Hot Roomies (Free Otome Game) Review

Title: Hot Roomies
Title in Google Play: Love Triangle – Free Otome Game
Developer: Hanabi Media
Release Date: June 17, 2016
Genre: Otome, Romance, Visual Novel


Ok, the first thing you have to know about this game that would make you really happy is: IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

That’s right! IT’S FREE! Play it until you finish it!

Most otome games offer in-game purchases, though you can play without paying anything ’till the end. Those games are the type that let’s you read about 5 sections of a chapter each day, or you need to fulfill some kind of mission to proceed (which sometimes takes forever to complete). If you want to free yourself from the hassle, you can buy stuff in-game.

But this game doesn’t have those kind of game enders which sometimes takes so long to fulfill you lose interest in the game. Again, it’s absolutely FREE!

The only feature you can buy there is removing the ads (which only appears at the far bottom of the screen, very easy to ignore. It’s not a bother). And, even if there are ads, you can play the game OFFLINE! (Again, unlike other otome games).

Ok, enough with it being free. I think you get it. (o゚▽゚)


Basically, the game is about MC-chan (your character who you can name), who just graduated and is looking for work and a place to live in independently. On her graduation ceremony, she and her childhood best friend, Tsukasa, saw each other. Tsukasa just returned to Japan from America and is now starting a career as a professor in a new job he landed. He is also looking for a new place to stay, so they decided to look together. Eventually, they were offered a place to rent and they went to check the place out. It so happened that the owner of the house is Kazuya, a well-known author who MC-chan looked up to when she was a kid. And so, the three of them became roomies and eventually, a love triangle was created.



The game also has a few side characters they talk to and get together with such as MC-chan’s friends, Kazuya’s grandmother, and one of Tsukasa’s students. It’s a shame that the game was too short, the side characters weren’t much explored.


Anyways, the story was very interesting because, well, you’re in the middle of the love team. You’re the prize in the competition between two handsome guys! Aaaand, both of them are very sweet and loves to flatter you a lot. Haha!


I did mention before that the story was very short. It was. I think, you can finish it in maybe 1 to 2 hours of playing. There are lots of potential plots and it was really a shame that it was very short to explore them. The cute student who likes Tsukasa, for example, wasn’t really a threat. Actually she’s just there to help MC-chan realize that she feels jealous.


(SPOILER ALERT!) The game ended when I didn’t expect it to because it was short. You know how otome games let you pick what to do or what to say? Well, there was this one choice where the two guys ask you out to some place special because they were going to say something important to you. So, you had to pick who to go to. I casually picked Kazuya because childhood friends are strong enough to wait haha. But lo and behold, that was the last choice you’re going to make in-game because that will determine the end of the story. So, I ended up with Kazuya while in the back of my head, I still wanna explore my choices with Tsukasa. That was fast…




Very fancy and engaging.

Aside from the usual gameplay where you read dialogues and click next, this game has a lot more to it. I’ll just enumerate them:

– Get to choose the words you put in the ad in a fill-in-the-blanks style


– A mini game about cats



– Phone calls
– Choose messages to type in texts


– Choose your room, present, and dress
– Choose who to dance with, go with, and etc.
– Pop out photographs


– AND! Manga-style pages for special scenes




And for me, it was nice ❤


Do I recommend the game? Absolutely! It’s free! And the story is interesting anyway. I’d rate it:


It’s very nice but I left it on 4.5 because it was very short. It just… ended like that. Though, you can repeat and try different choices. Anyways, do play it and enjoy it yourselves. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Casa Verde (Megamall) Review

Name: Casa Verde
Specific Branch: Megamall
Date of Visit: August 6, 2016


“This place is for giants!”
— Ryuko Seiko, ISTJ sister

So, Ryuko took me to Casa Verde because she heard it was a very good restaurant though the prices were high. It must be good since it’s really rare for an ISTJ to spend money for it, and she treated me too. So, yep, this is something she is willing to try and spend her money on.


There were a lot of people inside. We were actually in the waiting line but not for so long. Just enough for us to look at the menu. We chose the best Brian’s Ribs (best seller), a strawberry banana and a chocolate banana milkshake.

Here’s the menu (I think there’s another side but I forgot to take a picture of it)


Brian’s Ribs – P275

So it’s a humongous rib marinated with yummy sauce making it so tasty. A cup of rice and a mix of carrot and corn bits were also included to the dish. I would recommend if it weren’t super expensive. But with it’s large size, if you’re rich, why not? If I have the money, I’d eat it again.



Ryuko having problems with the ribs' size haha


Chocolate Banana and Strawberry Banana Milkshake – P118 each


This one… I likey ❤ 😉

It's very delicious and tasty. With its price, I guess if I buy Starbucks Venti for P180, then why won't I buy this milkshake again? I personally love fruit shakes better than any other drinks. So, if I can't eat Brian's Ribs for some circumstances because of its largeness, I'm still going to buy the milkshake haha!

