relaxed but can also look mistrustful or angry

– Disliked being touched or kissed

– Homey and cozy look (wears sweaters)

– Earthy, informal, self-assured, tranquil look


– Biggest smiles, whole face smiles

– Eyes that light up the room

– Goody-goody kind of look, look like friendly puppies

– They don’t smirk as often as ENTPs and ISFJs


– Tranquil eyes and energy

– Contented look

– Broad smile

– Has a contained extrovertedness

– They come off like gentlemen or lady-like

– Smile looks like a smirk which means playfulness (can be pranksters but not too heavy)


– Science-y look, glasses are befitting

– Subdued smile, a small one-sided smirk

– Up-to-no-good kind of eyes as if they’re hiding something

– You can’t take them seriously kind of vibe

– Even if you’re talking to them, they look like they’re looking off somewhere else

– Nervous, franetic energy, looks unsettled

– Place body in weird positions that don’t exist in normal human beings. They way they twist their boy is interesting

– They may fiddle with objects and then break them

– Radio Talk Show voice

– Even if they look skeptical, they convey maternal warmth as they grow older (welcoming and supportive)


– Can’t be bothered to smile for the photo

– Tight lips, partial smile most of the time

– Don’t look pysically intimidating

– Drooping eyes

– Dresses not to stand out (wears black)

– Hates the camera


– Smart, lab professor types

– Shark-like look; Alfa eyes

– Looks like nobody should screw you over

– Can be kind of unconfident when talking to people; they can appear introverted

– Either looking nice or argumentative

– Objective when describing people to avoid subjective bias

– Has salesman smiles; they get frustrated eaily

– They run in order to save time

– Many can’t match clothes; they favor bright colors


– Can look stoney in their eyes because they don’t want to show feelings

– Can also look sorrowful; eyes can look watery

– Has a fiercing look but overall they don’t look very dominant

– They look serious

– Many don’t have very flattering hair

– Has Mona Lisa smiles; they don’t like dramatic, emotional display; smiles show just enough good will and nothing else

– Very family oriented and wants to work for a cause


– Piercing and aggressive look; absolute will power and determination

– Eyes look like they’re scanning; they lower their eyelids and scan

– But has a charming smile

– “Now” eyes


– “Now” eyes

– Not expressive looking

– Eyelids droop a bit; has calm, cool-headed like eyes

– All under control look

– Drama queen inside

– Looks like they can take a heroic, solo adventure (like Indiana Jones)


– Looks like they’re super excited for the camera

– Child-like, radying warmth, playful, perky energy in the face

– Can dress attractively or can dress wholly for comfort (Cartoon character on their oversized t-shirt, sweatpants or pajamas)

– Tough and more serious than what people think


– They look bored and distant

– Low maintenance kind of look

– Looks like they have the weight of the world upon them and looks like they’re in their own world

– Judgemental look with lips pursed tightly together

– Tough, intimmidating look that looks like he can protect himself

– Dress in great taste

– Often compared with cats = sweet until you cross them 
Sources/Video Links (from TypeTips):



Hot Roomies (Free Otome Game) Review

Title: Hot Roomies
Title in Google Play: Love Triangle – Free Otome Game
Developer: Hanabi Media
Release Date: June 17, 2016
Genre: Otome, Romance, Visual Novel


Ok, the first thing you have to know about this game that would make you really happy is: IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

That’s right! IT’S FREE! Play it until you finish it!

Most otome games offer in-game purchases, though you can play without paying anything ’till the end. Those games are the type that let’s you read about 5 sections of a chapter each day, or you need to fulfill some kind of mission to proceed (which sometimes takes forever to complete). If you want to free yourself from the hassle, you can buy stuff in-game.

But this game doesn’t have those kind of game enders which sometimes takes so long to fulfill you lose interest in the game. Again, it’s absolutely FREE!

The only feature you can buy there is removing the ads (which only appears at the far bottom of the screen, very easy to ignore. It’s not a bother). And, even if there are ads, you can play the game OFFLINE! (Again, unlike other otome games).

