English-Filipino Lesson (Basic 1)

Hi! Here’s my new agenda (and hopefully my ENFP flakiness doesn’t get bored on this project). I’m going to teach Filipino for English speakers, DUOLINGO STYLE!

What do I mean Duolingo Style?

Basically, I’m going to try to imitate Duolingo’s style of teaching and lesson categories but the difference is that, it will be for teaching Filipino, which is not in Duolingo yet. Also, quizzes and hands on translation is impossible since this is a blog. But! Let’s just try this and see if anyone is interested (though I have imaginary readers).

How I will do it:
1) Enumerate the vocabularies
2) Give examples of sentence constructions
3) Place some notes
4) Imagine that you’re learning

Let’s start!



Lesson 1 of 3:

Ang – The
Lalake – Man
Babae – Woman
Ako – I
Ay – Am
Isang – A/An
Batang lalake – Boy
Batang babae – Girl


The boy
Ang lalake

The woman
Ang babae

The girl
Ang batang babae

A girl
Isang batang babae

A boy
Isang batang lalake

I am a boy
Ako ay isang batang lalake

Lesson 2 of 3:

Siya – He
Ay – Is
Siya – She
Kumakain – Eats
Ikaw – You
Mansanas – Apple
Ka – You (Common sentence form)

*Common sentence – When subject is after the predicate
*Uncommon sentence – When subject is before the predicate
*Both are correct in most cases (if not all)


The apple
Ang mansanas

You are a man
Lalake ka/ Ikaw ay isang lalake

She is eating
Kumakain siya/ Siya ay kumakain

You are eating
Kumakain ka/ Ikaw ay kumakain

He is a man
Siya ay isang lalake/ Lalake siya

She is a woman
Babae siya/ Siya ay isang babae

He is a boy
Siya ay isang batang lalake/ Isang batang lalake siya

An apple
Isang mansanas

Lessons 3 or 3:

Tinapay – Bread
Tubig – Water
Gatas – Milk
Umiinom – Drink


The milk
Ang gatas

I am drinking
Umiinom ako/ Ako ay umiinom

I am eating
Kumakain ako/ Ako ay kumakain

He eats bread
Kumakain siya ng tinapay

The woman drinks water
Ang babae ay umiinom ng tubig

I eat an apple
Kumakain ako ng mansanas


That’s it, my imaginary students!

If you aren’t imaginary and you want to learn more, comment, or make me your personal teacher for some reason and make assignments for  you to answer, feel free to contact me ūüėÄ

To access other lessons, please go to the Teaching Tagalog category.

Thank you!


Ensinando Filipino para Brasileiros ( Basicos)



Meu nome verdade √© Aizzell. E estou aqui para tentar ensinar minha lingua, Filipino/Tagalog, para voc√™s brasileiros. N√£o sou um professor, nem sou uma especialista em ensinar linguas, nem sou fluente em falar portugues. MAS vou tentar ūüėÄ

Aqui est√£o algumas palavras basicas:

Eu – Ako
Você РIkaw
Ele – Siya
Ela – Siya
Nós РTayo

Vamos tentar usar essas palavras: Exemplos:

Eu sou Aizzell
Ako ay si Aizzell

Você é linda
Ikaw ay maganda

Ele é um professor
Siya ay isang guro

Ela é minha tia
Siya ay ang tita ko

Nós somos amigos
Tayo ay magkaibigan

Algumas Notas:
*Si (como si Aizzell) é uma palavra voce precisa de usar antes de nome duma pessoa. Exemplo: si Aizzell. si Senhor Nascimento.

*Ay √© uma palavra que significa sou, √©, es, somos…


Outras palavras basicas:

E – At
Ou – O
Sim – Oo/ Opo
N√£o – Hindi

Exemplos s√£o:

Ikaw at ako
Você e eu

Siya o tayo
Ele ou nós

Opo, ako si Aizzell
Sim, eu sou Aizzell

Hindi po ako maganda
N√£o sou linda

√Č facil, n√£o √©? Algumas notas s√£o:

*Sim é Oo em Filipino. Mas se você está falando com uma pessoa velha, você deve usar Opo

*Po é uma palavra adicionado para falar mais polido/educado. Especialmente se você está falando com velhos/velhas. Exemplo: Ako po si Aizzell (Eu sou Aizzell). Maganda po ako (Eu sou linda)


Espero que esta liçao vai te ajudar. E espero que você vai gostar. Tchau!
( ¬ī ‚ĖĹ ` )ÔĺČ

Game Energy Coincides with Science

Hi! I’m a gamer. But not a hardcore gamer. I’m also a thinker. But not in the sense that I always think. And so I thought that games have some scientific basis. That’s why, on this blog post, I’m going to talk about game energy.


Now what is Game Energy?

For those who don’t know, Game Energy are the energy used in games. You use that to stuff that you have to do. Exhausting the energy will make you unable to do the major things in the game. In most games, you get an x number of energy stocks in a day, and you need x number of energy to fulfill an action. You can use all the energy you want until you get exhausted. In some games, energy is named differently, but most of the time, they can me in the yellow bolt icon (or sometimes a battery).

Now, why do you say it coincides with Science?

If you’re an experienced gamer, you know for sure that energy is gained in different methods, and I’ll enumerate them for you. However, one thing is for sure: Science says Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Here are the usual ways you can earn and exhaust energy:

1) Wait. Just like the real world, energy can be formed with time. Depending on the game, you will usually have one full energy or more in one day, gaining one energy point in x number of minutes. The same goes for real life.

