In Memory of Tuti

In memory of Tuti, our dear dog, who died today July 7, 2016… This blog is all about him as it will also serve as our personal reminder of Tuti.


July 4, 2016 - the last photo taken of Tuti. I took it because I was showing my friend who my laundry companion was.

This morning at around 9am, while we were sewing clothes and while I was singing, the garbage truck came. Mama went downstairs to prepare our garbage for the truck. On the way, she discovered that Tuti was lying down dead. His eyes were open and there was vomit around his open mouth as well as vomit scattered around. He was still soft, which meant maybe he just died recently.

This morning he was still alive and well, not that lively though but I wouldn’t worry because he’s not lively all the time. We are guessing it’s because of old age because I think he is almost 10 years old more of less. It all happened fast. Saying goodbye to him happened faster. The garbage truck was still around the corner and mama was worried to leave the dead body inside the house when we can dispose of it. So there, it happened so fast. It was really shocking.

But let me tell you more about Tuti’s life instead of his death and why we were assuming it’s just because of old age and not because of any disease.

Nicknames he had were Tuti, Ite, and Muscle Face by ate Anne (because he looked Macho).


Tuti was an Askal (asong kalye, breedless dog) with us when Poochie (our late super clever  lady like, Japanese Spitz) and before Axel (our late German Shepherd) were around. He was Axel’s friend at first when they were puppies and when they shared the same cage. When Axel grew, Tuti had to go in chains. Since then, they became enemies.

Tuti was what you can say a wild dog. He is someone who one can’t say is loveable to strangers. He has two fangs/teeth showing outside at the bottom of his mouth and he is quite the pick-up-a-fight dog/court the female dogs type. He is very strong and knows no decency. He often pees anywhere new, even on people. He even peed on Mommy (our late grandmother) while she was gardening. He breaks plant pots, and he digs up the soil. He smells (but I guess it’s also ours and his pee’s fault). Again, he marks every new things with his pee as if he’s saying “Ooh… Something new! Let me pee on it”. In short, he wasn’t the most intelligent and loveable dog. In fact, I think he is the most unloved dog. Honestly and I’m sorry to say, he lived his life in chains outside the main house as he is our guard dog.


So much for the negative sides that are important to remember and will be very much missed, let me go to the favorable side of Tuti.

He loves to sing. He kinda is like a musician. When we play the piano (especially when Tuti was younger) he’d sing as long as you make some sort of nice tunes. He also wags his tail and slams them into something (a big jug of water, a trashcan or whatever is near him) and it sounds like he is playing the drums. When he grew older, his singing turned grouchy. I guess that’s a part of being old lol

The most amazing part about Tuti is that his immune system is boss level! Rain or shine, super cold or super hot, whether he is with the rusty things the soil, flee attack or anywhere, he never got sick! Our “cared for” dogs easily gets sick, but not Tuti. There were times that we had dog flee problem. Every dog that we had had biiiig flees all over them. But guess what, Tuti had zero. If you bathe him while the whether is scorching hot, you can actually feel heat on his fur getting removed and he smells like rust, but he never got sick in any situation. Also, ignoring his smell, he looks like a groomed dog. While our other dogs have long nails when they are not cut, Tuti’s are always short and neat even without anyone cutting them. Lately, now that I’m assigned to do laundry, Tuti is also my laundry mate, being my companion for about 4 hours of washing the clothes.

When I was younger, I was scared of him. He was wild and he looked like he’d jump on you because he is glad to see you. Though, sometimes he was such a gentleman in a way that when you give your hand to him, he will take it with both of his paws and kiss them. Anyways, back to him being wild. He is strong, he can double jump, and evey time he makes his break out of the collar, he roams around the house, pees everywhere and again he is scary coz he’s strong. So yeah, I was scared of Tuti. But lately, he became more behave. Might be because he is getting old. When he wants you to pat him, he will face his butt towards you and look behind. I don’t know why he does it but it’s cute. Just last week, my sister gave Tuti a massage and he liked it so much that his head was already on my sister’s hand.

I guess that’s it. His grouchy singing is saved in my Facebook. He also has a daughter named Cookie ( who is the only living dog we have right now).

Anyways Tuti, you will be missed. I’m sorry that you were not treated that well but thank you the memories. I put it all in here so that it will stay in the internet forever!

Muah muah!