In Memory of Tuti

In memory of Tuti, our dear dog, who died today July 7, 2016… This blog is all about him as it will also serve as our personal reminder of Tuti.


July 4, 2016 - the last photo taken of Tuti. I took it because I was showing my friend who my laundry companion was.

This morning at around 9am, while we were sewing clothes and while I was singing, the garbage truck came. Mama went downstairs to prepare our garbage for the truck. On the way, she discovered that Tuti was lying down dead. His eyes were open and there was vomit around his open mouth as well as vomit scattered around. He was still soft, which meant maybe he just died recently.

This morning he was still alive and well, not that lively though but I wouldn’t worry because he’s not lively all the time. We are guessing it’s because of old age because I think he is almost 10 years old more of less. It all happened fast. Saying goodbye to him happened faster. The garbage truck was still around the corner and mama was worried to leave the dead body inside the house when we can dispose of it. So there, it happened so fast. It was really shocking.

But let me tell you more about Tuti’s life instead of his death and why we were assuming it’s just because of old age and not because of any disease.

Nicknames he had were Tuti, Ite, and Muscle Face by ate Anne (because he looked Macho).


Tuti was an Askal (asong kalye, breedless dog) with us when Poochie (our late super clever  lady like, Japanese Spitz) and before Axel (our late German Shepherd) were around. He was Axel’s friend at first when they were puppies and when they shared the same cage. When Axel grew, Tuti had to go in chains. Since then, they became enemies.

Tuti was what you can say a wild dog. He is someone who one can’t say is loveable to strangers. He has two fangs/teeth showing outside at the bottom of his mouth and he is quite the pick-up-a-fight dog/court the female dogs type. He is very strong and knows no decency. He often pees anywhere new, even on people. He even peed on Mommy (our late grandmother) while she was gardening. He breaks plant pots, and he digs up the soil. He smells (but I guess it’s also ours and his pee’s fault). Again, he marks every new things with his pee as if he’s saying “Ooh… Something new! Let me pee on it”. In short, he wasn’t the most intelligent and loveable dog. In fact, I think he is the most unloved dog. Honestly and I’m sorry to say, he lived his life in chains outside the main house as he is our guard dog.


So much for the negative sides that are important to remember and will be very much missed, let me go to the favorable side of Tuti.

He loves to sing. He kinda is like a musician. When we play the piano (especially when Tuti was younger) he’d sing as long as you make some sort of nice tunes. He also wags his tail and slams them into something (a big jug of water, a trashcan or whatever is near him) and it sounds like he is playing the drums. When he grew older, his singing turned grouchy. I guess that’s a part of being old lol

The most amazing part about Tuti is that his immune system is boss level! Rain or shine, super cold or super hot, whether he is with the rusty things the soil, flee attack or anywhere, he never got sick! Our “cared for” dogs easily gets sick, but not Tuti. There were times that we had dog flee problem. Every dog that we had had biiiig flees all over them. But guess what, Tuti had zero. If you bathe him while the whether is scorching hot, you can actually feel heat on his fur getting removed and he smells like rust, but he never got sick in any situation. Also, ignoring his smell, he looks like a groomed dog. While our other dogs have long nails when they are not cut, Tuti’s are always short and neat even without anyone cutting them. Lately, now that I’m assigned to do laundry, Tuti is also my laundry mate, being my companion for about 4 hours of washing the clothes.

When I was younger, I was scared of him. He was wild and he looked like he’d jump on you because he is glad to see you. Though, sometimes he was such a gentleman in a way that when you give your hand to him, he will take it with both of his paws and kiss them. Anyways, back to him being wild. He is strong, he can double jump, and evey time he makes his break out of the collar, he roams around the house, pees everywhere and again he is scary coz he’s strong. So yeah, I was scared of Tuti. But lately, he became more behave. Might be because he is getting old. When he wants you to pat him, he will face his butt towards you and look behind. I don’t know why he does it but it’s cute. Just last week, my sister gave Tuti a massage and he liked it so much that his head was already on my sister’s hand.

I guess that’s it. His grouchy singing is saved in my Facebook. He also has a daughter named Cookie ( who is the only living dog we have right now).

Anyways Tuti, you will be missed. I’m sorry that you were not treated that well but thank you the memories. I put it all in here so that it will stay in the internet forever!

Muah muah!


Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge Experience!