Bonus: Milky Way Shake – P368


We didn’t buy it because of poor budget. But look at the size of those stolen shots! I bet its delicious! If we have the money, we’ll definitely try it. Probably with the family so that we can finish it. 🙂



I recommend it! I’d probably give it a 4.5 if it was more affordable. I don’t know if I’m just poor coz the food is really large (maybe it’s fair to have the price that high). Well, maybe I’m just poor. I’m still rating it 4 though…

Anyways, I’ll probably eat there again if there are special occasions and stuff.

Check out other menus! They have large fries and other meals 🙂

Thanks for reading!

Finding Dory Movie Review

Title: Finding Dory

Initial Release: June 17, 2016
Journey to Dory’s past as the loveable blue fish tries to find her own past! Experience Dory’s sad childhood despite those crazy eyes and see how Dory turned out to be who she is! Feel one’s longing to be with family! That’s right, Finding Dory is in theatre’s near ya’ll!

Anyways, I’m so excited to do a Finding Dory Review because it has only beem a week since it was released! Yey! \(^w^)/.

With that said, let me start with giving you a synopsis of the story: 

A year after Finding Nemo, Dory is living with her new family: Marlin and Nemo. After hearing Mr. Ray teaching Nemo’s class about Migration, that fishes migrate to go back to where they came from, Dory began having flashbacks of her past: that she lost her family and they lived in the Jewel of Morro Bay, California. Dory then became eager to search for her family and was accompanied by Marlin and Nemo. On their way, they encountered a Giant Squid who attacked them, slightly hurting Nemo. Marlin, being the over-protective and easily-stressed dad that he is, got angry at Dory and told her that she should just stay at the corner and forget because that’s what she does best. Depiste Dory getting hurt at what Marlin said, she searched for somebody to help them with Nemo’s injury. Going to the surface for help, Dory was abducted by volunteers at Marine Life Institute and was taken to Quarantine. Marlin, yet again, had to journey in search of a lost fish  with his son Nemo. While in Marine Life Institute, Dory tries to search for her parents, return to her friends, while remembering her own past. 

Ok, with that said, here’s the review!


Interesting. Very interesting plot. The story revolves around Dory and her past that she forgot due to Short-term Memory Loss, which was emphasized in the movie. The movie started showing Dory as a kid and her life as someone who suffered from the said disease. She grew up in the Marine Life Institute with super loving parents who really cares for her and loves her. It portrayed how they raised Dory and prepared her to fight Short-Term Memory Loss, such as teaching her the “Just Keep Swimming” song. Due to unfortunate circumstance of getting sucked in the pipes, Dory lost her family and ended up in the open ocean. Growing up, she slowly forgets her parents. 😦 

Ok now Marlin, you know his trauma after losing his wife, losing Nemo, and now losing Dory. He was the kind of an over-protective kind of person especially with Nemo who can’t swim very well. So had trust issues with Nemo making it on his own right? Well, he is the same with Dory. He has trust issues that Dory can’t make it on her own because she doesn’t plan and just go for the first option she sees kind of thing. Now, Marlin learns to trust on people despite their situation. 

While Nemo guides Marlin to realize that trust because he trusts Dory. He is like Marlin’s life lesson. Haha! But ofcourse the story doesn’t revolve around him anymore as it revolves around the lost fish, and the finder of the lost fish, his dad.

Anyways, along the way, Dory meets some interesting characters: Hank,a seven-legged octopus (or as Dory called him “Septopus”, lol) who wanted Dory’s tag so he can go to a permanent tank in Cleveland instead of being relased to the open ocean like the other fishes; Destiny, ,a near-sighted whale shark and also Dory’s childhood friend; and Bailey, a beluga whale who believes he is incapable of ecolocation ability. 

So yep, the plot is interesting and so are the characters. There are character developments, especially with Marlin, who again learned how to trust “weaklings” lol jk. Hank was also from a stubborn octopus who just wanted to get his tag to someone who sincerely helped Dory. And bailey I guess, coz he enjoyed his ecolocation ability afterwards. Haha!


For the adventure, well it was great. But not as great as the adventure in Finding Nemo. I mean they were both awesome, they both had different places they went to, get to meet new characters who would help them along the way, both had thrills and dangers, and both had crazy journies just to find the missing fish. But I guess I said that Finding Nemo was better because of the ocean vs the aquarium feels. I mean, it’s more epic to look at fishes journying through the open waters than finding their friend in a human park. Finding Dory revolves more in the human world, so you’ll expect aquariums, tanks, fish bowls, even streets and highways! Which is actually good to set the difference between the two movies instead of both being set in the ocean. 

