Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge Experience!


Last night, Wish FM’s first ever Ultimate Fandom Challenge was held at Smart Araneta Coliseum. It is a contest where fandoms (or group of fans) compete against each other in several challenges to show their support for their favorite artist. Some examples of the challenges are Twitter Trending Battle, Online Voting, Album Sales/ Physical Presence and many more. For complete list and details of the mechanics, here’s the link from Wish’s website: https://www.wish1075.com/wishfandom/mechanics/

Araneta Coliseum was filled with fans and even non-fans who would just like to witness the event. The artists’ performance were all great as their fans’ screams and support echoed throughout the coliseum.


Before the winners were announced, Kuya Daniel Razon informed the coliseum that the monetary prize that the fandom will receive will not only be for the fandom and for the artist they support, but also a part of it would go to a chosen beneficiary. As always, Kuya Daniel’s ideas and projects are distinctive from the others as charity is always involved. “Wish fm will continue to grant wishes of less fortunate fellow men here in the Philippines“, said Kuya Daniel. Like so, he also announced that the second Wish Awards is to be expected this year with the same concept of charity to the chosen beneficiaries of the winners.


Without further adieu, here are the winners for the first Wish Ultimate Fandom Challenge! (Please pardon the pictures, I did not take the patron seat haha!)

6th RUNNER UP: Francisnatics Worldwide (supporting Francis Ryan Lim).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Philippines Cerebral Palsy, Inc.

5th RUNNER UP: Juan Karlos United Families Club (supporting Juan Karlos Labajo).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Lingap Voluntourism PH, Inc.


4th RUNNER UP: Darylnatics Official (supporting Daryl Ong).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Blessed Ville Special School Foundation, Inc.
PRIZE: Php 150,000


3rd RUNNER UP: Mowienatics (supporting Morissette).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Marixtell Children’s Foundation, Inc.
PRIZE: Php 200,000


2nd RUNNER UP: Juanista (supporting The Juans).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Real Life Foundation, Inc.
PRIZE: Php 300,000


Dyfenders and Darrenatics were asked to go on stage as the Winner and 1st placer was to be announced.


1st RUNNER UP: Darrenatics (supporting Darren Espanto).
PRIZE: Php 500,000


Dyfenders rejoiced as their fandom was announced as winner of the Wish FM Ultimate Fandom Challenge!!!

Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge Winner: Dyfenders (supporting Jason Dy).
CHOSEN BENEFICIARY: Kythe Foundation, inc.
PRIZE: Php 1,000,000

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

That concludes the Wish 107.5 Ultimate Fandom Challenge. Hopefully there will be more to come especially since it’s very rare to have a competition with acts of charity to some beneficiaries. As expected, and thank God, that events pioneered by Mr. Public Service Kuya Daniel Razon always have a heart and care for humanity.

Thank God for this enjoyable event!
To God be all the Glory!



Youth Outing @Bon Bon Aqua

Thanks be to God for all his blessings, reminders, and love!

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, the youth of the Lokal of N. Domingo had an outing at Bon Bon Aqua in Bulacan. To be honest, I didn’t know about the outing because I’m not really familiar with the activities lined up – because I’m not really checking at the advisories. Thank God that I was private messaged in Facebook asking if I’m coming or not. I took it as an opportunity given by God for us to be active in youth activities again. I grabbed it and found ways to participate in the activity. Thank God for giving and leading us to participate in Church activities for a few consecutive times recently!

Because of that, we got to be with our fellow youth, especially with our childhood “barkadas”, and bond with them. Our childhood barkada since I was 5 years old is in the Church where we were always active in different activities. However, since we grew up and life became busy, though it is very embarrassing to say so, I admit that I haven’t been very active. I didn’t want that to happen forever. My wish is to be and remain active in the church for as long as God permits me to. And that, like in the old days, my barkada is my brothers and sisters inside the church, where we can do God’s will together. That’s why I really thank God for such opportunity given.


Since I shared what I’m thankful for, time for the fun part!