Ok, enough with it being free. I think you get it. (o゚▽゚)


Basically, the game is about MC-chan (your character who you can name), who just graduated and is looking for work and a place to live in independently. On her graduation ceremony, she and her childhood best friend, Tsukasa, saw each other. Tsukasa just returned to Japan from America and is now starting a career as a professor in a new job he landed. He is also looking for a new place to stay, so they decided to look together. Eventually, they were offered a place to rent and they went to check the place out. It so happened that the owner of the house is Kazuya, a well-known author who MC-chan looked up to when she was a kid. And so, the three of them became roomies and eventually, a love triangle was created.



The game also has a few side characters they talk to and get together with such as MC-chan’s friends, Kazuya’s grandmother, and one of Tsukasa’s students. It’s a shame that the game was too short, the side characters weren’t much explored.


Anyways, the story was very interesting because, well, you’re in the middle of the love team. You’re the prize in the competition between two handsome guys! Aaaand, both of them are very sweet and loves to flatter you a lot. Haha!


I did mention before that the story was very short. It was. I think, you can finish it in maybe 1 to 2 hours of playing. There are lots of potential plots and it was really a shame that it was very short to explore them. The cute student who likes Tsukasa, for example, wasn’t really a threat. Actually she’s just there to help MC-chan realize that she feels jealous.


(SPOILER ALERT!) The game ended when I didn’t expect it to because it was short. You know how otome games let you pick what to do or what to say? Well, there was this one choice where the two guys ask you out to some place special because they were going to say something important to you. So, you had to pick who to go to. I casually picked Kazuya because childhood friends are strong enough to wait haha. But lo and behold, that was the last choice you’re going to make in-game because that will determine the end of the story. So, I ended up with Kazuya while in the back of my head, I still wanna explore my choices with Tsukasa. That was fast…




Very fancy and engaging.

Aside from the usual gameplay where you read dialogues and click next, this game has a lot more to it. I’ll just enumerate them:

– Get to choose the words you put in the ad in a fill-in-the-blanks style


– A mini game about cats



– Phone calls
– Choose messages to type in texts


– Choose your room, present, and dress
– Choose who to dance with, go with, and etc.
– Pop out photographs


– AND! Manga-style pages for special scenes




And for me, it was nice ❤


Do I recommend the game? Absolutely! It’s free! And the story is interesting anyway. I’d rate it:


It’s very nice but I left it on 4.5 because it was very short. It just… ended like that. Though, you can repeat and try different choices. Anyways, do play it and enjoy it yourselves. 🙂

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Casa Verde (Megamall) Review

Name: Casa Verde
Specific Branch: Megamall
Date of Visit: August 6, 2016


“This place is for giants!”
— Ryuko Seiko, ISTJ sister

So, Ryuko took me to Casa Verde because she heard it was a very good restaurant though the prices were high. It must be good since it’s really rare for an ISTJ to spend money for it, and she treated me too. So, yep, this is something she is willing to try and spend her money on.


There were a lot of people inside. We were actually in the waiting line but not for so long. Just enough for us to look at the menu. We chose the best Brian’s Ribs (best seller), a strawberry banana and a chocolate banana milkshake.

Here’s the menu (I think there’s another side but I forgot to take a picture of it)


Brian’s Ribs – P275

So it’s a humongous rib marinated with yummy sauce making it so tasty. A cup of rice and a mix of carrot and corn bits were also included to the dish. I would recommend if it weren’t super expensive. But with it’s large size, if you’re rich, why not? If I have the money, I’d eat it again.



Ryuko having problems with the ribs' size haha


Chocolate Banana and Strawberry Banana Milkshake – P118 each


This one… I likey ❤ 😉

It's very delicious and tasty. With its price, I guess if I buy Starbucks Venti for P180, then why won't I buy this milkshake again? I personally love fruit shakes better than any other drinks. So, if I can't eat Brian's Ribs for some circumstances because of its largeness, I'm still going to buy the milkshake haha!

