Pokemon Go craze inside Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower meets Pokemon Go!

So, I decided to collect anything Pokemon Go while playing Tiny Tower. These are Bitbook statuses and quests.

Most of these are right after Pokemon Go was released. I’ll update more when I see more.

Without further ado, here they are:







Thanks for checking it out!


Duterte: Fighting Crime Game Review

Title: Duterte: Fighting Crime
Developer: Tatay
Genre: Shooting, Action



Philippine Presidential Elections is just around the corner, specifically on May 9 2016, and one of the most popular candidates is Rodrigo Duterte. He is known as a candidate different from the others because of his unusual character, he is the mayor of Davao who developed the city from chaos to safe, someone with a controversy regarding extra-judicial killing, yet a person with a strong stand in eliminating crimes.

And now, here’s a newly released not-yet-so-popular game about Duterte and killing criminals! When I say not yet popular, I mean it’s not being talked about yet. Currently (while I’m writing), the game is the 15th Top Free Game in Google Store Philippines with a rating of 4.5. And what I have to say is, it’s quite a surprise and quite entertaining to see a game starring a Presidential candidate!

With all that said, let’s get started with the review 🙂

The game is about Duterte killing criminals. You can pretty much compare the game with Zombieville if you’ve heard of it. So, Duterte walks in the streets with a weapon and shoots criminals like Robbers, Drug Users, and Serial Killers. Duterte also has different weapons which he can acquire such as handgun (infinite ammo), shotgun, and grenades. So, yep, those are the basics. Let me go the specifics.



1. Entertaining

Why not? Again, it’s pretty much like Zombieville yet the main star is Duterte shooting criminals.

2. Challenging

It’s challenging in terms of it will take a lot of bullets to kill the criminals. And at times, you’ll see them all packed up in one place. The trick is that you have to shoot one first so that he would be alarmed and run to you. That way, you can kill the criminals one at a time without all of them running towards you. Other factors why it’s hard is… Well, I’ll talk about it later.

3. The sounds

Other than the energizing, cool music at the background, and the sound of bullets fired, you would also hear a few Duterte lines randomly played. In addition, at the part where your score show up, you’ll hear Aling Dionesia (Pacquiao’s mom) sing wrecking ball.



1. No Instructions

Most games have. But welp, it’s a simple game, I guess you don’t need one.

2. No pause button

Yep. I can’t pause the game

3. You can’t switch ammos

Duterte keeps on walking, if you get a new ammo, you have no choice but to use it. If you get a grenade for example, you have no choice but to bomb the criminals. And mind you, the grenade is so hard to use. You can only throw it at a short distance which means you have to be near the criminals. And from my experience, you get killed while the grenade explodes. It’s still game over. For the shot guns, the trick is to save ammos or you can also try killing the enemies from afar before reaching the new weapon.


4. Duterte only has one life

While you have to kill the enemies with multiple shots, it only takes one attack to kill Duterte. It could be in the form of a punch, knife attack, a brick… So yep, be careful with your life coz once you’ve been hit, it’s game over. By the way, I thought that the badge was some sort of life since you’re kinda collecting it. Too bad it’s not. I’m not what it is for.


5. Nothing much to do

Buttons are literally left, right, and shoot/attack. That’s it! So it’s kinda like the simple form of Zombieville.


Still, I’m impressed for a game that is made in the Philippines and starring a Presidential candidate. If you’re used to the more complicated versions of this game like Zombieville, you might think it’s too simple though. But still, it’s entertaining. If you’re a Duterte supporter, why not give it a try?

My rating is:


It’s a cool game. Hopefully they’ll make it better by addressing the opportunities though.

Thank you for reading!

Our Personal Space Review

Title: Our Personal Space
Developer: Metasepia Games
Genre: Visual Novel, Sci-Fi, Romance, Choose Your Own Story


Hey Guys!

I just want to share with you this awesome game I played, called Our Personal Space. It’s a Sci-Fi/ Romance Visual Novel in which you’ll be playing Kelly (renamable character, mine is called Koi) as she goes through her marriage with Jack (renamable husband, mine is called Yuan) while living as a colonist in a newly discovered Garden Planet called Talaam. For this review, I’m going to call the characters Koi and Yuan (just because it’s my blog. Haha!)

The story starts with Yuan asking Koi to marry him and leave Earth to start a new life as colonists in Talaam. The government needed couples and families who would populate Talaam. Farmers like Yuan and a person with the protagonist’s job are also needed. koi decided to go with Yuan, of course, and they would meet other colonists, deal with challenges in living in an alien planet, and also deal with social/life problems such as your love life. In the game, you would have 25 Talaam months that you would need to survive before another ship from Earth returns with new supplies and new set of colonists.