Last night, Wish FM’s first ever Ultimate Fandom Challenge was held at Smart Araneta Coliseum. It is a contest where fandoms (or group of fans) compete against each other in several challenges to show their support for their favorite artist. Some examples of the challenges are Twitter Trending Battle, Online Voting, Album Sales/ Physical Presence and many more. For complete list and details of the mechanics, here’s the link from Wish’s website:

Araneta Coliseum was filled with fans and even non-fans who would just like to witness the event. The artists’ performance were all great as their fans’ screams and support echoed throughout the coliseum.


Before the winners were announced, Kuya Daniel Razon informed the coliseum that the monetary prize that the fandom will receive will not only be for the fandom and for the artist they support, but also a part of it would go to a chosen beneficiary. As always, Kuya Daniel’s ideas and projects are distinctive from the others as charity is always involved. “Wish fm will continue to grant wishes of less fortunate fellow men here in the Philippines“, said Kuya Daniel. Like so, he also announced that the second Wish Awards is to be expected this year with the same concept of charity to the chosen beneficiaries of the winners.


Without further adieu, here are the winners for the first Wish Ultimate Fandom Challenge! (Please pardon the pictures, I did not take the patron seat haha!)

6th RUNNER UP: Francisnatics Worldwide (supporting Francis Ryan Lim).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Philippines Cerebral Palsy, Inc.

5th RUNNER UP: Juan Karlos United Families Club (supporting Juan Karlos Labajo).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Lingap Voluntourism PH, Inc.


4th RUNNER UP: Darylnatics Official (supporting Daryl Ong).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Blessed Ville Special School Foundation, Inc.
PRIZE: Php 150,000


3rd RUNNER UP: Mowienatics (supporting Morissette).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Marixtell Children’s Foundation, Inc.
PRIZE: Php 200,000


2nd RUNNER UP: Juanista (supporting The Juans).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Real Life Foundation, Inc.
PRIZE: Php 300,000


Dyfenders and Darrenatics were asked to go on stage as the Winner and 1st placer was to be announced.


1st RUNNER UP: Darrenatics (supporting Darren Espanto).
PRIZE: Php 500,000


Dyfenders rejoiced as their fandom was announced as winner of the Wish FM Ultimate Fandom Challenge!!!

Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge Winner: Dyfenders (supporting Jason Dy).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Kythe Foundation, inc.
PRIZE: Php 1,000,000

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

That concludes the Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge. Hopefully there will be more to come especially since it’s very rare to have a competition with acts of charity to some beneficiaries. As expected, and thank God, that events pioneered by Mr. Public Service Kuya Daniel Razon always have a heart and care for humanity.

Thank God for this enjoyable event!
To God be all the Glory!


* ~ My 22nd Birthday ~ *

It’s the 22nd year of my life!

I don’t know how to put it in words!

I was approved for a three day vacation leave and I didn’t regret it.

I got a lot of rest, a lot of fun

And of course, one my best passion: Making projects worth remembering with my beloveds.

It was truly a wonderful birthday celebration!


In my past birthdays, I got used to having a “handaan”, lots of friends coming to the house, watching movies with them, playing with them, having a lot of fun with them. That was what birthday celebrations in our house looked like. But things are different now. We have separate lives and we don’t celebrate as such anymore. It’s a little sad that a lot of my close friends had not been able to come, but still, it was a “fruitful” birthday in terms of, we made a lot of “effortful” memories. You’ll see what I meant 😉

Anyways, I’ll narrate my day in order as it happened.

At the start of the day, my sister gave me a gift! It was precious to me because it came from my sister (the super thrifty, ISTJ, who had never given me a birthday gift until last year – making this gift her second). She picked the gift (and the wrapper) based on what she thinks I like. And she was right! The wrapper was bright and happy (just the way I like it) and the shoes were comfortable, sossy-looking, and very hassle free! Thanks baby girl!


Me and my family then ate at Dads Megamall for lunch. Yum Yum Yum! It’s a shame we didn’t take enough pictures though, but here are some we had:


At home, lookie at my next birthday gift from Tita and company! It’s a blue wig! I love it! It’s kinda hard to wear though so took a picture of two kinds of hair styles – the messy hair, and the how-it-should-be hair. Thanks to you guys!

Jewelle came (one of my friends since I was 5) and Wilrose came (my college bff). We called the latter Madame Spokesperson (of Duterte) but she didn’t know that. We made a plan to wear wigs and dress up as reporters. Once Wilrose arrive, we interviewed her about Duterte! It was super funny and entertaining haha!