Bonus: Milky Way Shake – P368


We didn’t buy it because of poor budget. But look at the size of those stolen shots! I bet its delicious! If we have the money, we’ll definitely try it. Probably with the family so that we can finish it. 🙂



I recommend it! I’d probably give it a 4.5 if it was more affordable. I don’t know if I’m just poor coz the food is really large (maybe it’s fair to have the price that high). Well, maybe I’m just poor. I’m still rating it 4 though…

Anyways, I’ll probably eat there again if there are special occasions and stuff.

Check out other menus! They have large fries and other meals 🙂

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MCGI celebrates the second quarter of International Thanksgiving 2016

The Members of the Church of God International (MCGI) celebrated the second quarter of International Thanksgiving on July 29- July 31, 2016. Brethrens from different places of the globe, from the East to the West, gave thanks to the Lord in this 3 day sacrifice of thanksgiving for all His kindness and mercy. Singing praises, dancing, and loud cheers could be heard from Apalit, Pampanga where the event was hosted to different monitoring sites across the world.


The religious group is more known as Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) which is the name of the T.V. program hosted by Bro. Eli Soriano where different questions regarding faith are answered in detail based on the verses in the Bible. MCGI is a group that is incomparatively always thankful to God. Thanksgiving is held every week, while the 3 day International Thanksgivng is held quarterly. Profound topics of faith never heard from different religious organizations are taught to the brethren, resulting for more reasons to thank God for the rare wisdom heard.


Brother Eli taught that there are several reasons to thank God.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 (KJV)

In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.

In addition, being given the opportunity or the life to give the Lord thanks is another reason to be thankful.

The hastag #NationOfGodMCGI also took the top spot in Twitter’s top trending hashtags.


Meanwhile, a defender of another religious group also used MCGI’s hashtags #NationOfGodMCGI and #RejoiceNationOfGodMCGI to post his own interest, attacking the church.

Still, nothing compares to the God-given wisdom fed to the Church of God.

Luke 21: 15

For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

I am also personally thankful to God for all the unexpected blessings in my life such as getting the job I’m not even sure why I got accepted despite my disadvantage compared to other applicants. It is truly a blessing and a miracle of God.

I also want to thank Him for letting my beloved friend attend this day of thanksgiving with us. I really do pray to God that He always be with her and guide her in everything. I thank God for the opportunity to bring her. May God bless my friend always.


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To God be all the glory and honor!

Paalala ng Munti (KNC poem)


I just want to save and share this poem way back when we were still in KNC. This is a really nice poem we used to recite in presentations. Author is unknown (coz it was way back) but I’ll have this updated if I know who he was.

To God be all the Glory!



Paalala ng Munti

Bata bata paano ka ginawa?
Tanong ng manunulat na si Luwalhati Bautista
Ang tanong ko naman ay ‘di lang sa bata
Kapatid, kapatid paano ka gumawa?

Manatiling musmos sa kasamaan
Ngunit matatag sa pakikipaglaban
Magpakalalaki sa pangangatuwiran
Gaya ng mangangaral dito’y nasumpungan

Walang katulad sa karunungan
Sa salita ng Dios walang inuurungan
Pighatiin ma’y ‘di papipigil
Magtanggol ng katuwiran na sa tao’y kaligtasan

Sari-saring relihiyon ang namamayagpag
Pawang kasinungalingan at pagliligaw lamang
Abang puso ng tao’y nilihis sa katuwiran
Mga bulag na taga-akay layon ay pakinabang

Pilit nilulugmok sa kapighatian
Ibig pasamain ang Ang Dating Daan
Mga palalo’t lilo kasinungalingan ay sukdulan
Ginigipi’t sinisikil ating kalayaan

Kaya mga kapatid ako’y namamanhikan
Huwag nating pabayaan si Bro Eli’y mag-isa lamang
Tungkulin nati’y ating gampanan
Makiramay tayong mga tinuturuan

Habang may panahon ating ipagsigawan
Katuwirang dalisay sa buong sanlibutan
Ang aming bahagi sa aming kaliitan
Sa inyo’y paalala, huwag kalilimutan

MBTI Haiku (Part 1)


Okay, so I asked different MBTI Personality Types in Facebook to create Haikus about their personality types. The top 3 will be posted in this blog. It will be based upon the number of likes, and my personal taste. Now, my title says Part 1 because as an ENFP, unfortunately, I did not finish this project for all the personality types. Let’s just say I got bored or I felt like it was such a hassle to continue executing it. So, I finished with 7/16 personality types. Hopefully, I’ll continue with the others next time.