Feels-wise though, Finding Dory was the winner in my opinion. It made me cry T.T The feeling of saying “sorry” all the time because you can’t remember stuff, the guilt of losing someone precious to you and you blame yourself because of your situation, and the feeling of parents wanting the best for their child who is suffering from an uncommon disease. Let’s just say that despite the fact that Dory’s character is comical, suffering from short-term memory loss is a difficult situation. And it’s just sad 😦


Brilliant, Fascinating, a Spectacle, and super duper beautiful! I can’t say much. You know how beautiful Finding Nemo’s aura is in regards to animation, sounds, feels, cinematography and everything! You can expect the same for Finding Dory. It’s not like other movie sequels that leaves us traumatized after seeing that it’s far from the first movie. Finding Dory will satisfy you. ^_^


Yep! It’s recommendable! You should watch it. It’s nice 🙂

Overall rating is:

If you ask me though, which one I’d prefer between the two movies, I’d say I prefer Finding Nemo. The adventure and plot development in that movie is still better that Finding Dory. Though the second movie was great too! And as I said, it’s very recommendable.  It’s a Box Office movie by the way 😉

Thanks for reading!

Oriental Pearl Restaurant Review


Hey guys!

Here’s the second time I’ve eaten in this restaurant but the first time reviewing it. Just to set the timing of the review, we ate on Mother’s Day which is also the day before the 2016 Presidential Elections. So, there were a lot of people but not that many that we had to fall in line before we get accommodated.

With that said, let’s start the review.


Well, it’s great to take the family too. It has this sossy but no to grande ambiance in it. The restaurant looks small, though when we ate on Mother’s Day, it can accommodate a lot of customers. It also has a second floor.

During Mother’s Day, I guess because of the busy shift, I noticed that some tables were clothed, and some were not. But I guess that’s passable. It would be nice if they were consistent though.

Let’s go on with the food review though (since I realized there isn’t much to say about non-food. Haha!). Disclaimer: The things below are mixed with my opinion.

Mixed Spinach w/Assorted S.F – P250


Well, it’s good. I mean, it’s not yucky or anything. Let’s just say it isn’t my type. I only ate 2 spoons of it. Some of my family finished it though.

Shrimps Rolled in Bacon – P360


This is one of our favorites, if not our favorite! It’s just super delicious and the sauce also mix perfectly with it. Not to mention, it looks very appetizing. Recommendable!

Yang Chow Fried Rice – P125


The advantage of this one is that it has a lot of shrimp. Other than that, it’s ok. I mean, Yang Chows are always delicious So is this one. Nothing special though.

Iced Tea – P65


It’s a normal iced tea to be expected in a semi-sossy restaurant

Braised Superior Lapulapu w/3 Tr – P430


It’s also cool. Some of my family liked it a lot. I still think the Shrimps in Bacon are better though.

Pork Spareribs w/ Salt & Pepper – P320


Yum yum yummmm! I liked this too. This is very delish! Recommendable!

Coke regular – P50
Plain rice – P30


I guess I don’t have much to say about this restaurant. The recommendable dishes for me are the Shrimps Rolled in Bacon and the Spareribs. Other than that, the other foods are okay. I really like the presentation of the food though. It looks very creative.


Now, what do I rate this….


It’s recommendable. And it’s  one of the restaurant our family goes to for a nice family meal. But, it’s so-so for me and not something I can eagerly recommend to somebody. Others might think otherwise though. Haha! It’s just me.

Thanks for reading!

Victor Frankenstein Movie Review


Title: Victor Frankenstein
Release date: November 26, 2015
Director: Paul McGuian
Starring: Danielle Radcliffe and James McAvoy
Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi

I know, it’s an on old movie. It was released half a year ago. But I just watched it last week. So, I wanna share my thoughts regarding the movie hahaha!


It’s basically the background story of how the world-famous monster, Frankenstein, came about and the two people behind it. Unnamed person from the circus (Danielle Radcliffe) was secretly fascinated by human anatomy. When his crush accidentally fell and almost died from a circus act, he did manage to revive her using his knowledge. A man named Victor Frankenstein witnessed that and helped him escape circus life to live with him as his assistant. He was cured of his hunchback state and was given the name Igor, the name of Frankenstein’s dead assistant, to hide his identity. Knowing that Igor was good in anatomy, he invited him to be his partner in creating life after death. Frankenstein believed that since life is temporal, death must also be a temporary thing. And through science and electricity, they can revive the dead.

Igor accepted the offer and they started to collect body parts from dead animals to make a zombified monkey. It did not turn out well and it had to be put down because it was causing chaos. Frankenstein thought that making an intelligent human being would be a better plan, however, Igor did not agree at first seeing the horrors the zombified monkey experiment resulted into. In the end, he pitied Frankenstein and they started to make the famous Frankenstein.