So since I enjoyed it so much, I would like to share my opinion on this game: Pros, Cons, and Rating. So, here it is!

What I like about the game:

1. A lot of choices with a lot of different outcomes

Unlike the usual visual novels or otome games in which your choices doesn’t have that much effect on the game (except for points that would lead to available endings), Our Personal Space’s choices does have a major effect on how the story would go. At the start of each month, you would have to pick what Koi would do for the whole month. Decisions are divided into three parts: 1. Work 2. Skill progression, and 3. Free Time. In the Work section, you get to choose if you’ll concentrate on work or take it easy. In Skill Progression, you get to choose which skill to focus on to help the community. And lastly, free time is either spending it together with your husband or spending it alone which is less stressful. Your time with your husband and the choices you make will effect your relationship with him. The scenes will also depend on the choices that you make. After free time, there is also an event which is kind of like the main story.



2. Interesting Story

Sci-Fis and Romances are always interesting. But other than that, this game has a lot to offer. The characters you’ll meet are very interesting and the story progression does have a lot of surprises. There are also dark themes both in the main story and on the scenes depending on the choices you made. Spoiler alert! One of the characters will die, there are murder themes, scenes that you have to be one of the jury in a trial, having a baby with another man, having a divorce, etc. Again, there is a lot to offer. And once you finish the game for the first time, it is fun to experiment on other options.


3. Character profiling is very personalized

Compared to other visual novels, character profiling on this game is very personalized. At the very start of the game, you’d get to choose your character’s occupation, if she works in a hospital, classroom, car repair shop, etc… which will also be her job in Talaam. Of course, the scenes will depend in your occupation. In addition, you get to choose how you love birds can call each other. At the end, your baby can also be named.



4. Beautiful Dialogues

The dialogues are perfect, engaging, lovely, and all the wonderful adjectives I can think about!


5. Different Endings

I haven’t experimented around but I researched that there are various endings, depending again on your relationship with your husband and how you helped the community.



Game Opportunities

1. Art

Well, the art isn’t anything fancy like the gorgeous men in Otome Games. It’s kinda more doodle-ish if you’re used to those fancy art games. But, who cares?! It’s an opportunity for the game but I don’t really care. The story and game play will not let you care much for the art. I guess, thinking positively about it, it could be the game’s signature art!


2. Game is so short

If you’re so engaged with the story, 25 months is kinda short. Once you finish the game, you can play Game+ which will kinda keep your skills but you have to start the game over. So, yup, it left me hanging and wanting for more 😦 I WANT MOOORRRREEE!!!


In conclusion, I would rate Our Personal Space as 5/5!!! I love it! I want a sequel! I want to play it in a role play! And I suggest everyone to try it out!


Kudos to the Developers! 😉

Game Energy Coincides with Science

Hi! I’m a gamer. But not a hardcore gamer. I’m also a thinker. But not in the sense that I always think. And so I thought that games have some scientific basis. That’s why, on this blog post, I’m going to talk about game energy.


Now what is Game Energy?

For those who don’t know, Game Energy are the energy used in games. You use that to stuff that you have to do. Exhausting the energy will make you unable to do the major things in the game. In most games, you get an x number of energy stocks in a day, and you need x number of energy to fulfill an action. You can use all the energy you want until you get exhausted. In some games, energy is named differently, but most of the time, they can me in the yellow bolt icon (or sometimes a battery).

Now, why do you say it coincides with Science?

If you’re an experienced gamer, you know for sure that energy is gained in different methods, and I’ll enumerate them for you. However, one thing is for sure: Science says Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Here are the usual ways you can earn and exhaust energy:

1) Wait. Just like the real world, energy can be formed with time. Depending on the game, you will usually have one full energy or more in one day, gaining one energy point in x number of minutes. The same goes for real life.

2) Buy. Tired of waiting for energy? You can buy it using cash. In real life, if you don’t want to rest because you have to do something and you need energy to buy energy drinks or fruits or what have you to stay awake. Like so, in games, you can buy different items that will somehow replenish your energy. The more expensive the item is, the more energy it gives.

3) Ask. In some games, you can ask friends for energy and hopefully, they’d be so kind hearted to spend some of their time to give you some. The same with real life where you can ask your friends for a massage or the likes to keep you alive.

4) Tap on items. In a few games, like Kim Kardashian, you can actually tap on items on the street and see if you’ll get energy, cash, or nothing. If you think about it, crazy acts can wake you up in real life. Say you’re so tired, and you just decided to tap on things, dance around, and act crazy, I bet some of your energy will restore somehow.

5) Earn. Energies can also be earned as an award in games. If you successfully completed a task, sometimes you’re rewarded with energy. In the real life, a feeling of accomplishment after completing a task will hype you up and make you feel happy. The feeling of fulfillment will give you energy to do more.