Alright, here it goes… ヽ(^◇^*)/



Chastity Henry


Wayne Moran


Michael Drysdale



Allan Mwangi Melchowistz


Elyssa Davis


Eve Diaz


(Bonus) Azalea Sho / INFP Potato



Kevin Jonas Chung


Laurel Mollison


Bonnie Webb-Robbins



Mark L. Bugante


Josiah Buhayan


Linda Keith Gaines



Sarah Mabbett


Ahmed Kamara


Juho Salokangas



Elyssa Davis


Kimberly Young

2 Third Placers

Crystal Barnes


Katie Riley



Shannon Tate


Kevin Jonas Chung


Ryan Catahan

Ok, I just noticed that there were some who got chosen more than once. Awesome!

Shout out to: Elyssa Davis and Kevin Jonas Chung!

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In Memory of Tuti

In memory of Tuti, our dear dog, who died today July 7, 2016… This blog is all about him as it will also serve as our personal reminder of Tuti.


July 4, 2016 - the last photo taken of Tuti. I took it because I was showing my friend who my laundry companion was.

This morning at around 9am, while we were sewing clothes and while I was singing, the garbage truck came. Mama went downstairs to prepare our garbage for the truck. On the way, she discovered that Tuti was lying down dead. His eyes were open and there was vomit around his open mouth as well as vomit scattered around. He was still soft, which meant maybe he just died recently.

This morning he was still alive and well, not that lively though but I wouldn’t worry because he’s not lively all the time. We are guessing it’s because of old age because I think he is almost 10 years old more of less. It all happened fast. Saying goodbye to him happened faster. The garbage truck was still around the corner and mama was worried to leave the dead body inside the house when we can dispose of it. So there, it happened so fast. It was really shocking.

But let me tell you more about Tuti’s life instead of his death and why we were assuming it’s just because of old age and not because of any disease.

Nicknames he had were Tuti, Ite, and Muscle Face by ate Anne (because he looked Macho).


Tuti was an Askal (asong kalye, breedless dog) with us when Poochie (our late super clever  lady like, Japanese Spitz) and before Axel (our late German Shepherd) were around. He was Axel’s friend at first when they were puppies and when they shared the same cage. When Axel grew, Tuti had to go in chains. Since then, they became enemies.

Tuti was what you can say a wild dog. He is someone who one can’t say is loveable to strangers. He has two fangs/teeth showing outside at the bottom of his mouth and he is quite the pick-up-a-fight dog/court the female dogs type. He is very strong and knows no decency. He often pees anywhere new, even on people. He even peed on Mommy (our late grandmother) while she was gardening. He breaks plant pots, and he digs up the soil. He smells (but I guess it’s also ours and his pee’s fault). Again, he marks every new things with his pee as if he’s saying “Ooh… Something new! Let me pee on it”. In short, he wasn’t the most intelligent and loveable dog. In fact, I think he is the most unloved dog. Honestly and I’m sorry to say, he lived his life in chains outside the main house as he is our guard dog.


So much for the negative sides that are important to remember and will be very much missed, let me go to the favorable side of Tuti.