The outing was simple in a very simple resort. There were only two pools: a kiddie pool and a pool for non-kiddies. Lol. The pools each had two slides which leads to different pool “feets”. The bathroom was small and had only a few cubicles despite the very crowded place. Crowded as in, I have never seen such a crowded pool in my life! Haha. We rented a cottage which also had a grill. There was also a snack bar there which sells swimming garments, junkfood, and ice cream!



We swam, we slide, we took selfies, we took groupies, we took underwater selfies, and we took underwater groupies. Some of us learned how to swim somehow. I finally learned how to float (as in a vertical position without my feet touching the pool floor). The food prepared by the older youths were tasty: Liempo, Bangus, and Egg. We also got to force some of our friends to answer an MBTI personality test. Afterwards, we talked about ourselves in regard to our personalities, which lead to other topics like when we were kids, and etc. Too bad we didn’t get to videoke, that would be awesome!

Here are some pictures:







Again, all I can say is I thank God for this opportunity and may He give us more to come! It was truly a blessed day, something to keep in the deepest of our memories. (Wow). To God be all the Glory!

Silantro Fil-Mex Cantina Review


This is my first Restaurant Blog, so it might not be what you expect. Buuuut I’m gonna try making a nice review about the restaurant we just ate in today. Please enjoy 🙂




Me and my family in Silantro

So today, me and my family decided to have our lunch in Silantro. It’s located in Kapitolyo, Pasig City. When we got there, surprisingly, it was fully booked! And more people are even coming in to eat. The place is not fancy looking, it even looks small. But no doubt, people go there to eat 🙂

Ok, so here’s what we ordered:

Beef Nachos – P180

It’s a great appetizer! The sauces are great too. I just don’t know what they are. (But maybe you do). It’s also great for the whole group to share. We’re 5 in the family and it’s just right.

Silantros Quesadillas – P160


Silantros Quesadillas

This is one of my favorites. I’m not sure if the sauces are also for the fries, but the white sauce matches them. Anyways, that cheesy thingy (I guess they’re the Quesadillas?) is chicken and it tastes super yummy. It tastes like lasagna/baked mac, but tastier in its own way. Anyways, this or the next one is my favorite. ❤

Silantro’s Porkribs – P290


Silantro’s Porkribs

Yep, as I said, either these Porkribs or the previous one is my favorite. Well, I guess coz its porkribs, they’re always tasty haha. And this one is tasty too! We had this dish as our main course with the Paella below. But now that I think about it, it’s tasty but not anything that struck me as something I would remember from this restaurant. So fine, I’ll just put it as my second favorite, next to the Quesadillas which is something I have never had before. But again, these Porkribs are tasty ❤

Silantro’s Paella Pajit – P250


Silantro’s Paella Pajit

Hmmm, well it looks tasty. Presentation is lovely. It has a lot of various ingredients around it that it looks really appetizing. But, I’m going to put this dish as my least favorite. I’m not sure if I’m just not used to the taste of Mexican dishes, but it didn’t work for me. It was had a lot of taste, that I think it’s too much for me. Like, I tried to eat three crumbs of rice just to check how “tasty” it is? It did have too much taste. It had a lot of sauce. But again, maybe I’m just not used to Mexican dishes ^_^”

Pitcher Iced Tea – P200


Pitcher Iced Tea

It’s delicious. It’s not super strong. I like how it tastes. The price is shocking though. It’s more expensive than the other meals that we ordered lol. If you can’t afford the pitcher, you can always go for softdrink in can. They have Pepsi there for P40 :))

Overall, I’d rate the restaurant…


It’s nice but it’s not that memorable. It’s delicious and accommodating, but it could use some improvements (maybe with the size of the restaurant also). I’d eat there again, but that is if anyone invites me there. For an average girl like me, the quantity of the meals is kinda pricey though. I guess they’re for someone richer than me. lol

Thanks for reading!