And how are energies removed? Well, just use them. Work and work until you have no more energy. And then you can just rest or do the things above to do more.

So again, energy can be gained in so many ways. I bet there are more other than the ones I stated above, but one thing is for sure: Energy cannot be created even in a game. Also, you can exhaust energy but it can never be destroyed. Hence, Game Energies are scientific.

Oh by the way! I forgot to tell that other than being a gamer and a thinker, I also have a lot of nonsense. Nonsense that I have thought well. Nonsense that I want to shae with the world. And I hope you learned something. Thank you for reading 🙂

Naval Warfare App Game Review


Name: Naval Warfare
Created: Nov 17, 2011
Creator: Untapped
Nature: Battleship Board game
Not available in Android

I know this app is pretty old to review but I’m very fond of this game. If you want to kill boredom and you want to play a simple board game, you should try this out. Basically, it’s a battleship game where you arrange your ships, shoot some canons at your opponent’s territory to try and guess where their ships are, and the one who sinks all of the opponent’s ships.

Aside from a simple game of battleship, what this app adds are:
1. It’s an online multiplayer game. – That means that you get to battle with players around the world, see their pictures, and add them as friends via Game Center. Bad news is that, I don’t think you can play a multiplayer game with your friendship is right beside you. You can only battle someone online. Maybe if she has the same app, you can battle online since you can invite him/her on a battle.
2. Chat feature – That’s right. You can chat while gaming! See this picture below


3. You can play multiple games – Now this is my favorite feature. Stop waiting for your opponent’s turn and don’t wait to get bored again. Who knows? He might take forever to make a shot. This app lets you join multiple games and the progress will not get lost. It will also notify you if one of your opponents already made their move.


4. Unlock Ship Appearances – You can also unlock how your ships, bombs, sunken ship, crashed debris, and missed shot looks like. If you can’t wait for it to unlock, you can also buy it.

5. Ranking system – It always gets the player pumped. You can see your rank and how many games you have won/lost. In the same way, you can also see your opponent’s stats.

Well, that’s all. Enjoy playing! And if you see me, add and battle with me. (If I am still playing the game).

Thank you!



Hotel Hideaway: Social Avatar Adventure Review

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a23/79059700/files/2014/12/img_1180.png Title: Hotel Hideaway: Social Avatar Adventure

Creator: Simo Piispanen

Made: Around October 2014

Latest Version: Version 2.3.1

At first look, the game looked fun. It’s a social avatar adventure so you can expect to make your own avatar, talk to people all over the world and go on quests. You get to make an avatar, name it, an stuffs like that. Unfortunately, there are only a limited choices of looks you can pick from: hair, shirt, pants, and shoes, (also their colors). There is a free one for each category by default, however if you want to change, you have to buy them with the initial game money you have. You can change looks anytime throughout the game as long as you already own the item. Other than that, you can also choose their current emotion: either happy, smiling, neutral, sad, or angry. Here’s my avatar named Koi:

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a23/79059700/files/2014/12/img_1148.png Gameplay itself is veeeeery limited since this game is new. You can go through the tutorials but you can’t pass the part where you try to lock pick the door in your room cause the game always crashed. Hopefully they fix that. Apart from your room, places you can go to include the library, beach, the closet, and the lobby. Your avatar can also do some neat stuffs on the furniture such as seat not them or lay down.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a23/79059700/files/2014/12/img_1141.png There are also quests you have to do fox exps and money (per my friends there since I haven’t done them myself) The most entertaining part about the game (it being so new) is chatting and the gestures. What you can notice at first is that, it seems like 60% of the current, limited population are Filipinos (including myself). Anyways, when you chat, bubbles come out and your conversation is also logged in the chat box. You also get to use some stickers they have such as ROFL, and chicken emoticons. Gestures are also super fun. I love how the game made a dance pad like thingy to make certain gestures. The only problem is that, you have to guess the combination to do the move. Here are the ones I know of right now:

Gestures combination:

Kick: Green

Turn: White, Green, Blue, Purple

Gangnam Style: White, Blue, Purple, Right Gray

Jump: Blue, White, Orange

Bow (Japanese style): Orange, White, Blue

Thank/Pray (???) Orange, White

Cry: Yellow, Orange, Red

Face Palm: Red, Orange

Scratch Head: Yellow, Orange

Flying Kiss with Hearts: Yellow, Orange, North-west Gray

Wave (left): Yellow, North-west Gray

Wave (right): Red, North-east Gray

Bow (stage style): Gray, Blue, South-east gray

Clap: Yellow, Gray, Red

Other than that, let’s just wait for more updates. I believe this game has potential if it’s other features (I’m hoping it would have) will be put up. Thanks!