The Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko) Movie Review

Title: The Boy and the Beast (Bakemono no Ko)

Creator: Mamoru Hosoda

Release date: July 11, 2015 (Japanese), March 4, 2016 (English)


Japanese animation has three legendary animators known for their outstanding movies: Hayao Miyazaki, Mamoru Hosoda, and Makoto Shinkai. In this review, I’m going to focus on Mamoru Hosoda’s latest work called The Boy and the Beast or Bakemono no Ko in japanese. Just a little background on Hosoda: people said that he can be called the next Miyazaki after the latter announced his retirement after producing The Wind Rises in 2013. Some of his most beloved works are The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2006), Summer Wars (2009),and Wolf Children (2012). I’m sure if you’re a fan of Japanese animations, you might have watched a movie or two. For me, Hozoda’s works are very distinctive. There’s something about his animations (the literal drawings) that are very similar to each other and has a unique style compared to other movies. In my opinion, Hozoda’s works are lighter and more easier to understand than Miyazaki’s but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t deep or it has lesser value than Miyazaki’s works. As much as I see Miyazaki’s works as legends (in which they are), I can’t help but like Hozoda’s works more because it’s more relatable. For me, Miyazaki is still number one when it comes to the epicness, legendaryness, enchantness, and greatness of the ideas and animations on his movies. However, I am more prone to be attached and engaged to a Hozoda movie for some reason.

With this, let me start by giving you a brief narration of the plot.

A nine year old boy named Ren recently just lost his mother which he had lived with since his parents got divorced. Feeling aggravated by the fact that his father did not show up and his relatives treating him as merely an heir, he left and wondered around Shibuya on his own. Meanwhile, in Jutengai (or the Beast Kingdom), a new grand master is to be selected since the current one is going to retire soon and incarnate as a god. Two strong candidates are going to battle each other one day to see who would be the next grand master: Iozen, a father of two children and Kumatetsu the hot-headed, lazy candidate who was said to be stronger than the first. The grand master advised Kumatetsu to get a disciple, however the candidate was still not able to succeed because nobody likes his attitude. In the busy streets of Shibuya, Ren and Kumatetsu met each other and the beast suggested to make the boy his disciple. Though hesitant, the boy followed the beast and entered Jutengai, unable to get back to the human world. He watched the unplanned fight between Iozen and Kumatetsu where the latter was defeated and decided to accept the offer of becoming his disciple. He trained on how to become stronger and at the same time his master also learned how to learn from others through his disciple. He was named Kyuuta (because of his age) by Kumatetsu after the boy hesitated in saying his name.



After so many years of training, Kyuuta is now seventeen years old and already has a father-son like relationship with Kumatetsu. After wondering around, he accidentally returned back to the human world where he met a girl named Kaede in a library. He then realized that he never learned how to read nor experience normal life as a human, so he needed Kaede to teach him the things he missed out. Kaede was also bullied so she also needed Kyuuta for protection. In addition, he also met his father who now has another family but is willing to make up for the years lost with his son. Torn by his double life in the monster and human world, Ren rejects both his father and Kumatetsu and discovered a dark void inside him that has nearly overwhelmed him until Kaede gave him a string bracelet which she said helps her when she’s anxious.


The day of the succession battle came, and Kumatetsu almost loses without Kyuuta cheering for him. But just as he was about to give up, Kyuuta cheered him and Kumatetsu ended up as the winner. Because of the Iozen’s lost, his son, Ichirohiko stood up as a human with a dark void inside his chest and stabs Kumatetsu with his telekenesis. Seeing that Kumatetsu was about to die, Kyuuta was also filled with darkness and almost kills Ichirohiko with telekensis before he stopped remembering the bracelet Kaede gave him. Ichirohiko disappeared and Kyuuta decided to  go after him to the human world to help him overcome the void, leaving Kumatetsu who is in critical condition.


With Kaede, Kyuuta thought of a way to stop Ichirohiko from destroying the human world. He decided to vacuum Ichirohiko’s darkness inside of him and later kill himself to save everyone. Before he did, Kumatetsu showed up now in a form of “the sword to be handled by the heart” since he decided to incarnate to help Kyuuta. He filled in the void in Kyuuta’s heart and guided him to defeat the enemy without killing Ichirohiko. In the aftermath, Ren studied in a university with Kaede still carrying Kumatetsu in his heart. Meanwhile, Ichirohiko wakes up in his bed surrounded by his adopted family and finally accepts that he is also, like Ren, a boy adopted by beasts.