A lot of things happened, but in the end Frankenstein realized that though his “man” is alive, it does not contain “life” and they had to kill it. At the end of the story, Frankenstein left Igor to just do the experiment on his own (since even after seeing all the horrors trying to create life after death can do, he was still crazy to continue his passion) and was shown somewhere distant holding a new plan for the new Frankenstein to have a brain.



Well, it’s good but it’s not like the kind of movie the would get famous in cinemas. It’s interesting in it’s own way. I especially love how the movie engaged its audience by relating to Igor. It’s like Igor is the persona of the audience and Frankenstein is the subject. At the start of the movie, you’d think that Frankenstein is a great, knowledgeable man who would go to places with his ideas. You’d love and adore his character. As the story progresses, you’d realize that Frankenstein is getting crazy and is out of control to further pursue the experiment. At the end of the movie, I got disappointed on Frankenstein for still wanting to continue the experiment, but I guess I accepted afterwards that it’s just the way he is. Meh! ┌( ಠ_ಠ)┘



I love it a hundred percent! James looked perfect for the role of a mad scientist.  And Radcliffe, I gotta admit, I was impressed *claps*. Well, I don’t know any of his movies other than Harry Potter. So, this was the first time I saw him as someone else. And his first character (the Hunchback) was a very Johnny Depp-ish character for me. I was like “Wow. That’s a role Johnny Depp would play”. He also executed the role perfectly and his acting was just great!




Again, first I think that it was a good job for the movie to engage the audience to what Igor feels – adoring Frankenstein to later on thinking of him as a scientist out of control yet accepting and appreciating his passion. Other than that, I think the movie had a pretty good audience engagement. I was literally not looking off screen. I can’t even pour a Coke into the glass because my eyes won’t let me. The plot was not slow, it was very well-paced. So, I’ll give a thumbs up for that!




I guess bringing life after death is its main theme. Frankenstein thought both life and death are only temporal states and you can actually mess with nature and just bring people back to life. Now, Christianity is totally against it and it was also shown in the movie. The christian police/detective was trying to stop him and warn him that Frankenstein’s experiment is unholy.

Now, I read the movie as showing that Frankenstein’s experiment is indeed unholy. All the work he did became brainless monsters. In other words, nothing good came out from his experiments. Trying to give life from death or trying to make your own man (and Frankenstein’s words were “from our own image”) did nothing good.




It was a good movie – very engaging, interesting, acting was good, etc. I just don’t think it’s a movie worthy to get famous for some reason. Maybe it’s because of its simple plot of the story of  making the Frankenstein. I think that, in its own way, genre, kind of movie, plot, I’d rate it 5/5. But since its really just about making Frankenstein (portrayed in a nice way), the plot would definitely bring my ratings down if I were comparing it to the overall movie experience. I’d rate it:


It was a good movie, and I said a lot of positive feedbacks about it. But it’s not a movie worth-remembering.

Thanks for reading!

ibis Paint X Review


Name: ibis Paint X – Sketchbook
Developer: ibis inc

Hey Guys!

Just want to share with you THE BEST application for drawing which is available in Apple and Android, called Ibis Paint!

I’ve been using it for yeaaars. I’ve also been making a lot of game money for art works that I make using this app and sell in the gaming world. It’s very easy to use, it has a lot of tools, it has a lot of functions, it has a lot of… space for creativity. Just reviewing it right now cause I just made a comeback in drawing. Ever since our apple ipad broke, I haven’t been able to draw because it was so hard to draw using the phone (can’t even make face without having a crooked line). But thanks to the new feature called Stabilizer which fixes those crooked lines, I can now draw again! Thanks a lot Ibis! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Anyways, I’m going to go through with the pros and cons of this app. And I’m sure there will be more pros than cons.


1. A lot of tools which makes it possible to create professional art

Don’t mess with Ibis, it’s not like other apps. It actually compares with Sai or other drawing tools in the PC in my opinion.

Here’s a quick glance of its tools: (sorry, I don’t know all of their names)

Brushes, Eraser, Move, Magic Wand, Loop Selection thingy, Hand mixer thingy, Blur, Fill, Dropper, Colors (complete with hues), Layers, Undo, Re-do, Import Photo, Copy, Flip, Opacity, Blue Selector thingy, Ruler, Stabilizer, etc.





2. You can view the process of creation through a movie

Watch and enjoy your achievement by going through the fast forwarded process of drawing ❤


3. You can duplicate, save to ibis gallery, and export as .jpg to you galleries

Easy saving! Yey!!! And you can share it in the ibis community where you can also do others’ artworks and view how they made it.



1. No Text Feature 😦

Though you can write what you want to say, there’s no text feature where you can just type the text, choose the font, etc. You can just use other applications for that. But, that’s really a downside though.


Yep, it’s just one down feature for me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s perfect! So… I rate it…


Congratulations IBIS!

