Naval Warfare App Game Review


Name: Naval Warfare
Created: Nov 17, 2011
Creator: Untapped
Nature: Battleship Board game
Not available in Android

I know this app is pretty old to review but I’m very fond of this game. If you want to kill boredom and you want to play a simple board game, you should try this out. Basically, it’s a battleship game where you arrange your ships, shoot some canons at your opponent’s territory to try and guess where their ships are, and the one who sinks all of the opponent’s ships.

Aside from a simple game of battleship, what this app adds are:
1. It’s an online multiplayer game. – That means that you get to battle with players around the world, see their pictures, and add them as friends via Game Center. Bad news is that, I don’t think you can play a multiplayer game with your friendship is right beside you. You can only battle someone online. Maybe if she has the same app, you can battle online since you can invite him/her on a battle.
2. Chat feature – That’s right. You can chat while gaming! See this picture below


3. You can play multiple games – Now this is my favorite feature. Stop waiting for your opponent’s turn and don’t wait to get bored again. Who knows? He might take forever to make a shot. This app lets you join multiple games and the progress will not get lost. It will also notify you if one of your opponents already made their move.


4. Unlock Ship Appearances – You can also unlock how your ships, bombs, sunken ship, crashed debris, and missed shot looks like. If you can’t wait for it to unlock, you can also buy it.

5. Ranking system – It always gets the player pumped. You can see your rank and how many games you have won/lost. In the same way, you can also see your opponent’s stats.

Well, that’s all. Enjoy playing! And if you see me, add and battle with me. (If I am still playing the game).

Thank you!