Momarco Resort Review

We decided to have our team building in Momarco Resort in Tanay. This is the first time I’m making a blog about a specific place and review it. Haha. Anyways, I’m not the one who made the itinerary and all those specifics, so I’m not sure about the prices and other details. Still, let’s begin XD

The place was quite far from society and it does take a long drive to get to the resort. From and To Manila takes about 2 hours and a half till you reach the uncemented street with a sign pointing to Momarco. From that sign, it will take a while driving (while seeing horses and goats on the road) till you get to the guard at the toll gate who is going to check the car. Upon passing the guard, it will still take some time driving through the uncemented street till you get to the resort itself.




In all fairness, Momarco is very photogenic and spacious. It’s lovely to see and it’s good for group vacations. It also has a lot of huts (near the pool) where you and your group can eat lunch. There are two electric outlets per hut so, that’s actually nice. The huts are quite spacious too and can perfectly fit a large group of people. I also saw one group renting out a karaoke for a hut. Near the huts, there are also showers and sinks if you need to change or wash the dishes. Between the huts is a wide space, perfect for team building games.



Momarco has one big pool. (I think there’s also a smaller pool at the other side of the bridge but I’m not sure). The pool is quite clean and its design and surroundings are lovely. Around it, there a lot of lounges.

What’s nice about Momarco is that due to its distance (I guess), its not crowded. Though a lot of people do go to Momarco, its quiet compared to other resorts. You will truly get some relaxation and some quiet time in Momarco.

The rooms though, is very plain and, well, it looks like a hospital cabin. They are quite far from the pool and you’d need to hike your way up to some rooms. Our room, for example, is very far from the pool. You would need to climb a lot of stairs to get there. There are also showers on the way to the room beside the stairs.



I’m not sure if there are “hotel-like” rooms in Momarco. But what we got is a room with 5 double deck beds (good for 10 people). You can also request for extra mattresses. Anyways, each bed has one pillow, and a blanket (not that cozy but I guess it’s okay). They also have towels available. The room is air conditioned and has one bathroom (with a washer :D). It also has a lot of power outlets. Unfortunately, there is no TV 😦 It does have plastic chairs and tables inside though. Outside the room, a grill is also available.

Other activities in Momarco also includes biking, other sport activities, and also a mini zoo.

If you want to go out of Momarco by yourself, and don’t want to walk through the long, long road, then you can also ride a tricycle for P150 which will take you to Tanay Market.

So, that’s it! I’d rate Momarco resort 3/5. It’s a nice place. It’s photogenic, quiet, and not really crowded. It’s good for team buildings and family outings. However, it’s an average resort. The rooms are not what you will expect for a nice vacation and it’s quite far from the pools. The cost of the rooms are more that what you can expect of it. It is very far but I guess it’s good if you want to be one with nature 🙂

Difference of the Philippines and USA in transportation

When I was in communications training in a call center, we were asked to participate in an activity about American cultures. Basically, we were supposed to research on differences between America and the Philippines in terms of different subjects such as culture, food, education, etc. And I noticed that, there weren’t many websites giving the differences. So, I got curious myself. I wanted to interview someone in America and compare what they say to the stuff here in the Philippines. Today, I’m going to start with transportation.

Disclaimers: I only interviewed my Filipina friend who grew up in California and has never gone to the Philippines. Things she say might be subjective and does not apply in general. But, whatever, it’s still good to know. Haha


Again, this is based on the information I gathered from my friend who lives in California and my own comparison with the transportation here in the Philippines.


In America, you get to places usually with your own car. If not, other options are by bus, by train, by taxi, or by Uber.

In the Philippines, we have all of those but the difference is that, we have more.

We have jeepneys, a usually colorful 20 seater public transportation driving through common jeepney routes.



Philippine Jeepney


Inside the Jeepney

It is usually designed with colorful arts. Specific fare amount are for specific distances based on where you got in the jeep and where you’re getting off. At the time that I’m writing this, minimum fare is 7 pesos. Due to how it is designed, people need to pass the fare to one another until it reaches the driver. To tell the driver to stop so that you can get down, you say “Para!”,(I’m not sure why we use spanish specific to stopping the jeep. It is not the general term for stop in the Philippines).

We also have the tricycle.


It’s more expensive than jeepneys but it will take you to specific places outside the jeepney route like, directly to your house. It’s limited to a specific location though. So it’ like a taxi, but a completely different look and it can only take you to shorter distances.