Though this review is super late, I have been loving this app for years now ❤
AND IT'S STILL BEING UPDATED! More improvements to come!

The Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko) Movie Review

Title: The Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko)

Creator: Mamoru Hosoda

Release date: July 11, 2015 (Japanese), March 4, 2016 (English)


Japanese animation has three legendary animators known for their outstanding movies: Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Hosoda, and Makoto Shinkai. In this review, I’m going to focus on Mamoru Hosoda’s latest work called The Boy and the Beast or Bakemono no Ko in japanese. Just a little background on Hosoda: people said that he can be called the next Miyazaki after the latter announced his retirement after producing The Wind Rises in 2013. Some of his most beloved works are The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006), Summer Wars (2009),and Wolf Children (2012). I’m sure if you’re a fan of Japanese animations, you might have watched a movie or two. For me, Hozoda’s works are very distinctive. There’s something about his animations (the literal drawings) that are very similar to each other and has a unique style compared to other movies. In my opinion, Hozoda’s works are lighter and more easier to understand than Miyazaki’s but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t deep or it has lesser value than Miyazaki’s works. As much as I see Miyazaki’s works as legends (in which they are), I can’t help but like Hozoda’s works more because it’s more relatable. For me, Miyazaki is still number one when it comes to the epicness, legendaryness, enchantness, and greatness of the ideas and animations on his movies. However, I am more prone to be attached and engaged to a Hozoda movie for some reason.

With this, let me start by giving you a brief narration of the plot.

A nine year old boy named Ren recently just lost his mother which he had lived with since his parents got divorced. Feeling aggravated by the fact that his father did not show up and his relatives treating him as merely an heir, he left and wondered around Shibuya on his own. Meanwhile, in Jutengai (or the Beast Kingdom), a new grand master is to be selected since the current one is going to retire soon and incarnate as a god. Two strong candidates are going to battle each other one day to see who would be the next grand master: Iozen, a father of two children and Kumatetsu the hot-headed, lazy candidate who was said to be stronger than the first. The grand master advised Kumatetsu to get a disciple, however the candidate was still not able to succeed because nobody likes his attitude. In the busy streets of Shibuya, Ren and Kumatetsu met each other and the beast suggested to make the boy his disciple. Though hesitant, the boy followed the beast and entered Jutengai, unable to get back to the human world. He watched the unplanned fight between Iozen and Kumatetsu where the latter was defeated and decided to accept the offer of becoming his disciple. He trained on how to become stronger and at the same time his master also learned how to learn from others through his disciple. He was named Kyuuta (because of his age) by Kumatetsu after the boy hesitated in saying his name.



After so many years of training, Kyuuta is now seventeen years old and already has a father-son like relationship with Kumatetsu. After wondering around, he accidentally returned back to the human world where he met a girl named Kaede in a library. He then realized that he never learned how to read nor experience normal life as a human, so he needed Kaede to teach him the things he missed out. Kaede was also bullied so she also needed Kyuuta for protection. In addition, he also met his father who now has another family but is willing to make up for the years lost with his son. Torn by his double life in the monster and human world, Ren rejects both his father and Kumatetsu and discovered a dark void inside him that has nearly overwhelmed him until Kaede gave him a string bracelet which she said helps her when she’s anxious.


The day of the succession battle came, and Kumatetsu almost loses without Kyuuta cheering for him. But just as he was about to give up, Kyuuta cheered him and Kumatetsu ended up as the winner. Because of the Iozen’s lost, his son, Ichirohiko stood up as a human with a dark void inside his chest and stabs Kumatetsu with his telekenesis. Seeing that Kumatetsu was about to die, Kyuuta was also filled with darkness and almost kills Ichirohiko with telekensis before he stopped remembering the bracelet Kaede gave him. Ichirohiko disappeared and Kyuuta decided to  go after him to the human world to help him overcome the void, leaving Kumatetsu who is in critical condition.


With Kaede, Kyuuta thought of a way to stop Ichirohiko from destroying the human world. He decided to vacuum Ichirohiko’s darkness inside of him and later kill himself to save everyone. Before he did, Kumatetsu showed up now in a form of “the sword to be handled by the heart” since he decided to incarnate to help Kyuuta. He filled in the void in Kyuuta’s heart and guided him to defeat the enemy without killing Ichirohiko. In the aftermath, Ren studied in a university with Kaede still carrying Kumatetsu in his heart. Meanwhile, Ichirohiko wakes up in his bed surrounded by his adopted family and finally accepts that he is also, like Ren, a boy adopted by beasts.