He loves to sing. He kinda is like a musician. When we play the piano (especially when Tuti was younger) he’d sing as long as you make some sort of nice tunes. He also wags his tail and slams them into something (a big jug of water, a trashcan or whatever is near him) and it sounds like he is playing the drums. When he grew older, his singing turned grouchy. I guess that’s a part of being old lol

The most amazing part about Tuti is that his immune system is boss level! Rain or shine, super cold or super hot, whether he is with the rusty things the soil, flee attack or anywhere, he never got sick! Our “cared for” dogs easily gets sick, but not Tuti. There were times that we had dog flee problem. Every dog that we had had biiiig flees all over them. But guess what, Tuti had zero. If you bathe him while the whether is scorching hot, you can actually feel heat on his fur getting removed and he smells like rust, but he never got sick in any situation. Also, ignoring his smell, he looks like a groomed dog. While our other dogs have long nails when they are not cut, Tuti’s are always short and neat even without anyone cutting them. Lately, now that I’m assigned to do laundry, Tuti is also my laundry mate, being my companion for about 4 hours of washing the clothes.

When I was younger, I was scared of him. He was wild and he looked like he’d jump on you because he is glad to see you. Though, sometimes he was such a gentleman in a way that when you give your hand to him, he will take it with both of his paws and kiss them. Anyways, back to him being wild. He is strong, he can double jump, and evey time he makes his break out of the collar, he roams around the house, pees everywhere and again he is scary coz he’s strong. So yeah, I was scared of Tuti. But lately, he became more behave. Might be because he is getting old. When he wants you to pat him, he will face his butt towards you and look behind. I don’t know why he does it but it’s cute. Just last week, my sister gave Tuti a massage and he liked it so much that his head was already on my sister’s hand.

I guess that’s it. His grouchy singing is saved in my Facebook. He also has a daughter named Cookie ( who is the only living dog we have right now).

Anyways Tuti, you will be missed. I’m sorry that you were not treated that well but thank you the memories. I put it all in here so that it will stay in the internet forever!

Muah muah!

Living with an ISTJ Sister as an ENFP


First of all, this is my version of The INFP Potato’s Living with an ISTJ Dad as an INFP. She’s my best friend and you can also check out her blog. Anyways, yes, again, this is my version of her blog and I’m going to try to be as close as I could, as in copy some of her words, but with my version. Like a parody! Haha~! Thanks a lot for your time! 🙂

To give you a mini introduction to this article, here is a not-so-rare photograph of my ISTJ wacky baby sister copying a signature pose of one of the characters of the current Filipinos’ favorite TV couple, who in my always amazed and always curious ENFP opinion, can see why they are people’s favorite, and yep, since it’s popular my sister took a picture with me (just cropped) as she posed as Lola Nidora:


This is a picture from Facebook where I tagged my sister actually (and I cropped it. I’m actually beside her)

To those asking why I had to show this picture, let me answer your question. It is to make a point. It is an objective caught on camera proof that ISTJs aren’t always prim, proper, serious, and strict. They can be dorky and I strongly believe that they put a lot of effort to make people laugh – for my sister, it’s so natural for her to have a wacky picture, I guess because she grew up in a wacky environment. And just in case there are some skeptics out there, no, that photo is not staged. When she’s taking a photo of herself, usually it’s serious. But it isn’t unnatural for her to pose wackily especially when she’s with somebody.

Now let’s go straight to the point.

INFP Potato said: “A lot of people on the MBTI online community have been wondering what it is like for an INFP to have an ISTJ dad. In a lot of forums I read online, I saw this repetitive reference to INFP-ISTJ relationship as the ‘worst possible combination’ and ‘road to hell’-ish kind of team up. But not a lot of things were written about an INFP-ISTJ child-parent relationship” , and so I am also assuming that not a lot of articles have been talking about ENFP-ISTJ sibling relationship, so I am here to write one for you by talking about my own experience as an ENFP.

CAREER CHOICES AND LIFE DECISIONS (I guess I can’t copy her  blog on this)

Career Choices, hmmm… Well if it’s about career, she supports what I want. Not like she’s serious about it. My ISTJ sister doesn’t have her own passion. She does have things she likes: such as games, singing, musicals, watching movies, etc. But it isn’t really a passion. It’s more of what she likes. Whereas I, those are the things I’m passionate about. She even told me that she can’t even remember what she was doing when she was little, however she does remember what I was doing. Since we were kids, she liked what I liked, she did what I did, but it all had to start with me and what my passion was. In other words, a lot of the things she liked now started with me liking it. So… now, we both like games, we both like singing, we both like musicals, we both like watching movies, we both like a lot of things we can call our hobby. So, though it’s a big dream, she supports me being an interpreter, being “famous” (lol) in the internet for the song covers, dubsmash, and other projects that we do. So, she’s supportive to pursue the things that we like.