I’ll also discuss the difference of the transportations America and Philippines both have.


Other than having different locations for the steering wheel that everyone knows about, the new thing I knew was that a lot of people use cards in America even for parking tickets. Everything is getting automated in the U.S. There are machines that will allow you to either pay parking through cash or card. And parking tickets paid through card are tax deductable, which is cool!

Whereas in the Philippines, paying for parking is through cash. If there are parking areas that lets you pay through card, I have never heard of it, but that would be cool.


In the Philippines and America, people use cash to pay the fare. However, for some taxis in America, you can also swipe your card. In my country, unless your taxis is through Uber or Grab, they fare is really through cash. Another thing is that, both countries have meters on their taxis.

Taxi is also more common in New York, but not in California. Due to the small quantity of Taxis in California, people usually use Uber.


My friend said that in America, people more often pay by cash than my card for both buses and taxis. But a lot of people are also using bus passes using a bus pass card in which they are mailed a bill every month. They have the option to pay via check. Another option is that the payment gets deducted automatically from their bank account. Buses in America, like in other places, will also be found only in the main route. There are also bus schedules that has to be followed. If you miss one bus, you have to wait for the next one.

For paying by cash in America, there’s this box next to the driver in which you can insert your money in. Some machines can read the money you put and the driver will let the passenger pass. There’s a slot for the prepaid bus pass and a slot for paper money and coins.


The Box


Prepaid Bus Pass Machine

Meanwhile in the Philippines, public buses are only by cash. It’s not really that organized as the ones in America. Buses in the Philippines are also found in the main route. There are two different buses: Airconditioned and non-Airconditioned, in which the latter is cheaper, faster, and breath-taking because of the speed (haha!). One will know the route of the bus by reading the cardboard display of places it will drive by or by listening to the conductor shouting the places like “Alabang! Cubao Cubao! Ayala! Boni!”


Getting inside the bus is usually a race. It will stop to wait for people to get in or get off, but it won’t wait properly. You have to be fast because it might be moving a little while you’re getting in or off the bus. Once you get in, most of the time, you would also need to find a seat while the bus is moving. If you can’t find a seat, it’s usually because the bus is crowded and you have to squeeze your way in and out of the bus while standing in the middle. Even the conductor has to squeeze his way through.

Now who is the Conductor I keep saying? There are two bus “staffs”: 1) Driver 2) Conductor. He is the guy who will get your payment in exchange for a ticket. He is also the guy who will call passengers in the bus like the example earlier. And he is also the guy who will shout to inform the bus stop so that people who would need to get down can get down.

bus 2

Bus Conductor

Sometimes, due to the fast pace again of the bus in which passengers have to be quick in getting in and getting off, the Conductor is also the guy who will inform the driver that somebody is still at the door getting off or getting in, either by tapping the bus or shouting at the driver so that he hears (not shouting angrily by the way). Conductors are also experts in dealing with bus motions. Again, buses are fast most of the time, and Conductors are masters at standing up, taking your payment, giving you a ticket, squeezing, getting in and out of the bus, all while the bus is moving.

And that’s it for now! I hope you learned something, because I did. haha!
Thanks for reading!


Baguio/ Sagada/ Banaue Trip


Me and my family on top of Sagada

I may be gone for such a long time, but I’m back. And that’s all that matter

– Koi Miazaki

So me and my family decided to go to Baguio/ Sagada/ Benguet this February. It had been a long time since we went to one. And what I can say about the trip was, it was the most challenging, life-threatening, Survivor Philippines style trip that we ever had. (That is of course considering that we’re “pabebe” Manila people and we’re not used to the mountains.)

The way I will write my experience about this trip is kind of like a diary/ trip adviser style. 🙂


From Manila, we took the JoyBus of Genesis Bus which will take you to from Cubao to Manila and vice versa in 4 hours more or less. That’s right, Baguio is no longer 6 hours, it’s just 4 hours.