That took longer than I thought. Now let’s go on with the review. I’m just going to enumerate them by category (since I seriously have to sleep now)


The story was unique and beautiful with its combination of both human world and the beast world which is quite an interesting topic in Japanese animations. The beast world is explored and the concept of a boy living in the midst of beasts (like Tarzan living with the apes) was shown in detail throughout the first half of the film. Speaking of the first half, it was the lighter part of the movie where the relationship between two unlikely but very likely characters developed. Despite the fact that one is human and one is a beast, both characters are so cute looking like a father and son. They’re both hot-headed, strong in spirit, and stubborn. But at the same time, they also needed each other to learn: Kyuuta needed to be stronger like Kumatetsu, and Kumatetsu needed to learn how to learn from his opponent from Kyuuta. The scenes where Kyuuta was trying to immitate Kumatetsu was really amusing.

(Not the exact script but here’s what one of the scripts kinda looks like:)

Kumatetsu: Why is he copying me?!

Hyakushubo: It’s like a baby duck imitating and following the footsteps of his parents

Kumatetsu: I’m not a duck


The story also has other themes such as parenthood or being a foster parent. It was very touching to see that two characters who does not have a good experience when it comes to family became family! Kumatetsu learned and got stronger on his own without his parents, so did Kyuuta who did not have a whole family to guide him. Although both characters were always shouting at each other, it’s like they are a perfect match and they belong together. Truly, the movie did show the essence and picture of “the boy and the beast” or even the japanese title which literally translates to “child of the beast/beast boy”.



The movie also shows compassion to others as shown in Kyuuta’s compassion towards Ichirohiko who is at the same state as he is: a boy who is confused and was adopted by beasts. The movie gives a sense of togetherness and not being alone, like there’s always someone who is there for you when you needed them, whether your family is just your adoptive family or not.


Everyone is interesting from humans to beasts. Ren/ Kyuuta was an exceptional character who showed a love for learning whether it’s for beast fighting skills or for human knowledge. He is a very strong character and not to mention very charming too (from childhood to young adult ❤ ). Kumatetsu was also a very strong character, much like Ren since they have almost the same attitude. He was not the noble and gentleman type fit for the grand master title like Iozen, but rather his character is unlikeable. You’ll learn to love him though with the uniqueness of his characters and how adorable he is so tsun tsun or awkward when it comes to being a “father” to Ren. (He reminds me of my gaia online brother. Greeting to Rex!)Sub characters are also interesting but I won’t tackle them anymore. Watch the movie for yourself.



Wow. It’s just wow. You’ll never get disappointed with a Mamoru Hosoda film. Everything looks spectacular, amazing, enchanting, and just perfect! The battle scenes are very easy to follow yet are very exciting to watch. Beautiful and unique beast characters were created and you’ll kind of get a sense of Spirited Away but in a more common life scene than Sen’s life. The colors are very vivid and lovely, and the scene “shots” are so mysterious and natural at the same time. I especially love the surveillance camera shots (noticed that there were a lot) and the colorful design of the whale scenes. Very very lovely ❤



How would I rate it? Let me think…


It’s a good movie. Again, story, characters, and animations are amazing. Something that you can expect of the great Mamoru Hosoda. But comparing to other popular Japanese animations, this movie is less likely to be one of my top favorites. I like Summer Wars and Wolf Children better than The Boy and the Beast. Also, I liked the first half of the movie when it was all fun and amusing to see the Kyuuta and Kumatetsu relationship. But on the second half, things became more serious that it’s aura is different from the first half, and you’ll kinda miss Kyuuta being a boy again. Fine, climax’s are supposed to be serious. But, I don’t know, I felt that the second half was way too serious that the first half was left in the distant memory.

I still recommend watching it though. It’s a really good movie, worth to be part of your list of watched Japanese animated films. Kudos to Mamoru Hosoda!


Batman V Superman Review

So here’s my review of the movie that a lot of people had waited for: Batman V Superman. I’m not a fan of DC Comics, Superman, nor Batman. But I happened to watch sufficient amount of movies to not be ignorant of basic information lol. And because of that, my review would be from a perspective of someone who is excited with all the action this movie would have but isn’t a fan of DC Comics so, don’t expect that I’ll be all fangirling and knowledgeable about stuff, because I’m not.

Let’s get started \(^0^)/ (There will be Spoilers!)



I can’t comment on whether it’s true to the comics or any of those stuff, so I’m just going to stick on non-fan perspective. For a non-fan, the first half or even maybe 2/3 of the movie was very slow and confusing. Fans might get it, but for me, it’s just like “what is happening?”. It’s interesting to see though that the conflict Batman and the Humanity are trying to address is that Superman is a very powerful alien who, even if he’s trying to do good, could be a potential threat to humanity. There were a lot of casualties when he fought General Zod and that started the “Superman Question” if he is actually good for humankind. On the other side, Superman wanted to expose who Batman is because of the latter’s method of justice, which is kind of brutal I guess. Meanwhile, Wonderwoman and Lex Luther has their own agenda. So, fine, the main conflict are kind of interesting. But it is still slow. Even my friend who liked the movie and is a fan of DC Comics told me that some people fell asleep before the good stuff happened. Now when did those good stuff start? For me, I think good stuff means before Batman and Superman fought. That can either be the scene where Superman stopped Batman in the Batmobile, or when Lex Luther blackmails superman that his mom is going to die if he doesn’t fight Batman. From them on, I admit that the story became interesting afterwards. It’s just that, the whole two-thirds of the movie is really slow.