2) Buy. Tired of waiting for energy? You can buy it using cash. In real life, if you don’t want to rest because you have to do something and you need energy to buy energy drinks or fruits or what have you to stay awake. Like so, in games, you can buy different items that will somehow replenish your energy. The more expensive the item is, the more energy it gives.

3) Ask. In some games, you can ask friends for energy and hopefully, they’d be so kind hearted to spend some of their time to give you some. The same with real life where you can ask your friends for a massage or the likes to keep you alive.

4) Tap on items. In a few games, like Kim Kardashian, you can actually tap on items on the street and see if you’ll get energy, cash, or nothing. If you think about it, crazy acts can wake you up in real life. Say you’re so tired, and you just decided to tap on things, dance around, and act crazy, I bet some of your energy will restore somehow.

5) Earn. Energies can also be earned as an award in games. If you successfully completed a task, sometimes you’re rewarded with energy. In the real life, a feeling of accomplishment after completing a task will hype you up and make you feel happy. The feeling of fulfillment will give you energy to do more.

And how are energies removed? Well, just use them. Work and work until you have no more energy. And then you can just rest or do the things above to do more.

So again, energy can be gained in so many ways. I bet there are more other than the ones I stated above, but one thing is for sure: Energy cannot be created even in a game. Also, you can exhaust energy but it can never be destroyed. Hence, Game Energies are scientific.

Oh by the way! I forgot to tell that other than being a gamer and a thinker, I also have a lot of nonsense. Nonsense that I have thought well. Nonsense that I want to shae with the world. And I hope you learned something. Thank you for reading ūüôā

Karangalan ‘Di Atin


Here’s my sister’s tagalog poem she said she made when she was young (after elementary). To God be the Glory!

Enjoy… ūüôā



Tunay na masaya ang mapuri
Ngunit kung sinuri
Ay ‘di dapat angkinin
Sapagkat ito’y di sa atin

Ang karangalang panglupa
Na atin lang tinanggap
Ay huwag ipagmalaki
Sapagaka‚Äôt ‘di dapat
Ang buhay,lakas,
Dunong at pagbikas
Ay mula sa itaas
Sa atin lang bumakas

Kung iyong ipagmayabang
Ang iyong nakamtan
Mayroong parusa
Na sa iyo’y nakalaan

Sapagka’t nasusulat
sa banal na kasulatan
Ang palalo’y ibababa
At siya’y mapapahiya

May isang bagay
Na pwede nating ipagmalaki:
Na ati’y nakikilala Siya
Na tagapagligtas natin

Pagkat ang tunay na Cristiano
Ay mapagpakumbaba
At siya’y itataas ng Dios na mapagpala

Kaya mga kapatid,
Ating alalahanin
Ang karangalan Niyang
Binahagi lang sa atin

Upang tayo’y maging mapagpasalamat
Sa awa Niya sa atin
Tunay, sa Dios ang karangalan
At ‘di sa atin!

The Greatest Creator

Hi! I am the type of person who, from time to time, can’t help but just think about how beautiful the world is. How well-planned, well-maintained, and wonderful everything works! That’s why, here’s a poem I created to express my feelings and thoughts regarding that. To God be the Glory!


The Greatest Creator

One can appreciate well-made creations
A song, a science project, or an internet sensation
A house well-built, a poem, or a really good movie
But ever wondered who the greatest creator could be?12735890_10153379112856592_249935079_n

Marvel at the stars, see how splendid they shine
Or the planets and constellations perfectly aligned
How great is the mechanism of the outer space
Where planets have their own line and has its own place

Observe how the planets are round in shape12695887_10153379113571592_972228771_n
And how the perfect distance of the Earth from its surroundings makes it safe
Think about how day and night are in line
With humans natural body clock and time

Look at the Earth and everything it contains
From animals to plants, not all have been named994875_663519917008664_2099869171_n
Ask a scientist and he would say
That less than fifteen percent of all species have been named as of today

Appreciate how regular precipitation is
Or how when the ocean reaches the shore it will cease
Look at how different one creature is from another
Ecology will tell how everything supports each other12695826_10153379114881592_957595249_n

Humans breathe oxygen and expels carbon dioxide
Which is exactly what plants need, and oxygen again is what they provide
You just have to look at yourself and you will see
How marvelous a human’s blueprint can be

All of our parts are perfectly in place12736077_10153379116486592_380680287_n
It would be a disaster if it was put in another way
Fingers in different sizes align
When we’re picking something up it’s all perfectly fine

Appreciate how we humans heat up in a fever
Or categorizing what is needed and what is waste is up to our liver
Look at the protection made for a babe
When inside the mom’s tummy he’s in a perfect cave

Look at how humans have different faces 12736076_10153379117096592_1837756898_n
Unique fingerprints, voices, talents, and races
Vision, Smell, Hearing, Taste, Feelings, and Touch
Makes you say that human-made robots cannot  match

So what Big Bang Theory is this being taught in school
It’s nonsense and an idea made by a fool
“A large quantity of nothing decided to pack tightly together”
When did nothing have quantity and agreed to gather?

When accidents happen its usually nasty
It doesn’t make perfect things filled with beauty
Our world and all its creatures are not made out of an accident
It is from the wisest Creator’s will and intent

Filipino Movies Should Implement Musicals



Personally, I’m a big fan of musicals. Why not, they’re great! The combination of acting, singing and dancing is truly a spectacle the amazes me every time. The songs, the dances, the colors, and the stories are very engaging and well-made/practiced and are given a lot of effort and requires a lot of talent than other types of storytelling. And since I’m a Filipino who saw a lot of musicals on stage and in movies, I just realized that there isn’t much of this type of entertainment that I love in my beloved country, the Philippines. And I just thought, why not implement it in our entertainment? On this blog, I will write my reasons why our entertainment must try putting an effort into it.