That took longer than I thought. Now let’s go on with the review. I’m just going to enumerate them by category (since I seriously have to sleep now)


The story was unique and beautiful with its combination of both human world and the beast world which is quite an interesting topic in Japanese animations. The beast world is explored and the concept of a boy living in the midst of beasts (like Tarzan living with the apes) was shown in detail throughout the first half of the film. Speaking of the first half, it was the lighter part of the movie where the relationship between two unlikely but very likely characters developed. Despite the fact that one is human and one is a beast, both characters are so cute looking like a father and son. They’re both hot-headed, strong in spirit, and stubborn. But at the same time, they also needed each other to learn: Kyuuta needed to be stronger like Kumatetsu, and Kumatetsu needed to learn how to learn from his opponent from Kyuuta. The scenes where Kyuuta was trying to immitate Kumatetsu was really amusing.

(Not the exact script but here’s what one of the scripts kinda looks like:)

Kumatetsu: Why is he copying me?!

Hyakushubo: It’s like a baby duck imitating and following the footsteps of his parents

Kumatetsu: I’m not a duck


The story also has other themes such as parenthood or being a foster parent. It was very touching to see that two characters who does not have a good experience when it comes to family became family! Kumatetsu learned and got stronger on his own without his parents, so did Kyuuta who did not have a whole family to guide him. Although both characters were always shouting at each other, it’s like they are a perfect match and they belong together. Truly, the movie did show the essence and picture of “the boy and the beast” or even the japanese title which literally translates to “child of the beast/beast boy”.



The movie also shows compassion to others as shown in Kyuuta’s compassion towards Ichirohiko who is at the same state as he is: a boy who is confused and was adopted by beasts. The movie gives a sense of togetherness and not being alone, like there’s always someone who is there for you when you needed them, whether your family is just your adoptive family or not.


Everyone is interesting from humans to beasts. Ren/ Kyuuta was an exceptional character who showed a love for learning whether it’s for beast fighting skills or for human knowledge. He is a very strong character and not to mention very charming too (from childhood to young adult ❤ ). Kumatetsu was also a very strong character, much like Ren since they have almost the same attitude. He was not the noble and gentleman type fit for the grand master title like Iozen, but rather his character is unlikeable. You’ll learn to love him though with the uniqueness of his characters and how adorable he is so tsun tsun or awkward when it comes to being a “father” to Ren. (He reminds me of my gaia online brother. Greeting to Rex!)Sub characters are also interesting but I won’t tackle them anymore. Watch the movie for yourself.



Wow. It’s just wow. You’ll never get disappointed with a Mamoru Hosoda film. Everything looks spectacular, amazing, enchanting, and just perfect! The battle scenes are very easy to follow yet are very exciting to watch. Beautiful and unique beast characters were created and you’ll kind of get a sense of Spirited Away but in a more common life scene than Sen’s life. The colors are very vivid and lovely, and the scene “shots” are so mysterious and natural at the same time. I especially love the surveillance camera shots (noticed that there were a lot) and the colorful design of the whale scenes. Very very lovely ❤



How would I rate it? Let me think…


It’s a good movie. Again, story, characters, and animations are amazing. Something that you can expect of the great Mamoru Hosoda. But comparing to other popular Japanese animations, this movie is less likely to be one of my top favorites. I like Summer Wars and Wolf Children better than The Boy and the Beast. Also, I liked the first half of the movie when it was all fun and amusing to see the Kyuuta and Kumatetsu relationship. But on the second half, things became more serious that it’s aura is different from the first half, and you’ll kinda miss Kyuuta being a boy again. Fine, climax’s are supposed to be serious. But, I don’t know, I felt that the second half was way too serious that the first half was left in the distant memory.

I still recommend watching it though. It’s a really good movie, worth to be part of your list of watched Japanese animated films. Kudos to Mamoru Hosoda!



Batman V Superman Review

So here’s my review of the movie that a lot of people had waited for: Batman V Superman. I’m not a fan of DC Comics, Superman, nor Batman. But I happened to watch sufficient amount of movies to not be ignorant of basic information lol. And because of that, my review would be from a perspective of someone who is excited with all the action this movie would have but isn’t a fan of DC Comics so, don’t expect that I’ll be all fangirling and knowledgeable about stuff, because I’m not.

Let’s get started \(^0^)/ (There will be Spoilers!)