However, on the serious side, she actually wants to have a business. From the start, she has been saving to start one. Though her salary is the smallest in the whole family, her savings is the largest (although it’s not that much. It’s largest in terms of we don’t have our own savings haha). To be honest, she’s our family bank who can lend us money without interest. Honestly, I’m currently writing this with a big debt that I owe to her. My parents also owes her. So yep, she’s actually devastated that she can’t see her savings (it’s like it’s not moving at all and it’s decreasing) because of people who keep borrowing money. Haha!

When I asked her what is her dream career path, it is to be a CEO! I thought she was joking but noooo. She really wants to be a boss! She wants to have her own business, she wants her own company. She was actually imagining to own her company with me as the co-owner and the spokesperson (coz she don’t like speaking to people).

Speaking of her game plan to start the business, I was obliged (or let’s just say I signed an imaginary contract) to give P1,000 a month to save up for the business. Honestly, that plan was blown by the wind because I owe her money now, and I’m focused on paying what I owe first. And because of that, she had been reminding me (almost everyday if you were to exaggerate things) to pay up. Sometimes, I just paid her and 3 minutes had not yet passed, she will remind me to pay again. She’ll even remind you to save your money or don’t spend too much or else I can’t pay her back, which is suffocating for an ENFP who likes freedom. Me as an ENFP, would like freedom and non-tight budget to spend for whatever happens. But if you think about it, she’s right. I really appreciate her forceful ways of reminding me to pay up. Haha! Just lecturing her to not remind somebody who just recently paid, coz it’s so stressful and irritating!

Now that I mentioned that she is strict when it comes to budget and members of the family owing her, she gets mad (not that mad) and lectures when we have excessive stuff in the house. For example, my ISFJ mother buys snacks for the family, she’ll be like “Where did you get the budget? You keep on spending and you’ll not have money again!”, later on she’ll still eat. She doesn’t consider that it’s for family happiness. Another example is when my mom asks her for additional food budget and in that moment, we were in a tight budget, though not so tight for her not to approve the request. She’ll be like “We have sardines there! We have egg!”, when Mama wanted to cook something special for the family.

That people, is just one of the many things that frustrates me as an ENFP to have an ISTJ sister. They can be controlling and demanding, and a lot of times they wont even consider how you feel. I therefore conclude, that MBTI descriptions of ISTJs on how they are strict and ‘practical’ minded without regard for people’s feelings, can be true for a lot of cases.

What I like about what my sister did though is that, again, they are the balancing factor in the family who saves money for practical things. My ISFP dad spends a lot on things he likes, my ISFJ mom though practical spends a lot to help other people pay the bills, for house repairs and home improvements, and for family snacks and happiness, and me and as an ENFP also spends a lot for food and stuff depending on what I want. So, she who can save, is the family treasurer. Everything goes through her. The family income and family contribution goes to her and she budgets it all. If you need to ask her for money, it’s like it’s for approval. You need to state a good reason why you need it.

And I do appreciate that her strong practical skills balances all three of us’ out of control budget.  For that, I think it is good to have an ISTJ around to ground us and help us manage especially with financial responsibilities.


As an ENFP, I rarely clean. And guess what, as an ISTJ, my sister rarely cleans the house either. Haha! I clean more than she does! Maybe it’s because we have a do-it-all ISFJ mom in the house who magically cleans the house effectively and efficiently in such little time. And when I say magically, think of Elsa as she sings “My powers flurry through the air into the ground” and then boom! this side and that side of the room is clean.

Anyways, my ISTJ sister said that she cleans before, (which is true) but then eveything changed when she realized that it’s suuuuper easy for the house to become messy again. So she’s like “What’s the point?”, hence what she is today.