First of all, Music: Singing, Dancing, and playing with the instruments existed way, way back in time. It’s one of (if it isn’t) the biggest, most popular, and most entertaining way of entertainment known. It does not only keep you happy by just watching it, but also amazes you each time you experience the synchronized dancing, the harmony of different voices singing together, and the exaggeration and perfection of the movements done¬†by the actors.

Music is also everywhere, in your phone, in the television, in the radio, in your head, everywhere! Even if you’re not a fan of a movie or something, it will be known to you with its music as the top advertising tool. For example, I don’t think everyone knows or loves Frozen¬†before it’s most famous song “Let it Go” became a hit to everyone. Even the people who does not care about children movies somehow becomes aware of the movie because of the song. Another example are Filipino commercials: Rejoice’s songs such as “Walang Sabit” and “Sumusunod sa Galaw Mo”, Knorr’s “Makulay ang Buhay”, Datu Puti’s “Sakto”, and even Coca-Cola’s chant “Ito ang Beat” were all hits because of their music. Their products were made known by their music and their commercials were loved. I think these are sufficient examples of how music, being a popular form of entertainment, can also be an important tool in advertisements.


Makulay ang Buhay sa Sinabawang Gulay

The question now is…

Why Musicals in Movies?

Musicals are first and best known in stage plays. However, that will take more time, effort, and money (for both the producers and audience) than just making it into a movie. American movies, which is second in popularity after Filipino movies in the Philippines, already had a lot of world known musicals in movies such as High School Musical, Hairspray, and Camp Rock, all targeted to the youth. Those movies boomed in popularity everywhere, and I’m sure it would do the same for a country who would also make a world-class musical in their movies.

To answer the question though, why musicals in movies? What would happen if Filipino movies do so?

One thing I thought of is, we will have a very meaningful competition in showbusiness. The really talented and effort-filled actors would be known. Those who can actually sing, dance, and act at the same time, not just popular actors whose movies does not require much effort. (I’m not saying that their movies are effortless, I’m just saying that for one to be talented in singing, dancing, and acting at the same time, one needs a lot of effort and practice to do so). Our celebrities’ willingness to learn and adjust would be challenged ¬†and competitions would not just be in terms of stories, acting, and actor popularity, but also in terms of how good the songs are, the dances are, and also a lot more factors to consider. Our actors would have more growth with musicals.

Implementing musicals in Filipino movies would also boost the popularity of Filipino movies in other countries. Since music is a great form of advertisement, even if people from different lands do no have a clue about what the music is saying, just the tone, the dance, anything in the music can be enough to leave it repeating in one’s head. Take Kpop and Jpop into consideration. I’m sure a lot of people who knows Psy’s songs like Oppa Gangnam Style and Gentleman, or EXO and Girls’ Generation songs became somewhat more knowledgeable to korean culture and Korea itself just because of the songs. If you were to ask Filipinos which language would they like to learn, a lot would answer Japanese or Korean just because of their entertainment. Prior to Korea’s entertainment boom, Japan was a more popular country and Korea was just at the side. Now, Korea rose up and leveled against Japan in terms of how many people loved to know more about a foreign country other than America. India, another country in which I begun to love it’s entertainment, is another one that I would like to talk about. But I’ll talk more about it later.

Lastly, it will also enrich Filipino OPMs. More songs will be added to our beloved Original Filipino Music. The songs that we will hear in the radio will have meaning and will usually have a story attached to it.

Take India’s Bollywood as an example

Let me first tell you about my conception of India before.


My image of India before

My image of India before was such in the Slumdog Millionaire movie. Not to offend, but I’m just saying what I thought before. It’s dirty, it’s crowded, it’s smelly, it’s poor, and Philippines is better than it, maybe also in terms or entertainment.

Now, my image of India is:


My image of Indian entertainment now: Spectacular


Since the day I watched Aamir Khan’s “3 Idiots”, I loved it so much that I checked on other movies that he had. I have also never had a ‘Favorite Actor’ before, but now Aamir Khan is the one. And who would have thought that my favorite actor would be Indian! (I didn’t mean to discriminate but, again, I’m just saying what I felt). And now I think that Indian movies are much much more superior and entertaining that Philippine movies, which is sad.

India’s Bollywood movies normally have music and musicals. The songs are originally composed and are fit to the movie. The performances¬†are very beautiful¬†and will leave you loving Indian songs and language as you become more exposed to them. Actually now, I have a playlist of Indian songs which I never thought I would be a fan of.

The competition is also tight. As far as I know, there is what they call “3 Khans” (Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, and Salman Khan) competing against each other in terms of their movie hits (friendly competition of course). And personally, I think it’s great to have that competition. I think it’s very healthy for the entertainment industry to have their actors do more in each movie that they have. It amazes me to see how far Indian movies can go, despite my first image of the country.


According to¬†Southern Vision¬†in its article “The Ten Best Countries for Film Production”, India ranks 4th. And according to¬†The Top Tens.com‘s Most Musical Countries, India ranks 7th while Philippines is 19th.

With all of this…

How does Philippines Fair?

Well, for me, with a few more effort to implement musicals in Filipino entertainment, we can compete with America and India. Why?