I can’t comment on whether it’s true to the comics or any of those stuff, so I’m just going to stick on non-fan perspective. For a non-fan, the first half or even maybe 2/3 of the movie was very slow and confusing. Fans might get it, but for me, it’s just like “what is happening?”. It’s interesting to see though that the conflict Batman and the Humanity are trying to address is that Superman is a very powerful alien who, even if he’s trying to do good, could be a potential threat to humanity. There were a lot of casualties when he fought General Zod and that started the “Superman Question” if he is actually good for humankind. On the other side, Superman wanted to expose who Batman is because of the latter’s method of justice, which is kind of brutal I guess. Meanwhile, Wonderwoman and Lex Luther has their own agenda. So, fine, the main conflict are kind of interesting. But it is still slow. Even my friend who liked the movie and is a fan of DC Comics told me that some people fell asleep before the good stuff happened. Now when did those good stuff start? For me, I think good stuff means before Batman and Superman fought. That can either be the scene where Superman stopped Batman in the Batmobile, or when Lex Luther blackmails superman that his mom is going to die if he doesn’t fight Batman. From them on, I admit that the story became interesting afterwards. It’s just that, the whole two-thirds of the movie is really slow.



The casting is good in my opinion. Superman is good, Batman is good, (and fans say Ben Affleck was great!) Wonderwoman is good, Lex Luther is also good. Lois Lane is okay for me, although my mom didn’t like the casting for both her and Superman (but that’s just my mom). Other characters are Doomsday, Flash (shown), Aquaman (shown), and Cyborg (shown) to prepare for the Justice League group I guess.


The cinematography is what you can expect from a Superman and Batman movie. It’s really great especially for the fight scenes. It’s just so exciting to see them fight, to see Superman overpowering Batman, and Batman weakening Superman with the kryptonite. We watched the movie in 3D and what I can say is that, it’s okay to watch in 3D but it’s not 3D material. It gives perspectives, depths, and it really brings out the closeup shots beautifully. If you have extra cash, why not watch it in 3D? But if you don’t, then just watch it in 2D. It didn’t really hurt my eyes too, I thought it was fine. My sister said otherwise though. She didn’t like it in 3D.


Other than normal looking dialogues, there are also some quotable lines like “Tell me, do you bleed?” (Batman) or “If I wanted it, you’d be dead already” (Superman). So, that’s good 🙂


Fight Scenes

The fight scenes are, again, very epic. Especially the most waited Batman vs Superman fight scene. Lex Luther keeps bringing up the analogy that the fight would be god vs man. Superman (the overpowered alien) vs Batman (the dark knight with kryptonite weapons). In addition, them defeating Doomsday with Wonderwoman is really good. I would totally repeat watching the fight scenes.



How I reacted before and after the movie 

Before watching the movie:

Me and my sister waiting to get inside: -observing the faces of the people who just got out from the cinema – Why do they look like they didn’t enjoy it? They all look disappointed… Was the movie not good?

After watching the movie:

Me and my sister: Oh that’s why! Coz they killed Superman! Look at everyone, they all looked like they just came from a funeral!

So, I asked my friend about that ending. I found out that in DC Comics, Superman was really killed by Doomsday and then he lives again. Well that’s fine, I know fandom, you can’t mess with the original story. It’s just that it was really sad because the last time you see Superman was he was dead. And it’s only the short coffin scene that confirmed he was alive (and you didn’t even see him alive).

Other stufff I want to share

  • I find it funny how Wonderwoman was laying low and not being Wonderwoman too much. She looked like she was just forced by circumstances (Batman questioning who she is, and the fact that her help was needed) to be Wonderwoman again when she doesn’t want to be found.
  • Even if this is the start of Justice League, for people who are non-fans, I don’t think it’s really that necessary to show Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash. But I guess it’s fine because it’s just a short scene.
  • Batman said something like “Humanity is still good” or something like that. And then the scene shows people mourning for Superman. I hope they have explored or shown more about that idea. My impression of the short scene of people actually mourning for Superman after they question him if he is needed on Earth and making rallies that they don’t want Superman, is that people are plastics and unsatisfied in anything. It’s like, Superman saves them: they’re unsatisfied. Superman dies, they mourn. Who knows? They can be angry at Batman next? People are just violent… Tsk tsk (joke!)


My rating for this movie is:


I mean, I would definitely watch the movie again! Starting at 3/3 of the movie: where Superman and Batman actually fights. But the slowness of the pace of the first half of the movie is really a downside, especially for non-fans who are having trouble understanding what’s happening. If I were to rate the second half of the movie, I’d say it’s 4.5/5 because of the epic fight scenes. But then again, I’m rating the whole movie.

So there, again, I might have said something not agreeable or wrong because of my lack of knowledge on Superman and Batman. But I believe that a movie should still be good even for non-fans. And for me, half of the movie is confusing. We felt as if we were waiting too long for the good stuff to happen.

Welp, thank you for reading!

