Why Duterte is my President

With the recent news about President Duterte, I have now completely made up my mind that I am proud that I wanted him to be president! And I want to share why. Why Duterte is my President. 

Disclaimer: The things I say in this blog are only from my opinion, driven by strong feelings that I wanted to share to the world. Thank you!

Other than he has the ability to change the whole Philippines like how he fixed the now-lovely Davao City, how he can decrease the crime rate to make our country safer, how he has magnificent ideas about the Philippines’ economy, and how he is strict with the rules to discipline the citizens, what gave me a sense of certainty is that he is kinda like Bro. Eli Soriano.


Note: They don’t have any affiliations whatsoever but I find some things about Duterte similar to Bro. Eli.

  1. He is not easily swayed by religions. He wanted to side with the truth and only the truth.

Unlike other politicians, who to get the favor or the good side of religious leaders will befriend them and will please them, Duterte is very bold to keep the church and state separate. I’m so tired of politicians accepting favors from different religions just to get on their good side. I respect Mayor Rodrigo Duterte when he told Quibuloy “I am sorry. My loyalty to my friend ends where my loyalty to my country begins.” And I salute him even more when he said that the most hypocrite institution is the Catholic church. It was very bold of him to expose the wrong doings and history of not only the largest religion in the country but one of the largest in the whole world! He is not a pleaser of people but he loves the truth. Pretty much like Bro. Eli who cares less that people will go against him as long as the truth is revealed. Both of them do not tolerate wrong doings and will abide by the law unlike others who does not understand the separation of church and state. Both of them received death threats because of exposing the truth and following the rules. That is one of the biggest factor for me. It’s about time that the Philippines have a leader who is not a people-pleaser but someone who sides with the truth even how ugly it is.


Bro Eli’s Tweet

2. Duterte is a front liner

Duterte is a front liner in catching criminals and getting rid of wrong doings. He goes to raids and I even watched a show where he said that he used to drive the taxi at night so he can check if there’s any wrong doings in the city. Pretty much like Bro. Eli who is also the front liner in exposing the wrong. Bro. Eli hosts the program “Itanong mo kay Soriano” where he himself answers questions about faith. He also hosts Bible Expositions in different parts of the globe. Aside from those, he is also very reachable through email and twitter. Unlike other religions where you can’t even ask the leader anything about the Bible, but they will send a minister who will debate for them, Bro. Eli is the front liner who will talk about faith with different religious ministers. At times, he is also the one who cooks for the people who attended the gatherings. Both of them are hands-on and is a pioneer/ good example to the people they’re leading.

3. Duterte is Humanitarian

Not just promises and flowery words, but works are what we can see with Mayor Duterte. It’s not just “Pangakong Napapako” or unfulfilled promises. Look at all the programs Davao has: 911 Central, Mayor’s Permit in hospitals, CCTV cameras in public places, free rehabilitation for drug users who wanted to change, free ambulance, etc. You can see where government funds go! Pretty much like Bro Eli who is also a pioneer in a lot of humanitarian projects with God’s help. Some projects are: Free College, Free Ride, Free train ride for seniors, daily medical mission, transient homes, etc. Both of them are not just saying words, but actions are very vivid!

4. God-fearing

Mayor Duterte just looks like he isn’t God fearing, but I think otherwise. He does not believe in religion but he said that he does believe in God. You can also observe it in his words: “with God’s help, if God permits me to, thank God”. Unlike other leaders who is always “I, I, and I”. It’s no wonder that Duterte doesn’t believe in religion anymore because of the wrong-doings of a lot of religious institutions. Hopefully, he’ll get to hear Bro. Eli Soriano and restore faith in religion again 😉

Personally, I think that Duterte has good rules and ideals. People who does not like Duterte does not see the positive side of his rules. Curfews, for example, are safety measures to prevent crime. People who are against it obviously are pabebes who does not want to change and wants to continue with what they are doing right now. It’s like they wanted change but they don’t want the strict rules that implements change and discipline. They don’t want to be disciplined! Death penalty for example is simple. Like Duterte said, if you don’t want to be under the death penalty, simply don’t do crime! That’s it. He does not punish the innocent. He punishes the criminals. And because of that, hopefully criminals will be the ones to be afraid than the innocent being afraid of the criminals.