  1. Philippines is already known as one of the countries who loves music! We, Filipinos are music-lovers, from Videoke, to singing competitions, to our fandom with the Voice, to Dubsmash, and Lip Sync battles.
  2. Filipinos are great in composing songs. We have a lot of super talented composers, so I don’t think composing new hit songs that would be international-worthy would be a problem.
  3. Filipinos are good at English. If we won’t compose Filipino songs, we can also do so in the English language which is a very big advantage to the country.
  4. We have already done it before. I have seen Filipino movies with music in it, like Dolphy’s movies and Filipino musicals. Sadly, our musicals are very old. Kudos to “I Do Bidoo Biddo”¬†movie that meets my expectation of a musical with their dances. However, since they used already existing songs by APO Hiking Society (which is also good), I wish we can make another musical on that level with new songs.


In conclusion, I just wish and dream that Filipino movies would be more like the countries who did a fantastic job with their musicals. Even if Philippines is a third world country, we have a lot of talent. In fact, Filipinos are known by other countries as great singers. And why not? India is also a third-world country. If they can do it, why can’t we?

Thanks to all the readers. Please leave your comment below or share if you want.

MBTI Slam Book


I love MBTI, and what I did was to create a set of questions to be answered by my friends who I forced to take the test. I classified them by their test results (it might be inaccurate or accurate but whatever). Also, their experiences and their whole being has something to do with the result of their answers. But in one way or another, I’m sure their personality types had something to do with it.

I’m also missing some other personality types because I don’t have any friends that I know with that type. Thanks to the contributors who I also forced to answer the questions! Once I have the other personality types, I’m going to update this.

ESFJ – Provider

ISFJ – Protector

ISFP – Composer

ISTJ – Inspector

ISTP – Operator

ENFJ – Teacher

ENFP – Champion

INFJ – Counselor

INFP – Healer

ENTJ – Field Marshall

ENTP – Inventor

INTJ – Mastermind

INTP – Architect


Here it is:

Ideal job
ESFJ: Around the world
ISFJ: A billionaire who gives to charity and pays for the loans on the whole world. I’ll buy house and lot and cars for everyone. And every town has catering. Every sick person has a nurse.
ISFP: Photographer
ISTP: Artist
ENFJ: Research manager/ owner
ENFP: Famous linguist/translator. Internet sensation.
INFJ:  Something related to serving people and animals or the environment.
INFP: Advocacy Planner
ENTJ: Game developer
ENTP:¬†An ideal job would be something one would be paid for doing what one loves most. Personally, that’s a multiple answer, I love doing so many things but on top of it would be a fantasy, and that’s being a fighter plane test pilot
INTJ: Something that you would really enjoy while under stress
INTP: Working in the office but I have my own private space that no one can bother me. My co-workers will think that my position is just low but the truth is my job is very vital to the company.

ESFJ: God. Smile.
ISFJ: Good-hearted, hardworking, positive attitude, peace-adovcate, responsible, loving
ISFP: Communication
ISTJ: Handling money
ISTP: Creative, great with my hands? (I dunno to be honest)
ENFJ: Know how to do carpentry, electrical problems, electronic problems, plumber
ENFP: Learning about language and cultures easily. Being enthusiastic and carefree and happy.
INFJ: Most of the time my hunch is correct
INFP: Passionate, empathetic, curious
ENTJ: Computer oriented, good upper body strength
ENTP:¬†All friends and non-friends say it’s being caring
INTJ:  I dont have any, I think
INTP: Works alone

ESFJ: Family
ISFJ: I don’t want to offend anyone that’s why I don’t have the courage to scold anyone. But once I get fedup the angel that you see becomes a monster.
ISFP: Making letters
ISTJ: Spoiled
ISTP: I try to take on multiple tasks to try to get things done and usually get one of those tasks done on time
ENFJ: Family. I can sacrifice myself for my family.
ENFP: Details, Practical matters, getting distracted
INFJ:¬†¬†I can’t bear someone’s hurting. esp animals.
INFP: Reserved
ENTJ: Taking orders
ENTP: Sleepiness
INTJ: Myself and important people in my life
INTP: Works alone

Ideal partner
ESFJ: Tall, sweeter than me, playful
ISFJ: Millionare, honest, faithful, dignified, sweet, romantic, handsome, not fat, not a womanizer.
ISFP: My wife
ISTJ: Inspiring
ISTP:¬†I don’t really have a preference, just someone who supports how I am and accept it
ENFJ: Helpful, Nice, Understanding, loving not only to me but also to my family, knows how to respect, faithful, merciful, and most of all God-fearing
ENFP: Wacky, Funny, Super nice
INFJ: Someone who is willing to know and understand who i am
INFP: Loyal, Honest, Respectful
ENTJ: Intelligent people
ENTP:¬†Not being selective hahah. ‘Just need to be the ideal partner, first.
INTJ: Jeon Jungkook ;>
INTP:¬†Can’t tell. There’s only one person in my mind and I don’t have any plans for replacement.

Favorite reading
ESFJ: Comics, love story, myth, fiction
ISFJ: Textbook. Everything educational and informative.
ISFP: Photography
ISTJ: If interested to know something
ISTP: Roleplays that I’m participating in
ENFJ: I don’t have the time to read nowadays. My favorites before were electronic book and cooking book
ENFP: Amazing facts and knowledge that catches my interest
INFJ: Mostly encyclopedia of animals and plants. Classical books and Histories.. Detective and Mysteries.
INFP:¬†C.S. Lewis “The Problem with Pain”
ENTJ: I don’t like to read
ENTP: Dislikes reading
INTJ: Novel and short stories
INTP:¬†Can’t specify

Fantasy movie role
ESFJ: Little mermaid xD
ISFJ: Fairygod mother or an excellent magician, or like X-men: teleport, reads mind, a total magician.
ISFP: Hero
ISTJ: Warrior-Wizard
ISTP: Have no idea, the rebelling vigilante I guess
ENFJ: A person who can teleport so that I don’t have to worry about fares hehehe
ENFP: The fighting princess/enchanter
INFJ: Daryl of the walking death..
INFP: ¬†Err… none?
ENTJ: Martial Arts Master
ENTP:¬†None. ūüôā
INTJ: Harry Potter
INTP: Is this by choosing between the protagonist and antagonist? Or what fictive character do I like to play?