Me as an ENFP (10 Descriptions)


So, I decided to just go over some descriptions of an ENFP and comment on how much of it is true with me 🙂

Just in case you didn’t know what I’m talking about, ENFP is one of the 16 Personality Types in MBTI or Myers-Briggs Personality Test thingy. I took the test a couple of times through different sources and, yup, I’m an ENFP.


Okay, let’s get started 😀

1. Spontaneous

Yes. That’s true. It’s like I don’t need so much preparation for something. I’m not that shy that I have to think of what to say, what the game plan is, etc. Of course I’m not a master in everything and planning is still important. But somehow, I can manage through without it. And sometimes, I just start something without even planning about it. I just, wanna do it.

2. Always starting a project but having a hard time to see it through

Mhm. I derive satisfaction from starting projects. In some online community, I’m even a pioneer at starting stuff (and I do become somewhat popular because of it). It’s like, I have a bunch of ideas I want to start doing. Sometimes, I just get fired up about something out of nowhere. And once I’m fired up, I start it right away and I have to finish it right away (if possible, on the same day or ASAP). If I don’t finish it right away, I have a big tendency to get bored and just not finish it.

3. Easily Bored

Yes. One time I’m ENJOYING doing something, but snap, I’m bored. I wanna do something else. For example, I’m talking to my bestfriend and having a good time on the chat, and snap, I’m bored. I just leave the chat or turn the WiFi off and FIND something else to do. And it might take me hours of finding the right stuff that can entertain me. Another example is me playing a new game I enjoy for hours, and snap, I just don’t feel like it anymore. Uninstalls app. That’s how messed up I am…

4. Can seem flirty

Well, I don’t look and act flirty at all. But I guess I can say that me being comfortable with casual talk to people, even for people I just met, is being… uhh… Touchy? I also love giving nicknames. Not as an insult or whatever. It’s just for fun. In other words I’m not THAT shy with strangers.

5. Poor Practical Skills

Very true. I just don’t mess with bills and chores around the house. Whenever my whole family is having a conversation about budgeting, I don’t participate. I just give them how much they need and they do the rest for allocation (My ISTJ sister is actually in charge of it haha). Details are also not my thing. It’s like a no-no allergy for me.

6. All Possibilities

Correct. I doubt myself all the time (not in an emo way). For example, I know something and I’m kinda sure about it. I won’t rate myself as 100% sure, maybe just a 95% if I’m quite sure about it. I always leave room for doubts or errors. Which is kinda not good coz I always use, “maybe”, “kinda”, “I think”, “I’m not sure” as disclaimers haha!

7. Enthusiastic and full of energy

Everyone who knows me can testify that. Working as a customer care representative, I get those adjectives all the time. They say my energy is consistent for all of the calls I took, which is great especially in my line of work.

8. Attracted to opposite personality types like INTJs

I can’t testify much here coz I haven’t been deeply attracted to somebody in real life. I get attracted to fictional characters though. And what I noticed is, I’m very attracted to ENFP types instead of INTJs. My fictional crushes are mostly ENFPs. Is that normal? Or is it because it’s just fiction?

9. Weirdos

We’re not freaks but I guess we look like the weirdest people of all MBTI types. I mean personally, I look weird to others. Maybe it’s because I seem to have my own world, I’m not THAT shy to do weird things in public, and we’re all about being authentic? So, maybe that’s why we look weird. Coz we’re being our goofy  , ball of ideas, spontaneous, enthusiastic selves and we’re not afraid to show that in public.

10. Has a child-like wonder on things

True. I often think about how common things in life work. I researched on random stuff such as history of sanitary napkins, ant colonies, how X-ray works, etc. Anything that sparks my curiosity! And I get easily impressed by stuff too!

I’ll put an extra…

11. Hates mundane tasks/schedules

Yes!!! It kills me! Anytime I know that I’m not “free” enough coz I have to go somewhere else later (even if I just have to spend 2 hours on that place), I get depressed. I feel like I have to satisfy and enjoy myself quickly before going to that place. I feel under the weather with a lot of tasks. I feel like someone with a fatal disease and I’m just down. I think this is my number one factor of depression (other than being bored or not being able to bond with my loved ones).

So there you go, me testifying of how my ENFPness works for me.

Thank you for reading

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina Review


This is my first Restaurant Blog, so it might not be what you expect. Buuuut I’m gonna try making a nice review about the restaurant we just ate in today. Please enjoy 🙂




Me and my family in Silantro

So today, me and my family decided to have our lunch in Silantro. It’s located in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. When we got there, surprisingly, it was fully booked! And more people are even coming in to eat. The place is not fancy looking, it even looks small. But no doubt, people go there to eat 🙂

Ok, so here’s what we ordered:

Beef Nachos – P180

It’s a great appetizer! The sauces are great too. I just don’t know what they are. (But maybe you do). It’s also great for the whole group to share. We’re 5 in the family and it’s just right.