The casting is good in my opinion. Superman is good, Batman is good, (and fans say Ben Affleck was great!) Wonderwoman is good, Lex Luther is also good. Lois Lane is okay for me, although my mom didn’t like the casting for both her and Superman (but that’s just my mom). Other characters are Doomsday, Flash (shown), Aquaman (shown), and Cyborg (shown) to prepare for the Justice League group I guess.


The cinematography is what you can expect from a Superman and Batman movie. It’s really great especially for the fight scenes. It’s just so exciting to see them fight, to see Superman overpowering Batman, and Batman weakening Superman with the kryptonite. We watched the movie in 3D and what I can say is that, it’s okay to watch in 3D but it’s not 3D material. It gives perspectives, depths, and it really brings out the closeup shots beautifully. If you have extra cash, why not watch it in 3D? But if you don’t, then just watch it in 2D. It didn’t really hurt my eyes too, I thought it was fine. My sister said otherwise though. She didn’t like it in 3D.


Other than normal looking dialogues, there are also some quotable lines like “Tell me, do you bleed?” (Batman) or “If I wanted it, you’d be dead already” (Superman). So, that’s good 🙂


Fight Scenes

The fight scenes are, again, very epic. Especially the most waited Batman vs Superman fight scene. Lex Luther keeps bringing up the analogy that the fight would be god vs man. Superman (the overpowered alien) vs Batman (the dark knight with kryptonite weapons). In addition, them defeating Doomsday with Wonderwoman is really good. I would totally repeat watching the fight scenes.



How I reacted before and after the movie 

Before watching the movie:

Me and my sister waiting to get inside: -observing the faces of the people who just got out from the cinema – Why do they look like they didn’t enjoy it? They all look disappointed… Was the movie not good?

After watching the movie:

Me and my sister: Oh that’s why! Coz they killed Superman! Look at everyone, they all looked like they just came from a funeral!

So, I asked my friend about that ending. I found out that in DC Comics, Superman was really killed by Doomsday and then he lives again. Well that’s fine, I know fandom, you can’t mess with the original story. It’s just that it was really sad because the last time you see Superman was he was dead. And it’s only the short coffin scene that confirmed he was alive (and you didn’t even see him alive).

Other stufff I want to share

  • I find it funny how Wonderwoman was laying low and not being Wonderwoman too much. She looked like she was just forced by circumstances (Batman questioning who she is, and the fact that her help was needed) to be Wonderwoman again when she doesn’t want to be found.
  • Even if this is the start of Justice League, for people who are non-fans, I don’t think it’s really that necessary to show Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash. But I guess it’s fine because it’s just a short scene.
  • Batman said something like “Humanity is still good” or something like that. And then the scene shows people mourning for Superman. I hope they have explored or shown more about that idea. My impression of the short scene of people actually mourning for Superman after they question him if he is needed on Earth and making rallies that they don’t want Superman, is that people are plastics and unsatisfied in anything. It’s like, Superman saves them: they’re unsatisfied. Superman dies, they mourn. Who knows? They can be angry at Batman next? People are just violent… Tsk tsk (joke!)


My rating for this movie is:


I mean, I would definitely watch the movie again! Starting at 3/3 of the movie: where Superman and Batman actually fights. But the slowness of the pace of the first half of the movie is really a downside, especially for non-fans who are having trouble understanding what’s happening. If I were to rate the second half of the movie, I’d say it’s 4.5/5 because of the epic fight scenes. But then again, I’m rating the whole movie.

So there, again, I might have said something not agreeable or wrong because of my lack of knowledge on Superman and Batman. But I believe that a movie should still be good even for non-fans. And for me, half of the movie is confusing. We felt as if we were waiting too long for the good stuff to happen.

Welp, thank you for reading!

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina Review


This is my first Restaurant Blog, so it might not be what you expect. Buuuut I’m gonna try making a nice review about the restaurant we just ate in today. Please enjoy 🙂




Me and my family in Silantro

So today, me and my family decided to have our lunch in Silantro. It’s located in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. When we got there, surprisingly, it was fully booked! And more people are even coming in to eat. The place is not fancy looking, it even looks small. But no doubt, people go there to eat 🙂

Ok, so here’s what we ordered:

Beef Nachos – P180

It’s a great appetizer! The sauces are great too. I just don’t know what they are. (But maybe you do). It’s also great for the whole group to share. We’re 5 in the family and it’s just right.