Stress Factor
ESFJ: Philippine Constitution
ISFJ: People around me are irresponsible and unconcerned citizens who does not care about the world.
ISFP: Walking
ISTJ: If what I want is not granted. And if someone is forcing me
ISTP: Stress is a stress factor
ENFJ: If there’s no project or job.
ENFP: Hectic schedules (even though it’s not that hectic)
INFJ: Noise and nagging
INFP: Being overwhelmed, confrontations, public speaking
ENTJ: Smart asses
ENTP:¬†Other people’s incompetence and ignorance that directly affect others adversely
INTJ: Work or life
INTP:¬†Does this mean what causes my stress? If yes, people that’s not close to me talking about unimportant things or people who are conceited. A gathering (not church related) wherein I am being surrounded by noise and lots of people that I don’t know.

Favorite color
ESFJ: Blue
ISFJ: When I wasn’t fat, I loved red and white. When I got fat, it’s black. But I also like golden yellow.
ISFP: Green
ISTJ: Blue
ISTP: Green
ENFJ: Blue and green
INFJ: Pink and apple green
INFP: Lavender
ENTJ: Black
ENTP: Green
INTJ: Blue
INTP:¬†Black, gray, white, red, lavender (there’s an argument wherein black, gray and white should be considered as colors or not so I don’t know if those three will be counted. Also, it really depends on the shade or brightness of the color if I’ll like it or not. There’s a certain blue that I really like and I don’t know what exact color it is.)

Favorite romantic gift
ESFJ: Foods, Rabbit xD
ISFJ: Flowers, Roses with chocolates, with buffet date
ISTJ: Spend money and time for you
ISTP: I never thought about it. Just knowing they love me.
ENFJ: If I were the one who will give it: rose and bear. But if someone would give me a romantic thing, it’s to give all time days and moments to me. That’s all
ENFP: Chocolate, Love letter, Song (I think)
INFJ:  Letter and anything handmade
INFP: Books!
ENTJ: Flowers
ENTP: When the giver gives something of themselves
INTJ: Time
INTP:¬†Whatever that person gives me, I’ll consider it a romantic gift.

Things u can’t help doing automatically that you’re unaware of
ESFJ: Defend ūüôā
ISFJ: Before, they said I kept singing. Today, I just sing in my mind. I also kept praying.
ISFP: Think
ISTJ: Twisting my wrist
ISTP: Scratch at my skin. Stay up for too long.
ENFJ: Immediately stands up when mom calls me even though I’m sleeping
ENFP: Being talkative without realizing my food isn’t finished yet
INFJ:¬†I can’t help making someone feel bad when i suggest something to them even though there’s no bad intentions to it
INFP: Weird facial expressions
ENTJ: Cussing
ENTP: Nose-picking, farting
INTJ:¬†How am I suppose to know that if I’m completely unaware of it? ūüėģ
INTP: I’m not sure.. I’m unaware of it.

Your way of understanding a very difficult lesson
ESFJ: Understand it well/asking someone
ISFJ: Keep reading it and research with every possible resources until I fully appreciate and understand it.
ISFP: I just don’t understand it
ISTJ: Repeat, trial and error, learn from errors, learn from others, find easier way
ISTP: Keep reading until it makes sense
ENFJ: Just review and re-ask the question if I can’t understand it
ENFP: I’m not gonna force myself to understand it by myself. I’m going to let myself get spoonfed by other people or websites.
INFJ: I learn hard lessons by converting them into my own words and my own understanding.
INFP: Listening to them
ENTJ: Listen to music
ENTP:¬†“Let’s try again!”
INTJ: Asking or reading reference material for better understanding
INTP:¬†What’s the difficult lesson about?

Ideal physical look of your car
ESFJ: Blue with a Hello Kitty design
ISFJ: Like a mobile-home
ISFP: Macho
ISTJ: Luxury. Everything lifts up.
ISTP: If it works, it works.
ENFJ: Big cars
ENFP: Cute, pink, and roundish.
INFJ: My car would look like a shark face
INFP:¬†Pure black and shiny car…that can fit my whole family
ENTJ: Black with blue vinyls
ENTP:  It has a roof, 5 doors, 4 wheels that takes one from Point A to Point B
INTJ:  White and huge
INTP:¬†Shiny and black (Tinted windows but I’m unsure of how dark the tint is. I know there’s many things to consider before having that.)

Rate one to five, your success in finishing a task (5 is highest)
ISFJ: If I have deducation and time, 4-5
ISTJ: 4.5 if I’m diligent, 2-3 if I don’t want it
ENFP: 1 hahaha XD
INFJ: Success in finishing task would be 3
ENTP: 6, since it is with love
INTP:¬†I’m not sure.. Maybe 3.5? You can rate for me.