Silantros Quesadillas – P160


Silantros Quesadillas

This is one of my favorites. I’m not sure if the sauces are also for the fries, but the white sauce matches them. Anyways, that cheesy thingy (I guess they’re the Quesadillas?) is chicken and it tastes super yummy. It tastes like lasagna/baked mac, but tastier in its own way. Anyways, this or the next one is my favorite. ❤

Silantro’s Porkribs – P290


Silantro’s Porkribs

Yep, as I said, either these Porkribs or the previous one is my favorite. Well, I guess coz its porkribs, they’re always tasty haha. And this one is tasty too! We had this dish as our main course with the Paella below. But now that I think about it, it’s tasty but not anything that struck me as something I would remember from this restaurant. So fine, I’ll just put it as my second favorite, next to the Quesadillas which is something I have never had before. But again, these Porkribs are tasty ❤

Silantro’s Paella Pajit – P250


Silantro’s Paella Pajit

Hmmm, well it looks tasty. Presentation is lovely. It has a lot of various ingredients around it that it looks really appetizing. But, I’m going to put this dish as my least favorite. I’m not sure if I’m just not used to the taste of Mexican dishes, but it didn’t work for me. It was had a lot of taste, that I think it’s too much for me. Like, I tried to eat three crumbs of rice just to check how “tasty” it is? It did have too much taste. It had a lot of sauce. But again, maybe I’m just not used to Mexican dishes ^_^”

Pitcher Iced Tea – P200


Pitcher Iced Tea

It’s delicious. It’s not super strong. I like how it tastes. The price is shocking though. It’s more expensive than the other meals that we ordered lol. If you can’t afford the pitcher, you can always go for softdrink in can. They have Pepsi there for P40 :))

Overall, I’d rate the restaurant…


It’s nice but it’s not that memorable. It’s delicious and accommodating, but it could use some improvements (maybe with the size of the restaurant also). I’d eat there again, but that is if anyone invites me there. For an average girl like me, the quantity of the meals is kinda pricey though. I guess they’re for someone richer than me. lol

Thanks for reading!


Our Personal Space Review

Title: Our Personal Space
Developer: Metasepia Games
Genre: Visual Novel, Sci-Fi, Romance, Choose Your Own Story


Hey Guys!

I just want to share with you this awesome game I played, called Our Personal Space. It’s a Sci-Fi/ Romance Visual Novel in which you’ll be playing Kelly (renamable character, mine is called Koi) as she goes through her marriage with Jack (renamable husband, mine is called Yuan) while living as a colonist in a newly discovered Garden Planet called Talaam. For this review, I’m going to call the characters Koi and Yuan (just because it’s my blog. Haha!)

The story starts with Yuan asking Koi to marry him and leave Earth to start a new life as colonists in Talaam. The government needed couples and families who would populate Talaam. Farmers like Yuan and a person with the protagonist’s job are also needed. koi decided to go with Yuan, of course, and they would meet other colonists, deal with challenges in living in an alien planet, and also deal with social/life problems such as your love life. In the game, you would have 25 Talaam months that you would need to survive before another ship from Earth returns with new supplies and new set of colonists.


So since I enjoyed it so much, I would like to share my opinion on this game: Pros, Cons, and Rating. So, here it is!

What I like about the game:

1. A lot of choices with a lot of different outcomes

Unlike the usual visual novels or otome games in which your choices doesn’t have that much effect on the game (except for points that would lead to available endings), Our Personal Space’s choices does have a major effect on how the story would go. At the start of each month, you would have to pick what Koi would do for the whole month. Decisions are divided into three parts: 1. Work 2. Skill progression, and 3. Free Time. In the Work section, you get to choose if you’ll concentrate on work or take it easy. In Skill Progression, you get to choose which skill to focus on to help the community. And lastly, free time is either spending it together with your husband or spending it alone which is less stressful. Your time with your husband and the choices you make will effect your relationship with him. The scenes will also depend on the choices that you make. After free time, there is also an event which is kind of like the main story.



2. Interesting Story

Sci-Fis and Romances are always interesting. But other than that, this game has a lot to offer. The characters you’ll meet are very interesting and the story progression does have a lot of surprises. There are also dark themes both in the main story and on the scenes depending on the choices you made. Spoiler alert! One of the characters will die, there are murder themes, scenes that you have to be one of the jury in a trial, having a baby with another man, having a divorce, etc. Again, there is a lot to offer. And once you finish the game for the first time, it is fun to experiment on other options.


