Hot Roomies (Free Otome Game) Review

Title: Hot Roomies
Title in Google Play: Love Triangle – Free Otome Game
Developer: Hanabi Media
Release Date: June 17, 2016
Genre: Otome, Romance, Visual Novel


Ok, the first thing you have to know about this game that would make you really happy is: IT’S ABSOLUTELY FREE!

That’s right! IT’S FREE! Play it until you finish it!

Most otome games offer in-game purchases, though you can play without paying anything ’till the end. Those games are the type that let’s you read about 5 sections of a chapter each day, or you need to fulfill some kind of mission to proceed (which sometimes takes forever to complete). If you want to free yourself from the hassle, you can buy stuff in-game.

But this game doesn’t have those kind of game enders which sometimes takes so long to fulfill you lose interest in the game. Again, it’s absolutely FREE!

The only feature you can buy there is removing the ads (which only appears at the far bottom of the screen, very easy to ignore. It’s not a bother). And, even if there are ads, you can play the game OFFLINE! (Again, unlike other otome games).

Ok, enough with it being free. I think you get it. (o゚▽゚)


Basically, the game is about MC-chan (your character who you can name), who just graduated and is looking for work and a place to live in independently. On her graduation ceremony, she and her childhood best friend, Tsukasa, saw each other. Tsukasa just returned to Japan from America and is now starting a career as a professor in a new job he landed. He is also looking for a new place to stay, so they decided to look together. Eventually, they were offered a place to rent and they went to check the place out. It so happened that the owner of the house is Kazuya, a well-known author who MC-chan looked up to when she was a kid. And so, the three of them became roomies and eventually, a love triangle was created.



The game also has a few side characters they talk to and get together with such as MC-chan’s friends, Kazuya’s grandmother, and one of Tsukasa’s students. It’s a shame that the game was too short, the side characters weren’t much explored.


Anyways, the story was very interesting because, well, you’re in the middle of the love team. You’re the prize in the competition between two handsome guys! Aaaand, both of them are very sweet and loves to flatter you a lot. Haha!


I did mention before that the story was very short. It was. I think, you can finish it in maybe 1 to 2 hours of playing. There are lots of potential plots and it was really a shame that it was very short to explore them. The cute student who likes Tsukasa, for example, wasn’t really a threat. Actually she’s just there to help MC-chan realize that she feels jealous.


(SPOILER ALERT!) The game ended when I didn’t expect it to because it was short. You know how otome games let you pick what to do or what to say? Well, there was this one choice where the two guys ask you out to some place special because they were going to say something important to you. So, you had to pick who to go to. I casually picked Kazuya because childhood friends are strong enough to wait haha. But lo and behold, that was the last choice you’re going to make in-game because that will determine the end of the story. So, I ended up with Kazuya while in the back of my head, I still wanna explore my choices with Tsukasa. That was fast…




Very fancy and engaging.

Aside from the usual gameplay where you read dialogues and click next, this game has a lot more to it. I’ll just enumerate them:

– Get to choose the words you put in the ad in a fill-in-the-blanks style


– A mini game about cats



– Phone calls
– Choose messages to type in texts


– Choose your room, present, and dress
– Choose who to dance with, go with, and etc.
– Pop out photographs


– AND! Manga-style pages for special scenes




And for me, it was nice ❤


Do I recommend the game? Absolutely! It’s free! And the story is interesting anyway. I’d rate it:


It’s very nice but I left it on 4.5 because it was very short. It just… ended like that. Though, you can repeat and try different choices. Anyways, do play it and enjoy it yourselves. 🙂

Thanks for reading!


Quipsphere: A World Where Thoughts Come to Life


Name: Quipsphere
Developer: Quipsphere
Release date: May 7, 2016

Goodbye Twitter and hello Quipsphere, the new app which lets you voice out your thoughts to the world! With its official hashtag #BreakTheSilence, the silence would really be broken by actually recording what you have to say instead of just typing it!


Pretty much like Twitter but better, Quipsphere also revolves around hashtags and following. Trending hashtags are available on the menu but the difference is that you also get to record your message other than just inserting a typed message or a picture. You can also categorize your quips so that the other users know what you might be talking about. There are also Spheres, which are groups in which members can interact in. Spheres can also be followed by non- members or can be set in private with a password.


Wouldn’t it be nice to voice out your messages instead of simply typing them? For people who has a hard time typing for example, wouldn’t it be better to just say whatever you have to say?

Wouldn’t it be safe to hear the messages on your group in autoplay when you’re not available to get your hands on your phone? While your driving, for example, you couldn’t scroll and read through the messages on your group because you’d be focusing on driving. Quipsphere allows you to listen to the messages in autoplay! Cool~!

Wouldn’t it also be awesome to hear someone instead of just reading their messages? Imagine following a famous celebrity and instead of reading their tweets, you would be hearing their voices through their quips? I think that would be super awesome!

If you love singing, like I do, wouldn’t it be wonderful to record your singing for the world to hear?

And that’s why I love Quipsphere. It really is addicting and it would really be awesome if it would be used even by celebrities ❤

I will make a tutorial about Quipsphere, so please watch out for that.

Please follow me in Quipsphere @koimiazaki.  My sphere where I sing is @KoiSongBee, please follow also. Don't forget to follow me here in WordPress too 🙂



Much appreciated ❤

ibis Paint X Review


Name: ibis Paint X – Sketchbook
Developer: ibis inc

Hey Guys!

Just want to share with you THE BEST application for drawing which is available in Apple and Android, called Ibis Paint!