Silantros Quesadillas – P160


Silantros Quesadillas

This is one of my favorites. I’m not sure if the sauces are also for the fries, but the white sauce matches them. Anyways, that cheesy thingy (I guess they’re the Quesadillas?) is chicken and it tastes super yummy. It tastes like lasagna/baked mac, but tastier in its own way. Anyways, this or the next one is my favorite. ❤

Silantro’s Porkribs – P290


Silantro’s Porkribs

Yep, as I said, either these Porkribs or the previous one is my favorite. Well, I guess coz its porkribs, they’re always tasty haha. And this one is tasty too! We had this dish as our main course with the Paella below. But now that I think about it, it’s tasty but not anything that struck me as something I would remember from this restaurant. So fine, I’ll just put it as my second favorite, next to the Quesadillas which is something I have never had before. But again, these Porkribs are tasty ❤

Silantro’s Paella Pajit – P250


Silantro’s Paella Pajit

Hmmm, well it looks tasty. Presentation is lovely. It has a lot of various ingredients around it that it looks really appetizing. But, I’m going to put this dish as my least favorite. I’m not sure if I’m just not used to the taste of Mexican dishes, but it didn’t work for me. It was had a lot of taste, that I think it’s too much for me. Like, I tried to eat three crumbs of rice just to check how “tasty” it is? It did have too much taste. It had a lot of sauce. But again, maybe I’m just not used to Mexican dishes ^_^”

Pitcher Iced Tea – P200


Pitcher Iced Tea

It’s delicious. It’s not super strong. I like how it tastes. The price is shocking though. It’s more expensive than the other meals that we ordered lol. If you can’t afford the pitcher, you can always go for softdrink in can. They have Pepsi there for P40 :))

Overall, I’d rate the restaurant…


It’s nice but it’s not that memorable. It’s delicious and accommodating, but it could use some improvements (maybe with the size of the restaurant also). I’d eat there again, but that is if anyone invites me there. For an average girl like me, the quantity of the meals is kinda pricey though. I guess they’re for someone richer than me. lol

Thanks for reading!


Momarco Resort Review

We decided to have our team building in Momarco Resort in Tanay. This is the first time I’m making a blog about a specific place and review it. Haha. Anyways, I’m not the one who made the itinerary and all those specifics, so I’m not sure about the prices and other details. Still, let’s begin XD

The place was quite far from society and it does take a long drive to get to the resort. From and To Manila takes about 2 hours and a half till you reach the uncemented street with a sign pointing to Momarco. From that sign, it will take a while driving (while seeing horses and goats on the road) till you get to the guard at the toll gate who is going to check the car. Upon passing the guard, it will still take some time driving through the uncemented street till you get to the resort itself.




In all fairness, Momarco is very photogenic and spacious. It’s lovely to see and it’s good for group vacations. It also has a lot of huts (near the pool) where you and your group can eat lunch. There are two electric outlets per hut so, that’s actually nice. The huts are quite spacious too and can perfectly fit a large group of people. I also saw one group renting out a karaoke for a hut. Near the huts, there are also showers and sinks if you need to change or wash the dishes. Between the huts is a wide space, perfect for team building games.



Momarco has one big pool. (I think there’s also a smaller pool at the other side of the bridge but I’m not sure). The pool is quite clean and its design and surroundings are lovely. Around it, there a lot of lounges.

What’s nice about Momarco is that due to its distance (I guess), its not crowded. Though a lot of people do go to Momarco, its quiet compared to other resorts. You will truly get some relaxation and some quiet time in Momarco.

The rooms though, is very plain and, well, it looks like a hospital cabin. They are quite far from the pool and you’d need to hike your way up to some rooms. Our room, for example, is very far from the pool. You would need to climb a lot of stairs to get there. There are also showers on the way to the room beside the stairs.



I’m not sure if there are “hotel-like” rooms in Momarco. But what we got is a room with 5 double deck beds (good for 10 people). You can also request for extra mattresses. Anyways, each bed has one pillow, and a blanket (not that cozy but I guess it’s okay). They also have towels available. The room is air conditioned and has one bathroom (with a washer :D). It also has a lot of power outlets. Unfortunately, there is no TV 😦 It does have plastic chairs and tables inside though. Outside the room, a grill is also available.

Other activities in Momarco also includes biking, other sport activities, and also a mini zoo.

If you want to go out of Momarco by yourself, and don’t want to walk through the long, long road, then you can also ride a tricycle for P150 which will take you to Tanay Market.

So, that’s it! I’d rate Momarco resort 3/5. It’s a nice place. It’s photogenic, quiet, and not really crowded. It’s good for team buildings and family outings. However, it’s an average resort. The rooms are not what you will expect for a nice vacation and it’s quite far from the pools. The cost of the rooms are more that what you can expect of it. It is very far but I guess it’s good if you want to be one with nature 🙂