Ideal shoe
ESFJ: Not easily broken
ISFJ: Sandals. Smell proof and heavy duty sandals with strap
ISFP: Sneakers
ISTJ: Casual that you can use in everything
ISTP: Comfortable ones.
ENFJ: Unbreakable forever
ENFP: Flexible, Comfortable, you can wear without using your hands, you can use everywhere
INFJ:  Flat and close
INFP: 1 inch heel, comfortable shape shoe
ENTJ: Nike
ENTP: Sneakers
INTJ: Sneakers/running shoes
INTP: Black converse, however I prefer wearing slippers if that counts.

You were given too much attention and appreciation for work done, what do u feel
ISFJ: Uncomfortable but secretly, humbly, and thankfully proud, accomplished, fulfilled
ISFP: Happy
ISTJ: I feel appreciated and loved. I will linger it for hours
ISTP:¬† I become modest and then joke about being great though I don’t mean it
ENFJ: Happy
ENFP: Like a superstar, joke. Self-esteem increases of course, and I feel inspired to do more
INFJ: I feel glad at the same time burden
INFP: Very happy.. will obsess over it for days
ENTJ: I feel it’s not problem if people give me too much attention
ENTP:¬†“There’s even a better way. Let’s do it again!”
INTJ: Flattered
INTP:¬† I’ll feel very very, very, very, very iritated and dismayed. I believe I can’t do anything alone so too much attention is very improper.

Do u feel lonely when you’re alone
ISFJ: Not really. Very rare. I love being alone. I’m never alonr for I have God
ISTJ: Not really
ISTP: Not really but I associate company
ENFP: Nope
INFJ:¬†¬†I dont feel lonely when i’m alone IF i’m sure that everyone that i love is doing fine
INFP: Nope. Just sometimes when bored.
ENTJ: I don’t mind being alone
ENTP: Happiest, when alone
INTP: Most of the time, no. But there are times that I do.

Important person asks for attention and you’re doing something important, what do you do
ESFJ: I will finish what I’m doing first then I will talk to him
ISFJ: I will ask the important person if that is also important or more important than what I’m doing. It’s a matter of which is more critical, and worthy. But if it’s a family member, they are important to me.
ISFP: Just give them attention
ISTJ: Give them attention if they’re important. But if they can wait, please wait.
ISTP: If I can I’ll multi task it. If not I’ll hear them out and try to help first.
ENFJ:¬†I will prioritize giving attention to that person. I can just continue what I’m doing after
ENFP: Set aside the important stuff especially if I don’t like it and give time to important person till I get distracted. Once I remember the task, I’ll ask help from the important person
INFJ: I always make sure to give them attention even for a couple of minutes then go back to important things
INFP: I ask them if they can wait for me to finish what im doing first and i’ll get back to them
ENTJ: Tell them I will later
ENTP:¬†“Here’s one peso, go look elsewhere”
INTJ:¬†Stops what I’m doing and pay attention
INTP: Will try to do both maybe not at the same time but will work on both of it.

An obvious and irritating scammer txts/calls you asking for money saying that its an emergency
ESFJ: Snob
ISFJ: I will ask him for a solicitation permit from the government or whatever agency. And also an ID
ISFP: Ignore
ISTJ: Turn off my phone. Fighting is a waste of time
ISTP: Block and ignore them
ENFJ: Ignore it
ENFP: I will “play along” and question their authenticity although I already know it
INFJ: I ignore scammer but when i feel replying them i reply back, doing the same thing their doing to people. (making fool of them)
INFP:¬†If text ignore, if call will try to talk but if it gets too irritating i will tell them shut up or i’ll report them
ENTJ: Ignore them
ENTP:  Ignore
INTJ: Ignore
INTP: Delete the message and move on. If he/she texts again, add his/her number in the black list

One language u want to learn
ESFJ: Japanese ‚̧
ISFJ: Chinese, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French. All of the above if possible.
ISFP: Chinese
ISTJ: German/ Spanish
ISTP:¬†I’ll learn tagalog I guess.
ENFJ: Fluent english
ENFP: ALL! But for now, it’s Portuguese
INFJ: I want to learn French
INFP: Just one? I wanna learn tons! haha Japanese if I have to pick one.
ENTJ: Japanese
ENTP: Mandarin
INTJ: Korean
INTP:¬†I can’t name one. There’s a lot

A suggestion on how to teach a child a subject he can’t understand
ESFJ: Make it easy
ISFJ: Interactive, Song-filled, through interactive medias and fun activities: dancing, singing, playing, and contests and rewards. And if he still won’t learn: penalties.
ISFP: Tell a story
ISTJ: I’m not good with kids. But I will force what I know is right. And if I see him getting tired, I’ll find another way
ISTP: Hard to say it depends on subject. Usually relate it to something he can understand.
ENFJ: Make the lesson a game and there should also be a prize for every correct answer
ENFP: Make it into a song or a game or a story
INFJ: Teach the kid in way you understand it when you were young. the easiest way
INFP: Think like a child. Explain slowly and be patient
ENTJ: Try to work with them
ENTP: Suggestion will depend on the subject
INTJ: Incorporating playing with learning
INTP: How old is the child and what subject do I need to teach him/her?

You’re bored what do u do
ESFJ: Find food, and listen to soundtrip
ISFJ: I will do a lot of things. Or eat chocolate.
ISFP: Music
ISTJ: When I’m bored, I’m usually doing something, like playing or thinking about the bills, or counting the loans people haven’t paid back to me yet, or thinking about businesses I want to establish, and how to earn more money.
ISTP: I draw
ENFJ: Watching DVD
ENFP: Find and download games and see if I like one of them, watch random topics in YouTube like funny stuff or fun facts
INFJ: When I’m bored i play with my dog or i sleep
INFP: Watch anime. hahahaha
ENTJ: Play games or listen to music
ENTP: Play music
INTJ: Read
INTP:¬†There’s a lot of things to do. It’s hard to be bored. But to answer that, ponder and sleep.