3. Character profiling is very personalized

Compared to other visual novels, character profiling on this game is very personalized. At the very start of the game, you’d get to choose your character’s occupation, if she works in a hospital, classroom, car repair shop, etc… which will also be her job in Talaam. Of course, the scenes will depend in your occupation. In addition, you get to choose how you love birds can call each other. At the end, your baby can also be named.



4. Beautiful Dialogues

The dialogues are perfect, engaging, lovely, and all the wonderful adjectives I can think about!


5. Different Endings

I haven’t experimented around but I researched that there are various endings, depending again on your relationship with your husband and how you helped the community.



Game Opportunities

1. Art

Well, the art isn’t anything fancy like the gorgeous men in Otome Games. It’s kinda more doodle-ish if you’re used to those fancy art games. But, who cares?! It’s an opportunity for the game but I don’t really care. The story and game play will not let you care much for the art. I guess, thinking positively about it, it could be the game’s signature art!


2. Game is so short

If you’re so engaged with the story, 25 months is kinda short. Once you finish the game, you can play Game+ which will kinda keep your skills but you have to start the game over. So, yup, it left me hanging and wanting for more 😦 I WANT MOOORRRREEE!!!


In conclusion, I would rate Our Personal Space as 5/5!!! I love it! I want a sequel! I want to play it in a role play! And I suggest everyone to try it out!


Kudos to the Developers! 😉

The World’s Most Dangerous Sinkhole

I love to watch amazing facts on YouTube with my sister. I especially love Top 10 Videos which just gives you so many mind blowing facts about the world not many people know about. It’s just fascinating!

One of the searches we had fun watching though are videos about Sinkholes: the most dangerous, the largest, the most weird sinkholes in the world. And it just gives you so much insight about how stunning, amazing, but at the same time very dangerous sinkholes are. Some are due to natural activities (such as the normal sinkholes which forms huge holes in the middle of the city, eating houses and communities), some are man made (such as the sinkhole in the dam).


Another amazing hole (even though it’s totally off topic) is the Kola Superdeep Borehole, which is considered to be the world’s deepest hole. Though its diameter is just 9 inches, it extends up to 40,230 feet underground or 7.5 miles. It was drilled by Soviets during the Cold War era in an attempt to get closer to the Earth’s crust


Kola Superdeep Borehole

Learning from all this, we thought that though all of those holes are dangerous, nothing can beat the World’s most dangerous Sinkhole!

First of all, let’s define some words, what is a Sinkhole?

According to The Free Dictionary, the definition of a sinkhole in Physical Geology is  “a depression in the ground surface, esp in limestone,where a surface stream disappears underground”. Another definition is that it is a place into which foul matter runs”. With those definition, let us now answer our question. What could possibly be the most dangerous depression in the surface, where the surface disappears, and where foul matter runs?

The answer is actually near us, it’s Tooth Cavities!


Kola Superdeep Borehole

According to Mayo Clinic, “Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes.”. They are also holes which can cause huge damage to your life if we are not aware that it is the most dangerous sinkhole.

Cavity is formed from the root word “Cave”. See the resemblance? It is in fact a cave which can really hurt if it is not prevented. Just like a lot of the common sinkholes we saw on the video in which sinkholes are usually the effect of mining, Tooth cavities are also caused by mining (Refer to the picture below). Bacteria dig your teeth deeper and deeper until there is a vivid cavity on it.


Art of Miners digging the Tooth

Sinkholes can be physically dangerous. Both nature-made sinkholes, man-made sinkholes, and tooth cavities can cause dangers to the health and can be fatal. The difference is that the common sinkholes we know off will kill you in an instant. It might be deep but I don’t think it’s that deep that it’s very close to the Earth’s crust. To be more specific, according to, the Kola Superdeep Borehole has  a distance of half the distance or less to the Earth’s mantle or the Earth’s heart, which is is clearly defeated by how deep tooth cavities can go. Tooth Cavities can reach a human’s heart. According to Banner Health, poor dental hygiene can cause bacteria to grow inside your mouth, entering the bloodstream, which can cause some severe heart problems. So, while common sinkholes can kill you in a snap, Tooth cavities will make you suffer first from tooth aches, severe heart problems, and bad breathe.


Cavity Reaching the Bloodstream

What’s worse is that, even if the huge sinkholes we saw on the video can kill a lot of people, the possible victims are so much smaller than the possible victims of Tooth Cavities. Babies, Children, Young Adults, Adults, and Elderly can suffer from Tooth Cavities. Unlike common sinkholes which one should be safer considering that the place they’re standing on is sturdy, Tooth cavities can hit you wherever you are. In addition, Tooth cavities can hit you more than once as you have 32 teeth in total! You have a lot to suffer from without prevention!

