How to Spot MBTI Types (according to TypeTips)

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So, I’m still fascinated by MBTI. And today, I’m just gonna outline and compile what TypeTips said about spotting different MBTI personality types from the outside.

TypeTips is a YouTube channel. He’s amazing when it comes to MBTI knowledge. Check out his channel here: TypeTips

Dislaimer: These are all quotations and from TypeTips.

Let’s start!!!


– Twinkle in eyes

– Toggle their eyes because of exciting possibilities

– Appears manic

– Looks like there’s a desparate need for inner peace

– Playful and perky energy

– Resting, smiling face (corners of the mouth life upwards and returning back into a smiley face)

– Dresses loosely and carefree, liberated kind of feel

– Half are actually subdued or quiet even if they’re described as bouncing off the walls

– Self-assuredness in the eyes


– Soft, teddy bear like energy. like you want to pet them

– Has a strong on/off switch from being approachable

– Kind of sinking feeling as if feelings are being soaked inwards

– Squishy, oozy Center,  meek and frail look

– Sincere look in eyes with inner warmth

– Weak energy

– Soft, assured kind of look which gives them confidence

– May have an artistic look, but not like INFJ. They prefer an earthier and homey kind of look

– A lot dress like they’re in the 1940s, which is when clothes were classy yet down to earth

– Just smile enough, and not exaggerated


– Dimensional in expressiveness

– Dramatic looking folks; eyes are intense and expressive; fierce looking

– Even if they’re bored, eyes convey a lot of intense emotions

– Glazy, gleamy eyes which conveys a lot of depth and soul

– A bit of unpleasant look

– Can be elegant looking but dramatic

– Dreamy eyes but it looks like it’s directed towards an agenda; eyes are not focused on the now

– Looks determined


– Looks like nice and gentle people

– Eyes are pretty wide open

– ELEGANT; Ooh La La look

– Dreamy, starry eyes; looks like dreamers


– Skeptical and stern look

– Appear to be smirking and smiling at first like ESFJ, but goes back to stern look

– Lack elegance in their look; earthly beings

– Dress with a professional air

– Look that looks like they’re totally in this world and not to the future

– Intonation of speech makes them sound practical


– Consonant, practical sounding tone to their voice

– Looks self-content and calm on the eyes and on their one-sided smile that doesn’t look totally sincere

– Looks like they’re hiding the secrets of inner peace

– Looks relaxed but can also look mistrustful or angry

– Disliked being touched or kissed

– Homey and cozy look (wears sweaters)

– Earthy, informal, self-assured, tranquil look


– Biggest smiles, whole face smiles

– Eyes that light up the room

– Goody-goody kind of look, look like friendly puppies

– They don’t smirk as often as ENTPs and ISFJs


– Tranquil eyes and energy

– Contented look

– Broad smile

– Has a contained extrovertedness

– They come off like gentlemen or lady-like

– Smile looks like a smirk which means playfulness (can be pranksters but not too heavy)


– Science-y look, glasses are befitting

– Subdued smile, a small one-sided smirk

– Up-to-no-good kind of eyes as if they’re hiding something

– You can’t take them seriously kind of vibe

– Even if you’re talking to them, they look like they’re looking off somewhere else

– Nervous, franetic energy, looks unsettled

– Place body in weird positions that don’t exist in normal human beings. They way they twist their boy is interesting

– They may fiddle with objects and then break them

– Radio Talk Show voice

– Even if they look skeptical, they convey maternal warmth as they grow older (welcoming and supportive)


– Can’t be bothered to smile for the photo

– Tight lips, partial smile most of the time

– Don’t look pysically intimidating

– Drooping eyes

– Dresses not to stand out (wears black)

– Hates the camera


– Smart, lab professor types

– Shark-like look; Alfa eyes

– Looks like nobody should screw you over

– Can be kind of unconfident when talking to people; they can appear introverted

– Either looking nice or argumentative

– Objective when describing people to avoid subjective bias

– Has salesman smiles; they get frustrated eaily

– They run in order to save time

– Many can’t match clothes; they favor bright colors


– Can look stoney in their eyes because they don’t want to show feelings

– Can also look sorrowful; eyes can look watery

– Has a fiercing look but overall they don’t look very dominant

– They look serious

– Many don’t have very flattering hair

– Has Mona Lisa smiles; they don’t like dramatic, emotional display; smiles show just enough good will and nothing else

– Very family oriented and wants to work for a cause


– Piercing and aggressive look; absolute will power and determination

– Eyes look like they’re scanning; they lower their eyelids and scan

– But has a charming smile

– “Now” eyes


– “Now” eyes

– Not expressive looking

– Eyelids droop a bit; has calm, cool-headed like eyes

– All under control look

– Drama queen inside

– Looks like they can take a heroic, solo adventure (like Indiana Jones)


– Looks like they’re super excited for the camera

– Child-like, radying warmth, playful, perky energy in the face

– Can dress attractively or can dress wholly for comfort (Cartoon character on their oversized t-shirt, sweatpants or pajamas)

– Tough and more serious than what people think


– They look bored and distant

– Low maintenance kind of look

– Looks like they have the weight of the world upon them and looks like they’re in their own world

– Judgemental look with lips pursed tightly together

– Tough, intimmidating look that looks like he can protect himself

– Dress in great taste

– Often compared with cats = sweet until you cross them 
Sources/Video Links (from TypeTips):



MBTI Mind & Heart Conversation

Me and my friends were randomly talking about what the heart and mind would say based on our MBTI personality types. Just collected our thoughts on that chat. So here it is, from the INFP, ISTP, and the ENFP! =D



mind: kill
heart : don’t
mind:  but it’s necessary
heart: but that’s bad
mind: it’s what’s needed
heart: maybe
mind: so listen to me
heart: i know but i feel bad
mind: well sometimes what’s right isn’t always what feels right



Heart: Let it be.. but I’ll cry inside for all the lives that will be lost
Mind: Don’t. Stupid.
Heart: D; No I’m not
Mind: It’s why INFPs are a pain
Heart: No! You INTJs are as cold as ice.



Heart: hello?
Mind: what.
Heart: we haven’t spoken in a while..
Mind: yea, and?
Heart: just thought we should work together on this.
Mind: don’t worry about that I’ll Deal with everything, you just worry about beating.
Heart: uhh ok.
Mind: bye.


Heart: we need to save those ppl.
Mind: why.
Heart: no innocence should be treated that way.
Mind: it’s not wise.
Heart: …🙀
Mind: I guess sticking it to the man would make me feel a bit better. Fine let’s do it.



Mind: ooh! I just thought of something unique and exciting to do
Heart: oh my shocks! Lets do it! I love the idea!

Later on:
Heart: im not feeling excited bout this anymore. It looks boring now
Mind: okay lets stop. I dont think its nice anyway


Heart: I feel for the person. Although its wrong, isnt it kinda logical and valid coz its a human feeling?
Mind: yes. It does justify him. I mean he’s wrong but since we kinda get what he feels then i think its all good.

-hears opposing side-
Heart: i can also relate to this side.
Mind: Maybe the other person is wrong because this side is totally right and he makes sense.

-everything’s possible-
-thought bounces to opposing side like a tennis ball –