One word to describe how you usually look in a picture
ESFJ: Simple
ISFJ: I don’t like it. I wish I looked different.
ISFP: Thinking
ISTJ: Cute
ISTP:  I look apathetic and seem stoic.
ENFP: Wacky or unphotogenic ūüė¶
INFJ: Bulldog
INFP: Trying to look girly
ENTJ: Emotionless
ENTP: Stick out tongue and start licking it. Joke.  Of course, use my eyes. Then blink.
INTJ: A potato
INTP:¬†I’ll skip this. I don’t usually look at my pictures.

Videos you usually search in YouTube
ESFJ: Anime
ISFJ: How to… What to… What caused…
ISFP: About mountains, hiking, landscape, and nature
ISTJ: Music
ISTP: Cinematic-like music or dragon ball related videos.
ENFJ: Anything horror
ENFP: Funny stuff or Amazing Facts
INFJ: I¬†usually search for Seohyun of Girl’s Generation because shes’s my ideal type of girl and I search for songs i love
INFP: Stephen Colbert, MBTI, Tedtalks, chastity talks, japanese stuff
ENTP: Science. Arts.
INTJ: KPOP related
INTP: Anything that will caught my attention and interest

If you had a website, what would it be about
ESFJ: Influence the people to read the Bible
ISFJ: About religion because the Bible is the ultimate learning tool, motherhood, parenthood, and being a good person
ISFP: Photography
ISTJ: For my future company
ISTP: It’d be about my stories whether it be a web comic or online novel.
ENFJ: How to earn money and to get a job
ENFP: My song covers and projects. Or a language tutorial
INFJ: My website would be about taking care of the planet and animals..
INFP: Culture and self exploration smile emoticon
ENTJ: My characters I made.
ENTP: DIY clips, cooking, baking, gardening, music and science wonders
INTJ: Me travelling. Lots of pictures and experience
INTP:¬†I don’t want to have my own website. But I’d love to help the important people in my life to create theirs.

Baguio/ Sagada/ Banaue Trip


Me and my family on top of Sagada

I may be gone for such a long time, but I’m back. And that’s all that matter

– Koi Miazaki

So me and my family decided to go to Baguio/ Sagada/ Benguet this February. It had been a long time since we went to one. And what I can say about the trip was, it was the most challenging, life-threatening, Survivor Philippines style trip that we ever had. (That is of course considering that we’re “pabebe” Manila people and we’re not used to the mountains.)

The way I will write my experience about this trip is kind of like a diary/ trip adviser style. ūüôā


From Manila, we took the¬†JoyBus¬†of¬†Genesis Bus which will take you to from Cubao to Manila and vice versa in 4 hours more or less. That’s right, Baguio is no longer 6 hours, it’s just 4 hours.

I’m not sure about the other prices, but what we took was:

Deluxe – P650


JoyBus Deluxe: Lazyboy like chair which can incline, biscuits and water bottle, blanket, stewardess, comfort room, and foot rest. Super comfortable


Us inside the Joybus Deluxe

Semi-deluxe – P550

  • Looks like an ordinary bus (but of course, nicer): Almost the same as Deluxe but with no lazyboy chairs, more seats, still has biscuits and water bottle, blanket, and comfort room.

Please contact Genesis for more details and reservation

Upon reaching Baguio, we stayed at Manhattan Suites


Manhattan Suites Verandas

12661751_10153371719126592_2762926388367498767_n (1)

Us at the Veranda. You can see an overlooking view of Baguio at the background

Manhattan Suites is actually good. With the price of P3,000 a night for three people, it’s very clean and quiet. Breakfast is included with various options of -silogs, like Tapsilog, Longsilog, and Tosilog and also a hot chocolate. The elevator buttons are so cool. The room has a television, very clean bathroom with heater, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, electric outlets (about 8 outlets), an electric fan (I didn’t notice if there is an airconditioner because it’s already cold in Baguio), and a veranda overlooking Baguio.

Downsides are: It’s not “near” or by the tourist spots like Burnham Park. But, I don’t think it’s a problem since you will get a lot of taxis one block from Manhattan Suites. Another downside is that, when the staff knew that we were 4 people but we just availed a room for 3, he does not want me and my sister to just share on bed. The staff said that we have to avail a mattress, which we did although we didn’t think it was necessary. So there had to be 4 beds for 4 people and you had to avail for a mattress which was P500. Good thing, for some reason, the mattress was not delivered, so we didn’t have to pay for it. Other than that, it’s a nice suite and I truly recommend it.

We went to Mines View Park, a famous place to get an overlooking view of Baguio. Entrance is for free. You can also ride a horse and take a picture with it for P50 per 3 shots (if I can remember correctly). We didn’t see much though because it was getting dark. So, I suggest to go there early.

Not far from the park, we ate at¬†Ketchup Food Community. It is a must to try the Lomo Ribs in Ketchup Food Community’s Canto.

One Lomo Ribs is for P400. It’s super soft, and tasty, sided by a super tasty salad. Don’t let its size shock you though. The first time we saw it coming to our table, it was huge! We thought we wouldn’t finish it and we were so worried because we ordered two servings. However, you’ll be surprised by how piranha-ish you and your folks can be when you realize that the food was so tasty, you’ll see it in bones in no time. Two servings is just right. For the drinks, we ordered Gulaman, which was also good.