Of course, what is a memorable birthday without a memorable video. We did a Spice Girls, or should I say Spicy Girls, music video of the song Wannabe.

And somehow extended the celebration the next day to do a Just Dance cover of Y.M.C.A.!


2 Videos in one celebration. My 22nd Birthday was a lot of fun! Especially since we successfully got to force the INFP Madame Spokesperson to dance with us. Btw, just a side comments, ISTJs are performers! They’re much more “bongga” than me, and ENFP! Hahaha!

Thanks be to God for this wonderful birthday celebration!

I loved it so much!

Youth Outing @Bon Bon Aqua

Thanks be to God for all his blessings, reminders, and love!

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, the youth of the Lokal of N. Domingo had an outing at Bon Bon Aqua in Bulacan. To be honest, I didn’t know about the outing because I’m not really familiar with the activities lined up – because I’m not really checking at the advisories. Thank God that I was private messaged in Facebook asking if I’m coming or not. I took it as an opportunity given by God for us to be active in youth activities again. I grabbed it and found ways to participate in the activity. Thank God for giving and leading us to participate in Church activities for a few consecutive times recently!

Because of that, we got to be with our fellow youth, especially with our childhood “barkadas”, and bond with them. Our childhood barkada since I was 5 years old is in the Church where we were always active in different activities. However, since we grew up and life became busy, though it is very embarrassing to say so, I admit that I haven’t been very active. I didn’t want that to happen forever. My wish is to be and remain active in the church for as long as God permits me to. And that, like in the old days, my barkada is my brothers and sisters inside the church, where we can do God’s will together. That’s why I really thank God for such opportunity given.


Since I shared what I’m thankful for, time for the fun part!

The outing was simple in a very simple resort. There were only two pools: a kiddie pool and a pool for non-kiddies. Lol. The pools each had two slides which leads to different pool “feets”. The bathroom was small and had only a few cubicles despite the very crowded place. Crowded as in, I have never seen such a crowded pool in my life! Haha. We rented a cottage which also had a grill. There was also a snack bar there which sells swimming garments, junkfood, and ice cream!



We swam, we slide, we took selfies, we took groupies, we took underwater selfies, and we took underwater groupies. Some of us learned how to swim somehow. I finally learned how to float (as in a vertical position without my feet touching the pool floor). The food prepared by the older youths were tasty: Liempo, Bangus, and Egg. We also got to force some of our friends to answer an MBTI personality test. Afterwards, we talked about ourselves in regard to our personalities, which lead to other topics like when we were kids, and etc. Too bad we didn’t get to videoke, that would be awesome!

Here are some pictures:







Again, all I can say is I thank God for this opportunity and may He give us more to come! It was truly a blessed day, something to keep in the deepest of our memories. (Wow). To God be all the Glory!

Celebrating Christian New Year! (Nisan 1 5776)


Thanks be to God for all of His blessings and for all of the wonderful events we had for the last couple of weeks!

It was just last week, April 1-3, 2016, when the Church of God International celebrated the feast dedicated to the Lord and not to any other. Those three days of International Thanksgiving were truly a blessing for all of the brethren and to everyone who attended. Three different and God-inspired topics were discussed. My favorite one was about God’s Name, the Father, which was the first time I heard of it. No other churches have thought such wisdom about God’s name and I thank God from the bottom of my heart that He let it be known to His Church!

After a week, we now celebrate the 5776th Christian New Year which is also based on the Hebrew Calendar.

Exodus 12: 1-2

The Lord said to Moses and Aaron in the land of Egypt,  “This month shall be for you the beginning of months. It shall be the first month of the year for you.


This is the same New Year celebrated by Christ and the early Christians. This is the same New Year Christians in our time should also celebrate if we are His followers. This is the New Year God the Father had declared to be the start and end of each year.

New Years in other calendars, namely Chinese New Year, Hindi New Year, Islam New Year, and of course the world celebrated Roman Calendar’s New Year which everyone knows about, all have different dates. But are they inspired by the Christian God? They aren’t. If there is a New Year Christians should celebrate, it should be the New Year which begun when Moises and the first Church of God where freed from Egypt.

Most people also celebrate New Year by having Fireworks display, drinking, and partying. This kind of New Year celebration often leads to dangers, accidents, chaos, and casualties showing that such celebration is not God inspired.