I’ll also be looking forward to Mayor Duterte’s words:


“Brother Eli, this is Mayor Duterte. Kumusta ka? I am not campaigning but… I’m going around trying to explain to the people my program of government. Religious freedom will be upheld, democratic processes obeyed, and freedom to… to to to to choose your religion will be also given importance. That right under the constitution.
Mabuhay ka!” – Du30

My assessment on his greeting is that I think he knows that Ang Dating Daan is being oppressed. His words are about promises of religious freedom. Ang Dating Daan is being banned at times by influential religious institutions. Though it did nothing wrong but to expose the truth, it gets stopped over and over again. Not only in the broadcast, but also in partylists and etc. Also, accoring to Article VI, Section 28: Charitable institutions, churches, convents, mosques, non-profit cemeteries, lands and buildings and improvements – actually, directly, and exclusively used for religious, charitable and educational purposes (Tax Exemptions in the Philippines), but then Ang Dating Daan is still required to pay taxes.

So, I really really pray the Mayor Duterte is a blessing from God who will prevent the wrongs in the country and defend the oppressed. I really pray the God may guide him in everything and he gets seated as the President, despite the threats.

May God bless our country!


Quipsphere: A World Where Thoughts Come to Life


Name: Quipsphere
Developer: Quipsphere
Release date: May 7, 2016

Goodbye Twitter and hello Quipsphere, the new app which lets you voice out your thoughts to the world! With its official hashtag #BreakTheSilence, the silence would really be broken by actually recording what you have to say instead of just typing it!


Pretty much like Twitter but better, Quipsphere also revolves around hashtags and following. Trending hashtags are available on the menu but the difference is that you also get to record your message other than just inserting a typed message or a picture. You can also categorize your quips so that the other users know what you might be talking about. There are also Spheres, which are groups in which members can interact in. Spheres can also be followed by non- members or can be set in private with a password.


Wouldn’t it be nice to voice out your messages instead of simply typing them? For people who has a hard time typing for example, wouldn’t it be better to just say whatever you have to say?

Wouldn’t it be safe to hear the messages on your group in autoplay when you’re not available to get your hands on your phone? While your driving, for example, you couldn’t scroll and read through the messages on your group because you’d be focusing on driving. Quipsphere allows you to listen to the messages in autoplay! Cool~!

Wouldn’t it also be awesome to hear someone instead of just reading their messages? Imagine following a famous celebrity and instead of reading their tweets, you would be hearing their voices through their quips? I think that would be super awesome!

If you love singing, like I do, wouldn’t it be wonderful to record your singing for the world to hear?

And that’s why I love Quipsphere. It really is addicting and it would really be awesome if it would be used even by celebrities ❤

I will make a tutorial about Quipsphere, so please watch out for that.

Please follow me in Quipsphere @koimiazaki.  My sphere where I sing is @KoiSongBee, please follow also. Don't forget to follow me here in WordPress too 🙂



Much appreciated ❤

Oriental Pearl Restaurant Review


Hey guys!

Here’s the second time I’ve eaten in this restaurant but the first time reviewing it. Just to set the timing of the review, we ate on Mother’s Day which is also the day before the 2016 Presidential Elections. So, there were a lot of people but not that many that we had to fall in line before we get accommodated.

With that said, let’s start the review.


Well, it’s great to take the family too. It has this sossy but no to grande ambiance in it. The restaurant looks small, though when we ate on Mother’s Day, it can accommodate a lot of customers. It also has a second floor.

During Mother’s Day, I guess because of the busy shift, I noticed that some tables were clothed, and some were not. But I guess that’s passable. It would be nice if they were consistent though.

Let’s go on with the food review though (since I realized there isn’t much to say about non-food. Haha!). Disclaimer: The things below are mixed with my opinion.

Mixed Spinach w/Assorted S.F – P250


Well, it’s good. I mean, it’s not yucky or anything. Let’s just say it isn’t my type. I only ate 2 spoons of it. Some of my family finished it though.

Shrimps Rolled in Bacon – P360


This is one of our favorites, if not our favorite! It’s just super delicious and the sauce also mix perfectly with it. Not to mention, it looks very appetizing. Recommendable!

Yang Chow Fried Rice – P125


The advantage of this one is that it has a lot of shrimp. Other than that, it’s ok. I mean, Yang Chows are always delicious So is this one. Nothing special though.

Iced Tea – P65


It’s a normal iced tea to be expected in a semi-sossy restaurant

Braised Superior Lapulapu w/3 Tr – P430


It’s also cool. Some of my family liked it a lot. I still think the Shrimps in Bacon are better though.

Pork Spareribs w/ Salt & Pepper – P320


Yum yum yummmm! I liked this too. This is very delish! Recommendable!

