NIPS Fruit and Nut (A Scientific Research)

NIPS is a popular chocolate snack here in the Philippines. It’s famous for its cheap, assorted-colored, milk chocolate yumminess that can usually be bought in convenience stores. One of its variations is the NIPS: Fruit and Nut in which the chocolates either contain raisins or nuts. And now, my randomness wanted to make a scientific(-ish) research regarding this snack. I will prove something people might or might not know. B/




When people think of assorted, they usually think everything in it is assorted. Nips, being an assorted colored chocolate snack is the same, especially when you think that the chocolates contain fruit or nut randomly. However, with this research, I will prove that they are not random at all! Hopefully, this research will be beneficial to human to humankind.


This research will benefit people in a lot of way. Preference-wise, not all people like nuts and raisins. Health-wise, some people have allergies and will have problem eating them. This research will help people avoid eating what they don’t want to eat. Since this article will prove that fruit and nut are not randomly assorted, we will attempt to conclude that you can have the freedom to choose which nips to eat because of the knowledge about which nips contain which filling.

Scope and Limitation:

Of course, this research will only focus on NIPS: Fruit and Nut. For this research’s purpose, we will use one pack of the said snack as an experiment.

Research Methodology:

Testing each of the NIPS candy, we will check which color contains which filling. We will also check if a particular color can only contain a certain filling and not the other. For example, color x should only contain nut and not raisin.


Red – Nut (5 pieces)
Orange – Nut (7 pieces)
Yellow – Nut (9 pieces)
Purple – Raisin (8 pieces)
Blue – Raisin (3 pieces)

See pictures of the samples below…







We have proven that the milk chocolate does not contain fruit and nut randomly, but each color contain only either fruit or nut. For how could they be random? One piece of a certain color was colored processed from the same machine as the other chocolates of the same color. If a set of the same color was processed from the same machine, all of them will be filled only with either fruit or nut. And now that we have proven this wonderful finding, our only hope is that this research would benefit us for the good.

Thank you for reading!


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