James 3: 15-16

This is not the wisdom that comes down from above, but is earthly, unspiritual, demonic.  For where jealousy and selfish ambition exist, there will be disorder and every vile practice.

The verse shows that where there is disorder and chaos, it is surely earthly and not from above. Unlike other ways of celebrating the New Year, Christians should celebrate it with prayers and thanksgiving to God, rejoicing for another year He had given.

I thank God for this heavenly wisdom given to us and for the, you can say “mind-blowing” teachings, which you can’t get anywhere, not even from the top universities on Earth! No other institution reveals this kind of knowledge when it comes to spirituality. And for me personally, I thank God because even though I have a lot of shortcomings and I’m not worthy, He had given me a chance to learn such knowledge only a few people on Earth knows. And I do feel His love and compassion everyday. I pray that He never let go of my hand until the end and that He helps me in all of my weaknesses that I may achieve my ultimate goal: to be with Him in eternal life. That’s my dream.

I also thank God because in addition to the celebration of the Christian New Year, He had also given another year of service in Christ to our dear preacher. Happy 52nd Birthday in the Spirit Bro. Eli! May God be with you always in times of joys and especially in times of hardships and sorrows when the world seems to go against you. Though you are the most slandered person on Earth with their lies and evil works, you are blessed and may God continue to bless you.


I couldn’t help but cry when the whole brotherhood sang “Salamat sa Dios sa isang katulad mo” (In English: Thank God for there is someone like you). I know how hard Bro. Eli’s situation is. Though he is speaking the truth, he is maligned in several ways for so many years. But with God’s help, he continues to do what is right and preach what is right. Even with his old age, he does not stop preaching his favorite subject: God’s word, and his schedule for Bible Expositions, church gatherings, etc are incredibly hectic and exhausting for someone his age and with his situation. I do pray that God always protects him and keep him away from harm, that he may always find joy in serving God despite the depressing and stressful life other people who maligns him gives him. And we all hope that if God permits, he would still be with us until the day Christ comes.

Lastly, I thank God for being given the opportunity to meet and sing with my fellow choir friends again! What a wonderful way to start the year!


And with that, again, Happy New Year to all the Christians and may we live to celebrate more if God permits. All the honor, the power, and glory be unto God forever!


NCR KKTK Choir General Assembly

Last December 7, a general assembly for KKTK choirs was held in La Verdad Caloocan. It had the theme #WalangIwanan emphasizing the importance of never forgetting your function in the Church. A lot of choir members attended that the number of people exceeded the number of the chairs. Boys and girls had to either stand up, sit on the floor, or sit uncomfortably on a chair that you had to share space with others. But that inconvenience was totally worth the lessons I learned that day.

All I can say after all that was…

Thanks be to Him for giving me the opportunity to return to the function. Thanks be to Him for enduring me even though I’m such a hard-headed person. Thanks be to Him for not forgetting me, and for the abundant love He had for me. Thanks be to him for always letting me feel that He is always there even if I know that I am so not worthy of His attention. Thanks be to God that He forced the circumstances. He made a way to make sure I end up attending even though I admit that I was trying to avoid it. Thanks be to God for my bestfriend and also my sister in the spirit who, I know, loves me a lot and does her best to put us back on track. She was an instrument God used to invite us to the event, diligently fetched and took us home, and had been with us always.

I can’t enumerate how much I’m thankful for that one night. It meant a lot to me. I learned so much! I was touched! And I remembered what was important in life and what gave meaning and colors to my life, just at that time when I was already starting to see how unmeaningful my life was without any function. Just when I was beginning to lose track and I was already finding myself in a dangerous situation, I was saved. And I pray that, God help me, I would not go astray again. May God’s words stay in my heart forever.

Thanks be to God! The Glory will ALWAYS be with Him!

Resigning from my First Job

Another new experience

I just made my first ever resignation effective December 5, 2014. Last day of work was Dec 4. Another new experience in my life that turned out a little different from how I pictured it out to be, in a positive way that is.

Pre-handing out resignation letter
Honestly, I was excited and determined to quit the job months prior to actually quitting. I was just waiting to have a year in the company as a courtesy, and then I leave. On the other side, conflicts arose such as: my current company is already one of the best (internationally), I have no job that I can replace it with yet, not to mention I don’t really exert much effort in job hunting, and traffic going to work with a day job is such a hassle. I also had conflict with which date should I put the effectivity of my resignation (coz my salary might be put on hold and I might not get the bonuses). Still, I was excited to leave.