A little walk from Ketchup Food Community, there are also activities like Horse Back Riding at Wright Park. Price is P350 for 2 people (not sure what are the other prices). Me and my sister were both riding our own horses. We had a guide who walked beside the horse. After some time, the guides taught us how to “drive” by pulling the strings while the horse was walking. I think we had about 5 rounds till the horse got tired.


Horse back Riding at Wright Park

We went back to Burnham Park and relaxed ourselves in the boat ride in the middle of the park. For P100, you get to ride the boat with no time limit, drive it yourself or with a guide. I suggest to just drive it yourself since you get to enjoy privacy.


There were also night markets around Burnham Park since we went there in February: month of the Panagbenga Festival, which is the Flower Festival in Baguio.


Early morning, we woke up and we went went went to Sagada. It will take you 6-7 hours of driving from Baguio. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about public transportation to Sagada since we had a friend who took us there. We didn’t reach Sagada though, since we were with photographers (since my father is also one), they wanted to reach Sagada at sunrise. So, we just stayed in Bontoc for the night.

A must try in Bontoc though is the Caja Pizza Cupcakes and more.

The pizza was delicious and unique! The staff was super acommodating. The chocolate-banana pie was heaven!!! We had 7 orders of it~ It was super addicting, delishious and yum yum yum ‚̧ Super recommended! I just wished I can eat that dessert again ‚̧

Now, for the real Sagada! From Bontoc, it will only take a jiffy to get there. Maybe about 30 minutes? Anyways, there are 2 options to choose from: Kiltepan View or the 360 view on top of Marlboro Hills¬†which we chose, since again we’re with the photographers.

Marlboro Hills is a great spot for photographers. It has a 360 degree view of the sea of clouds on top of the mountain. It’s also freezing cold on top. When we went there, it dropped to 12.2 degree Celsius. The hike is on a different road than Kiltepan View. It will take about 1 hour and a half of walking time. Just be prepared for mud and exhaustion. An exhaustion in which you will feel hot even though it’s freezing cold.

However, once you get there, the view is marvelous! As for us, it’s all fog and we didn’t see the sea of clouds. (Aw…). Still, I’m sure that the view would be marvelous if we just saw the famous view instead of all fog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Other tourist spots in Sagada are the Hanging Coffins and Sumaguing Cave. We didn’t tarry there though. We just took a picture with the Hanging Coffins from afar.

Sagada is also a nice place for souvenirs. There are a lot of stores to choose from.


From Sagada, it will take 3-4 hours to go to the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. Unfortunately, when we went there, the terraces was also shy and was covered with fog ūüė¶

We then went to Batad Rice Terraces and stayed at Hill Side Inn in which my father had a reservation from Agoda. The place was famous for the view of the terraces. There are a lot of foreigners staying in the inn. The room that we got was for the ones with the view РP2,500 good for 4 people.

Going to the inn was… life changing. Here’s my review of the place which I also posted at TripAdvisor:

Good things first, the view of the Batad Rice Terraces is great. Except if there are thick fogs. When we went there though the fog cleared up at about 10am.

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Opportunities now:
*Please please don’t go at night and when it’s raining/muddy. If you don’t want to experience “Survivor Philippines”, don’t do so. I also don’t recommend the inn if you’re with an elderly or with children. There is only one way to get there, a 30 minute walk by a cliff side. It was muddy, the road was very very poor, the “cemented” road in some parts of it was also poor. The road was fit for only one person if you don’t want to fall off the cliff. There were also zero railings. It is really recommended that you use their walking sticks (P10) for balance. Still, the walk was very tiring, dangerous, and … we really felt that we should have a medal in the end. Walking at night when you can’t see anything and the ground was really muddy and slippery was a nightmare. But, if you can do it, why not? As long as you have the courage or spirit to try going to the inn. For us, going there was an unforgettable experience, mainly because of the road getting there.

*The food was also expensive though they had a lot of choices you can pick.

*The room was also poor in the sense of (let me describe it): blankets were cozy but it was short and it was hard to keep cozy. The room was plain square clearly made out of wooden walls and yero (galvanized iron sheets). The door’s lock was very ancient and it didn’t have a door knob. There were moths everywhere. It was really a provincial experience and not very “relaxing”. The bathroom was public too and they were not very clean. To get to the rooms and the dining place, there were also a lot of going up and down the stairs.

I’m not sure why no one had reviewed about the experience going there. Some reviews also said the bus stops by the inn. It’s not true. You have to walk beside a cliff on a road that was poorly made. Other than that, it’s fine if you’re in it for the view. Who knows, I might just be a Manila girl that’s why the experience of the road had a large impact on me. But I’m just saying, not everybody would appreciate the road.


From the inn to Baguio, it will take about 9 hours of traveling by car.

The trip for me and my family was very life-changing. It was seriously the most challenging trip we had ever experienced, with all the hikings, the cliff, the zigzags, the hiking again. But it was good! We also get to visit a lot of locals of Ang Dating Daan. Got to attend Worship Service in Lokal of Banaue, and got to sleep at Lokal of Bontoc.

It was nice to experience how cold the Philippines can be. It was a lot for us Manila people. Manila was very hot, overcrowded, and quite dirty (not badmouthing Manila here, I love Manila, I’m just saying the truth), while Baguio was cold, overcrowded, but clean. It was also nice to see “cities” on top of the mountain. You can’t help but appreciate the up and down inclinations of the road. You also can’t help getting amazed by the view and thought that you were on top of a mountain, and there were houses everywhere on different layers. It’s nice. ūüôā

Knowing now that going to Baguio only takes 4 hours from Manila, I’d definitely love to go back again some day ‚̧