Coke regular – P50
Plain rice – P30


I guess I don’t have much to say about this restaurant. The recommendable dishes for me are the Shrimps Rolled in Bacon and the Spareribs. Other than that, the other foods are okay. I really like the presentation of the food though. It looks very creative.


Now, what do I rate this….


It’s recommendable. And it’s  one of the restaurant our family goes to for a nice family meal. But, it’s so-so for me and not something I can eagerly recommend to somebody. Others might think otherwise though. Haha! It’s just me.

Thanks for reading!

* ~ My 22nd Birthday ~ *

It’s the 22nd year of my life!

I don’t know how to put it in words!

I was approved for a three day vacation leave and I didn’t regret it.

I got a lot of rest, a lot of fun

And of course, one my best passion: Making projects worth remembering with my beloveds.

It was truly a wonderful birthday celebration!


In my past birthdays, I got used to having a “handaan”, lots of friends coming to the house, watching movies with them, playing with them, having a lot of fun with them. That was what birthday celebrations in our house looked like. But things are different now. We have separate lives and we don’t celebrate as such anymore. It’s a little sad that a lot of my close friends had not been able to come, but still, it was a “fruitful” birthday in terms of, we made a lot of “effortful” memories. You’ll see what I meant 😉

Anyways, I’ll narrate my day in order as it happened.

At the start of the day, my sister gave me a gift! It was precious to me because it came from my sister (the super thrifty, ISTJ, who had never given me a birthday gift until last year – making this gift her second). She picked the gift (and the wrapper) based on what she thinks I like. And she was right! The wrapper was bright and happy (just the way I like it) and the shoes were comfortable, sossy-looking, and very hassle free! Thanks baby girl!


Me and my family then ate at Dads Megamall for lunch. Yum Yum Yum! It’s a shame we didn’t take enough pictures though, but here are some we had:


At home, lookie at my next birthday gift from Tita and company! It’s a blue wig! I love it! It’s kinda hard to wear though so took a picture of two kinds of hair styles – the messy hair, and the how-it-should-be hair. Thanks to you guys!

Jewelle came (one of my friends since I was 5) and Wilrose came (my college bff). We called the latter Madame Spokesperson (of Duterte) but she didn’t know that. We made a plan to wear wigs and dress up as reporters. Once Wilrose arrive, we interviewed her about Duterte! It was super funny and entertaining haha!

Of course, what is a memorable birthday without a memorable video. We did a Spice Girls, or should I say Spicy Girls, music video of the song Wannabe.

And somehow extended the celebration the next day to do a Just Dance cover of Y.M.C.A.!


2 Videos in one celebration. My 22nd Birthday was a lot of fun! Especially since we successfully got to force the INFP Madame Spokesperson to dance with us. Btw, just a side comments, ISTJs are performers! They’re much more “bongga” than me, and ENFP! Hahaha!

Thanks be to God for this wonderful birthday celebration!

I loved it so much!

Victor Frankenstein Movie Review


Title: Victor Frankenstein
Release date: November 26, 2015
Director: Paul McGuian
Starring: Danielle Radcliffe and James McAvoy
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi

I know, it’s an on old movie. It was released half a year ago. But I just watched it last week. So, I wanna share my thoughts regarding the movie hahaha!


It’s basically the background story of how the world-famous monster, Frankenstein, came about and the two people behind it. Unnamed person from the circus (Danielle Radcliffe) was secretly fascinated by human anatomy. When his crush accidentally fell and almost died from a circus act, he did manage to revive her using his knowledge. A man named Victor Frankenstein witnessed that and helped him escape circus life to live with him as his assistant. He was cured of his hunchback state and was given the name Igor, the name of Frankenstein’s dead assistant, to hide his identity. Knowing that Igor was good in anatomy, he invited him to be his partner in creating life after death. Frankenstein believed that since life is temporal, death must also be a temporary thing. And through science and electricity, they can revive the dead.

Igor accepted the offer and they started to collect body parts from dead animals to make a zombified monkey. It did not turn out well and it had to be put down because it was causing chaos. Frankenstein thought that making an intelligent human being would be a better plan, however, Igor did not agree at first seeing the horrors the zombified monkey experiment resulted into. In the end, he pitied Frankenstein and they started to make the famous Frankenstein.

A lot of things happened, but in the end Frankenstein realized that though his “man” is alive, it does not contain “life” and they had to kill it. At the end of the story, Frankenstein left Igor to just do the experiment on his own (since even after seeing all the horrors trying to create life after death can do, he was still crazy to continue his passion) and was shown somewhere distant holding a new plan for the new Frankenstein to have a brain.