During the 30 Days of Rendering
It was quite exciting knowing that I can finally start an official countdown for a proper way of rendering. I was also scared because I still don’t have another job as a replacement. I also found it cute and heart-warming that I heard nothing from my colleagues everyday, especially from my team mates, except ”magreretract na yan”, or ”i-email ko na ba si TL na magreretract ka na?”, asking me to stay. I also volunteered to update the stat board everyday and to report who does not update it (super fun).

On my last week
Again, heard nothing but people asking me to retract (until the last day of work). I really felt  loved ♡. Repeated Q & A of ”I heard you’re resigning”, ”When?”, ”Why?” was also coming more often. Additional reason for retracting also took part: my large salary raise, which looked so handsome. That was also the week when my father agreed to let me job hunt after my resignation.


What I expected was:

”at last my dreams come true.
I knew, i knew, i knew
It would be… TODAY!!!”


A brand new start, a pallet cleanse
”As fresh as lime sorbet
Last night i was a m0nster
But this morning
This morning
This morning im okay! ”

。。。 Both songs from Shrek the Musical


It was a mixed emotion of sadness and happiness.

Happiness obviously because I dreamed of leaving for months now, and that was the day!

Sadness because I will have to say my final farewell to my wonderful workmates who have been my dear friends. They supported me and they felt like family. They had been very wonderful! Not only to my team, I would also have to say goodbye to everybody in that project. In the end, I had to let them know my thanks through a farewell group message.

It didn’t turn out to be as ”free”-ing as I pictured it out to be. But nevertheless, I felt blessed for the call center experience.

I learned A LOT and I will certainly miss a lot, such as the angry customers, speaking in english, assisting concerns, and being known in work as ”Let it go☆”. Thank God for that wonderful experience! Will cherish it! ♡



Clumsy little me~

I’ve been clumsy since start of the day 〔or for night shift call center agents like me, it’s since the start of the shift〕. That’s probably natural for someone like me who is dwelling in two worlds at the same time: the real world, and my own. Today was different though, it was worse!

I ate Ding-dongs 〔a nut junkfood here in our place〕at my station like some 5 year old kid! Peanuts were rolling down the floor one by one while I was grabbing them to chew. A lumpsome amount of dingdongs wera also spilled on top of my desk. And in the end, I did not finish it.

It was just the start of PHP day and one of the funniest 〈and embarrassing〉moment happened. You know how fun office chairs are and what fun you can do with them especially if you’re so bored. So I started riding it on my knees facing and grabbing on the backseat. I decided to spin. Not half done with a 180 degree turn, all was running smoothly. That is until the chair started to go unsteady causing me to fall down frontwards, bumping into my teammate 〈who was taking a call
〉, and landing on my knees with the chair on top of me. That was really embarrassing! My colleagues said they wished there was a surveillance camera because the moment is suited for call center funniest videos. Lol

Another one is when my mother asked me to pick the requested Palabok (some kind of noodles) from the store. She gave me some money and off I go. When I came back, she looked confused. That’s when I realized that I did not bring the Palabok with me and I only got back with the change! Silly me. I went back again to get that.

There are many more things I can tell you that if you were there, I’m sure you would have a sweatdrop.  
Anyways, that’s it for now. Just wanna share how clumsy I was (or am). Bye now!

I welcome myself to WordPress

WELCOME TO ME! ヽ(´▽`)/ Hello! I am Koi Miazaki 【not my real name】. I just joined WordPress today because of boredom and because I needed to put something in the empty space of my phone. (´°_°`). Baking life, Order up and other restaurant games won’t work..

. image



And now I’m happii that I’m here!

My Experience in Blogging:

♡Personal diaries 《handwritten and online》

♡Blogger: Koi Miazaki’s Talking Space

▶▶▶all are used informally◀◀◀

Hopefully, I go far with blogging here (*’▽’*)♪

About Me: ♡I’m currently 20 yo ♡Graduate of A.B. Humanities in University of Asia and the Pacific 〔UA&P〕 ♡I love singing, dancing, gaming, making my own album projects ;P, japanese, culture, history and etc

♡Other than that… Assess with the blogs.


Anyways, can we make friends here? How can my post be read??? ▶anyone pls answer◀ Byebee (๑ˇεˇ๑)•*¨*•.¸¸♪