She is clean and orderly though on her personal things, for example: her bag, her stuff, her cabinet (which is like a safe) where she keeps the family budget, her office desk, and etc. I guess it depends. I read in one article that ISTJs are dutiful in things they consider their duty. Maybe she does not consider this one as her duty inside? Haha! I guess that might be one of the reason. Another is, like I said, we have an ISFJ mom who magically cleans. But yep, not all ISTJs clean the house.


She does help me with school works. But most of the time, it’s the other way around. If INFP Potato’s dad help her somewhat with school works, I help my ISTJ sister on hers. Let me discuss some of the reasons why this is the case.

  1. She isn’t good at writing while I kind of am. So, she needs my help.
  2. If she isn’t the group leader in school, she is like the group leader. You know how your classmates slack off in a group project? She takes the responsibilities of unfinished work. And because of that, again, she needs help.
  3. She wants her school project to be perfect. Another reason why she just take other people’s task. But yeah, again, the consequence is, we have to help her.

In all fairness, her school projects are always above average. That’s why she’s a dean lister. In the defense where she had to defend and discuss her website project (coz she’s an I.T.), she can answer any questions and any critics on her work, proving that her work is the best on there is. It’s really impressive and you can’t criticize anything in that project. Proud to say, I helped out. Hehe~

Speaking of helping out, it’s not only me. Let me tell you a view of how she manages those hectic school works. Think of an office, yeah, a business office. She’s the boss, while me, mama, and a friend of ours are workers. In a room, where we have low volume music, all of us are working on her project, working on our assigned tasks. We literally looked like an office. Another bossish moment was when she was asking mama to help her and mama promised to do so. My sister went to school and when she came back, mama has not started anything yet. She was like “You just watched T.V. that’s why you haven’t started anything yet!”. My friend who also helps calls her “Commander Aierrah”. ‘Coz she really was such a commander haha!

Anyways, copying INFP potato’s blog, she also discussed about how ISTJs give their opinions and the stuff you do. I agree with her. An ISTJ will just give maybe one compliment and 9 criticisms, like you didn’t do really well. My blog post, Dear Diary: Losing my Self-Esteem talks about how I felt when she criticized my performance. Anyways, with me talking about it with my ISTJ, I told her that she should learn to give compliments because, really, it’s like she’s allergic to giving compliments (especially if she’s giving her opinion on someone she’s close with. Maybe because it’s cheesy? I don’t know). However, in return, my ISTJ sister said that she thinks that’s what ISTJs feel: they feel like they’ve already complimented enough and doesn’t realize that 90% of it is criticism. For them, it’s okay, and they’re just giving “a few” opportunities to work with. That’s really hurtful and alien especially to an ENFP who is a personality type that is super generous in giving compliments to encourage people. ISTJs “compliments” are really discouraging that you’ll really feel down.

It’s a good thing that we stumbled upon MBTI, coz now we can appreciate personality types and learn to accept the differences. Without MBTI, tendency is to think “If I’m like this, why can’t you be like me? Why are you like that???”. With MBTI, you’ll just laugh it off like “Oh she’s like that coz she’s ISTJ Hahahahahaha!”, and the ISTJ laughs with you. So, you’ll learn to accept the differences that there are things you are but other people aren’t and there are things that other people are and you aren’t. The good thing about MBTI is that it gives a platform and a blueprint of how another type acts, and people who know their MBTI type can focus on fixing the negatives they have.