I’ve been using it for yeaaars. I’ve also been making a lot of game money for art works that I make using this app and sell in the gaming world. It’s very easy to use, it has a lot of tools, it has a lot of functions, it has a lot of… space for creativity. Just reviewing it right now cause I just made a comeback in drawing. Ever since our apple ipad broke, I haven’t been able to draw because it was so hard to draw using the phone (can’t even make face without having a crooked line). But thanks to the new feature called Stabilizer which fixes those crooked lines, I can now draw again! Thanks a lot Ibis! ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

Anyways, I’m going to go through with the pros and cons of this app. And I’m sure there will be more pros than cons.


1. A lot of tools which makes it possible to create professional art

Don’t mess with Ibis, it’s not like other apps. It actually compares with Sai or other drawing tools in the PC in my opinion.

Here’s a quick glance of its tools: (sorry, I don’t know all of their names)

Brushes, Eraser, Move, Magic Wand, Loop Selection thingy, Hand mixer thingy, Blur, Fill, Dropper, Colors (complete with hues), Layers, Undo, Re-do, Import Photo, Copy, Flip, Opacity, Blue Selector thingy, Ruler, Stabilizer, etc.





2. You can view the process of creation through a movie

Watch and enjoy your achievement by going through the fast forwarded process of drawing ❤


3. You can duplicate, save to ibis gallery, and export as .jpg to you galleries

Easy saving! Yey!!! And you can share it in the ibis community where you can also do others’ artworks and view how they made it.



1. No Text Feature 😦

Though you can write what you want to say, there’s no text feature where you can just type the text, choose the font, etc. You can just use other applications for that. But, that’s really a downside though.


Yep, it’s just one down feature for me. But that doesn’t mean I don’t think it’s perfect! So… I rate it…


Congratulations IBIS!

Though this review is super late, I have been loving this app for years now ❤
AND IT'S STILL BEING UPDATED! More improvements to come!

Doodle Face Review


Title: Doodle Face
Developer: Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Genre: Avatar Maker

Hey guys!

I’m going to review another app here that I find great for making avatars. It’s actually easy to use and it does offer a lot of choices. People who has OCs (Original Characters) or just wanted to make a cartoon version of theirselves might want to try this app for fun. Apart from being an avatar maker, it also has a mini game that will let you play with your created avatar.

Here are some pictures I made using Doodle Face. I kinda made a skit of my uncle’s original story and used instamag to have it all together in one picture.




Let me enumerate my Likes and Opportunities then:


1. Easy to use
2. A lot of choices
3. Easy to save in the gallery


1. Could be better with more choices especially in the items that they are holding.
2. When you save the image, I’m not sure if it is just a glitch, but it replaces the image that you previously saved.
3. Text for bubble speech is super limited.

So yeah, since it’s an avatar maker, I have nothing much to say. Anyways, it’s not that excellent and mind blowing kind of app, but it is good for making easy avatars 🙂

Hotel Hideaway: Social Avatar Adventure Review

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a23/79059700/files/2014/12/img_1180.png Title: Hotel Hideaway: Social Avatar Adventure

Creator: Simo Piispanen

Made: Around October 2014

Latest Version: Version 2.3.1

At first look, the game looked fun. It’s a social avatar adventure so you can expect to make your own avatar, talk to people all over the world and go on quests. You get to make an avatar, name it, an stuffs like that. Unfortunately, there are only a limited choices of looks you can pick from: hair, shirt, pants, and shoes, (also their colors). There is a free one for each category by default, however if you want to change, you have to buy them with the initial game money you have. You can change looks anytime throughout the game as long as you already own the item. Other than that, you can also choose their current emotion: either happy, smiling, neutral, sad, or angry. Here’s my avatar named Koi:

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a23/79059700/files/2014/12/img_1148.png Gameplay itself is veeeeery limited since this game is new. You can go through the tutorials but you can’t pass the part where you try to lock pick the door in your room cause the game always crashed. Hopefully they fix that. Apart from your room, places you can go to include the library, beach, the closet, and the lobby. Your avatar can also do some neat stuffs on the furniture such as seat not them or lay down.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a23/79059700/files/2014/12/img_1141.png There are also quests you have to do fox exps and money (per my friends there since I haven’t done them myself) The most entertaining part about the game (it being so new) is chatting and the gestures. What you can notice at first is that, it seems like 60% of the current, limited population are Filipinos (including myself). Anyways, when you chat, bubbles come out and your conversation is also logged in the chat box. You also get to use some stickers they have such as ROFL, and chicken emoticons. Gestures are also super fun. I love how the game made a dance pad like thingy to make certain gestures. The only problem is that, you have to guess the combination to do the move. Here are the ones I know of right now:

Gestures combination:

Kick: Green

Turn: White, Green, Blue, Purple

Gangnam Style: White, Blue, Purple, Right Gray

Jump: Blue, White, Orange

Bow (Japanese style): Orange, White, Blue

Thank/Pray (???) Orange, White

Cry: Yellow, Orange, Red

Face Palm: Red, Orange

Scratch Head: Yellow, Orange

Flying Kiss with Hearts: Yellow, Orange, North-west Gray

Wave (left): Yellow, North-west Gray

Wave (right): Red, North-east Gray

Bow (stage style): Gray, Blue, South-east gray

Clap: Yellow, Gray, Red

Other than that, let’s just wait for more updates. I believe this game has potential if it’s other features (I’m hoping it would have) will be put up. Thanks!