I’m not sure about the other prices, but what we took was:

Deluxe – P650


JoyBus Deluxe: Lazyboy like chair which can incline, biscuits and water bottle, blanket, stewardess, comfort room, and foot rest. Super comfortable


Us inside the Joybus Deluxe

Semi-deluxe – P550

  • Looks like an ordinary bus (but of course, nicer): Almost the same as Deluxe but with no lazyboy chairs, more seats, still has biscuits and water bottle, blanket, and comfort room.

Please contact Genesis for more details and reservation

Upon reaching Baguio, we stayed at Manhattan Suites


Manhattan Suites Verandas

12661751_10153371719126592_2762926388367498767_n (1)

Us at the Veranda. You can see an overlooking view of Baguio at the background

Manhattan Suites is actually good. With the price of P3,000 a night for three people, it’s very clean and quiet. Breakfast is included with various options of -silogs, like Tapsilog, Longsilog, and Tosilog and also a hot chocolate. The elevator buttons are so cool. The room has a television, very clean bathroom with heater, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, electric outlets (about 8 outlets), an electric fan (I didn’t notice if there is an airconditioner because it’s already cold in Baguio), and a veranda overlooking Baguio.

Downsides are: It’s not “near” or by the tourist spots like Burnham Park. But, I don’t think it’s a problem since you will get a lot of taxis one block from Manhattan Suites. Another downside is that, when the staff knew that we were 4 people but we just availed a room for 3, he does not want me and my sister to just share on bed. The staff said that we have to avail a mattress, which we did although we didn’t think it was necessary. So there had to be 4 beds for 4 people and you had to avail for a mattress which was P500. Good thing, for some reason, the mattress was not delivered, so we didn’t have to pay for it. Other than that, it’s a nice suite and I truly recommend it.

We went to Mines View Park, a famous place to get an overlooking view of Baguio. Entrance is for free. You can also ride a horse and take a picture with it for P50 per 3 shots (if I can remember correctly). We didn’t see much though because it was getting dark. So, I suggest to go there early.

Not far from the park, we ate at Ketchup Food Community. It is a must to try the Lomo Ribs in Ketchup Food Community’s Canto.

One Lomo Ribs is for P400. It’s super soft, and tasty, sided by a super tasty salad. Don’t let its size shock you though. The first time we saw it coming to our table, it was huge! We thought we wouldn’t finish it and we were so worried because we ordered two servings. However, you’ll be surprised by how piranha-ish you and your folks can be when you realize that the food was so tasty, you’ll see it in bones in no time. Two servings is just right. For the drinks, we ordered Gulaman, which was also good.

A little walk from Ketchup Food Community, there are also activities like Horse Back Riding at Wright Park. Price is P350 for 2 people (not sure what are the other prices). Me and my sister were both riding our own horses. We had a guide who walked beside the horse. After some time, the guides taught us how to “drive” by pulling the strings while the horse was walking. I think we had about 5 rounds till the horse got tired.


Horse back Riding at Wright Park

We went back to Burnham Park and relaxed ourselves in the boat ride in the middle of the park. For P100, you get to ride the boat with no time limit, drive it yourself or with a guide. I suggest to just drive it yourself since you get to enjoy privacy.


There were also night markets around Burnham Park since we went there in February: month of the Panagbenga Festival, which is the Flower Festival in Baguio.


Early morning, we woke up and we went went went to Sagada. It will take you 6-7 hours of driving from Baguio. Unfortunately, I don’t know anything about public transportation to Sagada since we had a friend who took us there. We didn’t reach Sagada though, since we were with photographers (since my father is also one), they wanted to reach Sagada at sunrise. So, we just stayed in Bontoc for the night.

A must try in Bontoc though is the Caja Pizza Cupcakes and more.

The pizza was delicious and unique! The staff was super acommodating. The chocolate-banana pie was heaven!!! We had 7 orders of it~ It was super addicting, delishious and yum yum yum ❤ Super recommended! I just wished I can eat that dessert again ❤

Now, for the real Sagada! From Bontoc, it will only take a jiffy to get there. Maybe about 30 minutes? Anyways, there are 2 options to choose from: Kiltepan View or the 360 view on top of Marlboro Hills which we chose, since again we’re with the photographers.