It is very important therefore for people with ENFP-ISTJ sibling relationship to study each others profile. MBTI is a tool to bridge gaps and create understanding. It isn’t a tool to decide that “Hey, these two types suck together so they might as well live on opposite sides of the Earth!” ENFPs like me must learn to appreciate the realism ISTJ offers. They should see the good in ISTJs step by step realistic approach to life. They must learn to recognize  their duties and fulfill them like responsible beings. For ISTJs like my sister, they should learn how to understand and be lenient to the freedom and interests ENFP likes. Don’t harass her in paying up the debt when she just paid. Don’t tell her to be super duper thrifty when she doesn’t want to – by the way, my sister is so thrifty that she budgets her fare going to and from work in a super duper tight budget (it really irritates me when she’s using her calculator and keeps calculating stuff, as in sometimes she wakes up and the first thing she does is calculate something) that any unplanned moment that she has to spend money will result her to need to ask somebody for money or at least to work for her money (like giving me a massage), whereas I would like the freedom to have abundant budget, as in if someone wants to ask money from me or ask me to buy food, I would have the money to do so. If an ENFP wants to be thrifty, she would (but as for me, I can’t haha). Learn to focus on the positives of a person sometimes and not just the negative parts of them that needs improvement. Don’t be too stuck up on tight budget and schedules, and learn to let loose just like how my sister supports my ENFP projects and even bonds with the wacky me.

As my last word I am going to say, that an ENFP-ISTJ sibling relationship isn’t that bad, especially if you have the same hobbies.  It is actually a good pairing since ENFP and ISTJ have the same functions, though virtually different in order. ENFPs’ strength is ISTJs’ weakness and vice versa. They balance each other out. All the work left is to learn how to find that balance.

(Yep, tried my best to be as close as how INFP Potato did it. But we really just had different experiences)

Thanks for reading!


Left (INFP Potato), Middle (ISTJ sister), Right (Me, Koi Miazaki)

Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge Experience!


Last night, Wish FM’s first ever Ultimate Fandom Challenge was held at Smart Araneta Coliseum. It is a contest where fandoms (or group of fans) compete against each other in several challenges to show their support for their favorite artist. Some examples of the challenges are Twitter Trending Battle, Online Voting, Album Sales/ Physical Presence and many more. For complete list and details of the mechanics, here’s the link from Wish’s website:

Araneta Coliseum was filled with fans and even non-fans who would just like to witness the event. The artists’ performance were all great as their fans’ screams and support echoed throughout the coliseum.


Before the winners were announced, Kuya Daniel Razon informed the coliseum that the monetary prize that the fandom will receive will not only be for the fandom and for the artist they support, but also a part of it would go to a chosen beneficiary. As always, Kuya Daniel’s ideas and projects are distinctive from the others as charity is always involved. “Wish fm will continue to grant wishes of less fortunate fellow men here in the Philippines“, said Kuya Daniel. Like so, he also announced that the second Wish Awards is to be expected this year with the same concept of charity to the chosen beneficiaries of the winners.


Without further adieu, here are the winners for the first Wish Ultimate Fandom Challenge! (Please pardon the pictures, I did not take the patron seat haha!)

6th RUNNER UP: Francisnatics Worldwide (supporting Francis Ryan Lim).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Philippines Cerebral Palsy, Inc.

5th RUNNER UP: Juan Karlos United Families Club (supporting Juan Karlos Labajo).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Lingap Voluntourism PH, Inc.


4th RUNNER UP: Darylnatics Official (supporting Daryl Ong).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Blessed Ville Special School Foundation, Inc.
PRIZE: Php 150,000


3rd RUNNER UP: Mowienatics (supporting Morissette).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Marixtell Children’s Foundation, Inc.
PRIZE: Php 200,000


2nd RUNNER UP: Juanista (supporting The Juans).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Real Life Foundation, Inc.
PRIZE: Php 300,000


Dyfenders and Darrenatics were asked to go on stage as the Winner and 1st placer was to be announced.


1st RUNNER UP: Darrenatics (supporting Darren Espanto).
PRIZE: Php 500,000


Dyfenders rejoiced as their fandom was announced as winner of the Wish FM Ultimate Fandom Challenge!!!

Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge Winner: Dyfenders (supporting Jason Dy).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Kythe Foundation, inc.
PRIZE: Php 1,000,000

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

That concludes the Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge. Hopefully there will be more to come especially since it’s very rare to have a competition with acts of charity to some beneficiaries. As expected, and thank God, that events pioneered by Mr. Public Service Kuya Daniel Razon always have a heart and care for humanity.

Thank God for this enjoyable event!
To God be all the Glory!