Fortunately, being the most dangerous sinkhole doesn’t mean that it’s also the most inevitable. Tooth cavities can surely be avoided with the proper care and hygiene. But always remember to not underestimate this small but terrible hole, the most dangerous hole, the Tooth Cavity!



Momarco Resort Review

We decided to have our team building in Momarco Resort in Tanay. This is the first time I’m making a blog about a specific place and review it. Haha. Anyways, I’m not the one who made the itinerary and all those specifics, so I’m not sure about the prices and other details. Still, let’s begin XD

The place was quite far from society and it does take a long drive to get to the resort. From and To Manila takes about 2 hours and a half till you reach the uncemented street with a sign pointing to Momarco. From that sign, it will take a while driving (while seeing horses and goats on the road) till you get to the guard at the toll gate who is going to check the car. Upon passing the guard, it will still take some time driving through the uncemented street till you get to the resort itself.




In all fairness, Momarco is very photogenic and spacious. It’s lovely to see and it’s good for group vacations. It also has a lot of huts (near the pool) where you and your group can eat lunch. There are two electric outlets per hut so, that’s actually nice. The huts are quite spacious too and can perfectly fit a large group of people. I also saw one group renting out a karaoke for a hut. Near the huts, there are also showers and sinks if you need to change or wash the dishes. Between the huts is a wide space, perfect for team building games.



Momarco has one big pool. (I think there’s also a smaller pool at the other side of the bridge but I’m not sure). The pool is quite clean and its design and surroundings are lovely. Around it, there a lot of lounges.

What’s nice about Momarco is that due to its distance (I guess), its not crowded. Though a lot of people do go to Momarco, its quiet compared to other resorts. You will truly get some relaxation and some quiet time in Momarco.

The rooms though, is very plain and, well, it looks like a hospital cabin. They are quite far from the pool and you’d need to hike your way up to some rooms. Our room, for example, is very far from the pool. You would need to climb a lot of stairs to get there. There are also showers on the way to the room beside the stairs.



I’m not sure if there are “hotel-like” rooms in Momarco. But what we got is a room with 5 double deck beds (good for 10 people). You can also request for extra mattresses. Anyways, each bed has one pillow, and a blanket (not that cozy but I guess it’s okay). They also have towels available. The room is air conditioned and has one bathroom (with a washer :D). It also has a lot of power outlets. Unfortunately, there is no TV 😦 It does have plastic chairs and tables inside though. Outside the room, a grill is also available.

Other activities in Momarco also includes biking, other sport activities, and also a mini zoo.

If you want to go out of Momarco by yourself, and don’t want to walk through the long, long road, then you can also ride a tricycle for P150 which will take you to Tanay Market.

So, that’s it! I’d rate Momarco resort 3/5. It’s a nice place. It’s photogenic, quiet, and not really crowded. It’s good for team buildings and family outings. However, it’s an average resort. The rooms are not what you will expect for a nice vacation and it’s quite far from the pools. The cost of the rooms are more that what you can expect of it. It is very far but I guess it’s good if you want to be one with nature 🙂

Customer Representative Life: I don’t like it when customers…


I’ve been working as a Customer Service Representative here in the Philippines for some time now. I’m not tenured or anything. In fact, I’m just approaching my 2nd year in this industry. However, I believe that I gathered enough information, opinion, and thoughts to make this post.

I’m fine with helping customers. It somehow gives joy to me when they’re issue is solved and if they feel happy at the end of the call. But we all know that it is not an easy job. You need to answer different phone calls for 8 hours while also taking into consideration your metrics such as the quality of your call, customer satisfaction, and correct resolution. It is even more stressful when you get a stressful customer who is, let’s say, their attitude is not in your favor. So, here I listed things I don’t like when customers do these. I’m sure others can relate.