Marlboro Hills is a great spot for photographers. It has a 360 degree view of the sea of clouds on top of the mountain. It’s also freezing cold on top. When we went there, it dropped to 12.2 degree Celsius. The hike is on a different road than Kiltepan View. It will take about 1 hour and a half of walking time. Just be prepared for mud and exhaustion. An exhaustion in which you will feel hot even though it’s freezing cold.

However, once you get there, the view is marvelous! As for us, it’s all fog and we didn’t see the sea of clouds. (Aw…). Still, I’m sure that the view would be marvelous if we just saw the famous view instead of all fog.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Other tourist spots in Sagada are the Hanging Coffins and Sumaguing Cave. We didn’t tarry there though. We just took a picture with the Hanging Coffins from afar.

Sagada is also a nice place for souvenirs. There are a lot of stores to choose from.


From Sagada, it will take 3-4 hours to go to the famous Banaue Rice Terraces. Unfortunately, when we went there, the terraces was also shy and was covered with fog 😦

We then went to Batad Rice Terraces and stayed at Hill Side Inn in which my father had a reservation from Agoda. The place was famous for the view of the terraces. There are a lot of foreigners staying in the inn. The room that we got was for the ones with the view – P2,500 good for 4 people.

Going to the inn was… life changing. Here’s my review of the place which I also posted at TripAdvisor:

Good things first, the view of the Batad Rice Terraces is great. Except if there are thick fogs. When we went there though the fog cleared up at about 10am.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Opportunities now:
*Please please don’t go at night and when it’s raining/muddy. If you don’t want to experience “Survivor Philippines”, don’t do so. I also don’t recommend the inn if you’re with an elderly or with children. There is only one way to get there, a 30 minute walk by a cliff side. It was muddy, the road was very very poor, the “cemented” road in some parts of it was also poor. The road was fit for only one person if you don’t want to fall off the cliff. There were also zero railings. It is really recommended that you use their walking sticks (P10) for balance. Still, the walk was very tiring, dangerous, and … we really felt that we should have a medal in the end. Walking at night when you can’t see anything and the ground was really muddy and slippery was a nightmare. But, if you can do it, why not? As long as you have the courage or spirit to try going to the inn. For us, going there was an unforgettable experience, mainly because of the road getting there.

*The food was also expensive though they had a lot of choices you can pick.

*The room was also poor in the sense of (let me describe it): blankets were cozy but it was short and it was hard to keep cozy. The room was plain square clearly made out of wooden walls and yero (galvanized iron sheets). The door’s lock was very ancient and it didn’t have a door knob. There were moths everywhere. It was really a provincial experience and not very “relaxing”. The bathroom was public too and they were not very clean. To get to the rooms and the dining place, there were also a lot of going up and down the stairs.

I’m not sure why no one had reviewed about the experience going there. Some reviews also said the bus stops by the inn. It’s not true. You have to walk beside a cliff on a road that was poorly made. Other than that, it’s fine if you’re in it for the view. Who knows, I might just be a Manila girl that’s why the experience of the road had a large impact on me. But I’m just saying, not everybody would appreciate the road.


From the inn to Baguio, it will take about 9 hours of traveling by car.

The trip for me and my family was very life-changing. It was seriously the most challenging trip we had ever experienced, with all the hikings, the cliff, the zigzags, the hiking again. But it was good! We also get to visit a lot of locals of Ang Dating Daan. Got to attend Worship Service in Lokal of Banaue, and got to sleep at Lokal of Bontoc.

It was nice to experience how cold the Philippines can be. It was a lot for us Manila people. Manila was very hot, overcrowded, and quite dirty (not badmouthing Manila here, I love Manila, I’m just saying the truth), while Baguio was cold, overcrowded, but clean. It was also nice to see “cities” on top of the mountain. You can’t help but appreciate the up and down inclinations of the road. You also can’t help getting amazed by the view and thought that you were on top of a mountain, and there were houses everywhere on different layers. It’s nice. 🙂

Knowing now that going to Baguio only takes 4 hours from Manila, I’d definitely love to go back again some day ❤