Clumsy little me~

I’ve been clumsy since start of the day 〔or for night shift call center agents like me, it’s since the start of the shift〕. That’s probably natural for someone like me who is dwelling in two worlds at the same time: the real world, and my own. Today was different though, it was worse!

I ate Ding-dongs 〔a nut junkfood here in our place〕at my station like some 5 year old kid! Peanuts were rolling down the floor one by one while I was grabbing them to chew. A lumpsome amount of dingdongs wera also spilled on top of my desk. And in the end, I did not finish it.

It was just the start of PHP day and one of the funniest 〈and embarrassing〉moment happened. You know how fun office chairs are and what fun you can do with them especially if you’re so bored. So I started riding it on my knees facing and grabbing on the backseat. I decided to spin. Not half done with a 180 degree turn, all was running smoothly. That is until the chair started to go unsteady causing me to fall down frontwards, bumping into my teammate 〈who was taking a call
〉, and landing on my knees with the chair on top of me. That was really embarrassing! My colleagues said they wished there was a surveillance camera because the moment is suited for call center funniest videos. Lol

Another one is when my mother asked me to pick the requested Palabok (some kind of noodles) from the store. She gave me some money and off I go. When I came back, she looked confused. That’s when I realized that I did not bring the Palabok with me and I only got back with the change! Silly me. I went back again to get that.

There are many more things I can tell you that if you were there, I’m sure you would have a sweatdrop.  
Anyways, that’s it for now. Just wanna share how clumsy I was (or am). Bye now!


Mobile/Downloading issues and some solutions

Hi everyone!

I’ve been having A LOT of issues with my phone lately especially when it comes to downloading and memory space.  And because of that I searched for various solutions of how we go about solving them. The suggestions I will give are very simple since I’m afraid of rooting and too lazy for downloading softwares to stuffs to your phone.

First of all, I don’t know if these are phone specific problems or not, but it might come in handy either way. I’m using HTC explorer btw.

Ok lets start! ☆彡

1. Low internal memory

If you want to download a lot but your phone keeps saying ”insufficient space”, here’s what you can do:

▶Delete or uninstall unused applications, data like messages, photos, videoes, notes, etc
▶Kill running apps. What I do is: Go to Task Manager → keep clicking Kill All ╰(‘ω’ )╯三
▶Move apps to SD card or external memory. Go to settings→applications→select the app→move to SD
That’s right! I tried it, you don’t need it! Nothing wrong with my phone after that. I just have a sweet large memory space waiting for more apps!

2. RPC: S-7: AEC-7 error


When downloading an application from Google Play, sometimes there’s this error here saying it ”… cannot be downloaded due to some error. Error retrieving information from server. [ RPC-7: S-7: AEC-7 ]” … or such alike.

▶Change Google Play accounts. Don’t know the other solutions but it worked for me. (ゝ。∂)

3. Launcher has stopped


When opening the device or at some random moments, ”Unfortunately, Launcher has stopped” keeps popping out and would not let you do anything, you can…

▶Insert external plug-in. The simple way to temporarily stop the annoying message. Don’t know if it works everytime though. As for me, I insert a keyboard plug-in and it goes away.
▶Rotate your device and click OK. Another temporary solution.
▶Download a launcher in google play store. It’s like the fake theme, girls like to make their phone cute. You can choose from different launchers


That concludes the problem I can think of a solution. I actually have one more in which I dunno what to do with it.

When I download Team Lava games such as Restaurant and Bakery Story, it always say I have no internet connection (which is 100% not true!). Tried everything and in the end I just assumed that the device is not compatible as of the moment.

Anyways, that’s all! ヽ(´▽`)/

My photo yesterday from the company anniversary at a hotel


I welcome myself to WordPress

WELCOME TO ME! ヽ(´▽`)/ Hello! I am Koi Miazaki 【not my real name】. I just joined WordPress today because of boredom and because I needed to put something in the empty space of my phone. (´°_°`). Baking life, Order up and other restaurant games won’t work..

. image



And now I’m happii that I’m here!

My Experience in Blogging:

♡Personal diaries 《handwritten and online》

♡Blogger: Koi Miazaki’s Talking Space

▶▶▶all are used informally◀◀◀

Hopefully, I go far with blogging here (*’▽’*)♪

About Me: ♡I’m currently 20 yo ♡Graduate of A.B. Humanities in University of Asia and the Pacific 〔UA&P〕 ♡I love singing, dancing, gaming, making my own album projects ;P, japanese, culture, history and etc

♡Other than that… Assess with the blogs.


Anyways, can we make friends here? How can my post be read??? ▶anyone pls answer◀ Byebee (๑ˇεˇ๑)•*¨*•.¸¸♪