1) Divorced and just can’t coordinate with each other

Since divorce is legal in America, you’ll get a lot of calls regarding a request for a name change, an assumption of the account, and other adjustments due to divorce. What is frustrating is that, whether the divorce decree is finalized or not, customers of both parties does not want anything to do with each other that they somehow won’t coordinate with each other about what they want to do with the account, that their request is not possible if certain things aren’t done. For example, a had a call about the ex-wife asking me to block the ex-husband from the account. Later I found out that the divorce decree is not yet finalized. We can’t do that until it is finalized because both of them still have rights to the account. But that’s not really frustrating compared to a divorced couple who won’t coordinate with each other. For example, the ex-husband wants his name off of the account because he’s not living on the property anymore. For it to be done, the ex-wife has to assume the loan by filling up an assumption form to solely take over the account, and pay an out of the pocket closing cost. The problem is that, the customer does not think the ex-wife will fill up the form. He asks for other options to have his name removed or at least for him to assume the property and for the company to forcedly remove the ex-wife from the property before he assumes the loan, refinance, short sale the property, or just surrender the loan. The problem is that, for most options he was asking, both of them still need to sign and agree on it, in which the customer was sure his ex-wife would not sign. Also, he was already considering making the account delinquent to proceed to foreclosure so that the ex-wife would have no choice but to leave the property. It’s a chaos! The customer wanted something to be done but it can’t be done if both customers don’t agree on it. And here you are, a representative expected by the customer to do something about it when it’s them who really have to make up their minds.

2) Customers who has a lengthy problem but talks to you like you already know it on set of the call

I don’t have a problem with lengthy, unresolved issue on the customers account. I’d still be glad to help them. I do understand their frustrations but, sounding like you already know what the problem is does not help at all and it just makes the representative confused. Some customers tell you their issue without starting from the top. They just start to narrate things starting at the middle of the story, leaving you no idea about what they are saying or sometimes, what the problem is even regarding to. To get an idea, you have to read lengthy chains of notes before you understand the source, what happened, and the latest resolution to the problem. I appreciate the customers who will tell everything from top despite the length of the issue. It gives you more idea about what you needed to do.

3) Closed Minded Customers

I hate it when despite all your clear, nice, and easy to understand explanation, customers would still be saying “You’re not listening to me!” or “You don’t understand!” or “You’re not hearing me out!”. Some of them are just so closed minded that despite your repeated effort of explaining in different ways, they only want to hear what they wanted to hear and would take no other explanation different from what they wanted. It’s like all they hear from you is Blah blah blah when the explanation they needed was already said. Worse it that, they tell you that you are not listening or helping them when you already are.

4) Discrimination to off shore representatives

Once some customers here that you’re a Filipino, they feel like you can’t help them. Although yes, I know and read from different articles that out shoring call centers make customers feel unimportant, I totally understand why some of the customers feel frustrated. Especially, language barrier problems take over, and they have to deal with your accent when they already have enough problems, it’s understandable. What I don’t understand is their mindset that on shore representatives can better help them. Some customers I had tells me that on shore representatives have more access to their accounts. Or, one time, my customer had a bad signal, and he tells me that it must be because I’m in the Philippines. When in fact, on shore and off shore representatives can do just the same and also have the same systems. Yet, they don’t give you a chance to assist them.

5) After getting what they want, they say bye and hang up

I feel like a machine when they do that. After you answering their questions, they just say “Ok thanks”, and then hangs up. I understand they are pretty busy sometimes but I also wanted to end the call with proper goodbyes. I feel like after I was used, I was turned off. Haha!

6) Gets sarcastic, shouts at you, or anything that makes you get a hind that they are in a bad mood

I hate it when customers takes out their frustration on you. They start the call sarcastic or shouts from end to finish. Some customers doesn’t like the verification process and is not very cooperative for you to solve their problems faster. When they get sarcastic, you just don’t know how to respond. And when they get to shout mania mode, they feel like they would get the issue solved faster when it gets harder for you to understand them with all the shouting. I get it, their frustrated. But how they act does not help me to help them. Another reason for that is what I read from another article from Cracked that when customers keep shouting at representatives, the agent goes into defensive mode and gets a feeling that the customer is a person they no longer want to help. Can you blame us? We’re also human. If you shout at us, we’re no longer comfortable with helping you. 

Those are some of the things I don’t like when customers does them. Again, this is just on the agents side. I know we have to take the customers’ feelings into consideration, but it is also important to consider the agent too. It is best to cooperate with the agent to have the issue resolved because most of the time, they will want to help you. If you don’t help them help you, how will the issue be solved? Cooperation is necessary.

Amazing Pictures Under the Microscope

Hey! So I’m amazed by different facts that I see around the internet. One of the things I do spend time looking at when I have the chance is the pictures of different things under the microscope. Because, well, it’s just simple amazing! Imagine that. Beside the things we do see (because we have not seen all non-microscopic objects), there are still things to be explored on the things we are already familiar with when you view them under the microscope. So here are selected images I would like to share with you. I didn’t include the other microscopic pictures because they look too scary. Haha!


Human Hair















Hook and Loop Fastener (Velcro)



Blood Cells



Used Dental Floss






Foot of a Common House Fly



Spider Skin



Salt and Pepper






Needle and Thread



Human Sweat Pore



Human Eye Lash



Guitar String












Blood Clot