Well, it’s good but it’s not like the kind of movie the would get famous in cinemas. It’s interesting in it’s own way. I especially love how the movie engaged its audience by relating to Igor. It’s like Igor is the persona of the audience and Frankenstein is the subject. At the start of the movie, you’d think that Frankenstein is a great, knowledgeable man who would go to places with his ideas. You’d love and adore his character. As the story progresses, you’d realize that Frankenstein is getting crazy and is out of control to further pursue the experiment. At the end of the movie, I got disappointed on Frankenstein for still wanting to continue the experiment, but I guess I accepted afterwards that it’s just the way he is. Meh! ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘



I love it a hundred percent! James looked perfect for the role of a mad scientist.  And Radcliffe, I gotta admit, I was impressed *claps*. Well, I don’t know any of his movies other than Harry Potter. So, this was the first time I saw him as someone else. And his first character (the Hunchback) was a very Johnny Depp-ish character for me. I was like “Wow. That’s a role Johnny Depp would play”. He also executed the role perfectly and his acting was just great!




Again, first I think that it was a good job for the movie to engage the audience to what Igor feels – adoring Frankenstein to later on thinking of him as a scientist out of control yet accepting and appreciating his passion. Other than that, I think the movie had a pretty good audience engagement. I was literally not looking off screen. I can’t even pour a Coke into the glass because my eyes won’t let me. The plot was not slow, it was very well-paced. So, I’ll give a thumbs up for that!




I guess bringing life after death is its main theme. Frankenstein thought both life and death are only temporal states and you can actually mess with nature and just bring people back to life. Now, Christianity is totally against it and it was also shown in the movie. The christian police/detective was trying to stop him and warn him that Frankenstein’s experiment is unholy.

Now, I read the movie as showing that Frankenstein’s experiment is indeed unholy. All the work he did became brainless monsters. In other words, nothing good came out from his experiments. Trying to give life from death or trying to make your own man (and Frankenstein’s words were “from our own image”) did nothing good.




It was a good movie – very engaging, interesting, acting was good, etc. I just don’t think it’s a movie worthy to get famous for some reason. Maybe it’s because of its simple plot of the story of  making the Frankenstein. I think that, in its own way, genre, kind of movie, plot, I’d rate it 5/5. But since its really just about making Frankenstein (portrayed in a nice way), the plot would definitely bring my ratings down if I were comparing it to the overall movie experience. I’d rate it:


It was a good movie, and I said a lot of positive feedbacks about it. But it’s not a movie worth-remembering.

Thanks for reading!

NIPS Fruit and Nut (A Scientific Research)

NIPS is a popular chocolate snack here in the Philippines. It’s famous for its cheap, assorted-colored, milk chocolate yumminess that can usually be bought in convenience stores. One of its variations is the NIPS: Fruit and Nut in which the chocolates either contain raisins or nuts. And now, my randomness wanted to make a scientific(-ish) research regarding this snack. I will prove something people might or might not know. B/




When people think of assorted, they usually think everything in it is assorted. Nips, being an assorted colored chocolate snack is the same, especially when you think that the chocolates contain fruit or nut randomly. However, with this research, I will prove that they are not random at all! Hopefully, this research will be beneficial to human to humankind.


This research will benefit people in a lot of way. Preference-wise, not all people like nuts and raisins. Health-wise, some people have allergies and will have problem eating them. This research will help people avoid eating what they don’t want to eat. Since this article will prove that fruit and nut are not randomly assorted, we will attempt to conclude that you can have the freedom to choose which nips to eat because of the knowledge about which nips contain which filling.

Scope and Limitation:

Of course, this research will only focus on NIPS: Fruit and Nut. For this research’s purpose, we will use one pack of the said snack as an experiment.

Research Methodology:

Testing each of the NIPS candy, we will check which color contains which filling. We will also check if a particular color can only contain a certain filling and not the other. For example, color x should only contain nut and not raisin.


Red – Nut (5 pieces)
Orange – Nut (7 pieces)
Yellow – Nut (9 pieces)
Purple – Raisin (8 pieces)
Blue – Raisin (3 pieces)

See pictures of the samples below…







We have proven that the milk chocolate does not contain fruit and nut randomly, but each color contain only either fruit or nut. For how could they be random? One piece of a certain color was colored processed from the same machine as the other chocolates of the same color. If a set of the same color was processed from the same machine, all of them will be filled only with either fruit or nut. And now that we have proven this wonderful finding, our only hope is that this research would benefit us for the good.

Thank you for reading!