Hotel Hideaway: Social Avatar Adventure Review

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a23/79059700/files/2014/12/img_1180.png Title: Hotel Hideaway: Social Avatar Adventure

Creator: Simo Piispanen

Made: Around October 2014

Latest Version: Version 2.3.1

At first look, the game looked fun. It’s a social avatar adventure so you can expect to make your own avatar, talk to people all over the world and go on quests. You get to make an avatar, name it, an stuffs like that. Unfortunately, there are only a limited choices of looks you can pick from: hair, shirt, pants, and shoes, (also their colors). There is a free one for each category by default, however if you want to change, you have to buy them with the initial game money you have. You can change looks anytime throughout the game as long as you already own the item. Other than that, you can also choose their current emotion: either happy, smiling, neutral, sad, or angry. Here’s my avatar named Koi:

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a23/79059700/files/2014/12/img_1148.png Gameplay itself is veeeeery limited since this game is new. You can go through the tutorials but you can’t pass the part where you try to lock pick the door in your room cause the game always crashed. Hopefully they fix that. Apart from your room, places you can go to include the library, beach, the closet, and the lobby. Your avatar can also do some neat stuffs on the furniture such as seat not them or lay down.

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/a23/79059700/files/2014/12/img_1141.png There are also quests you have to do fox exps and money (per my friends there since I haven’t done them myself) The most entertaining part about the game (it being so new) is chatting and the gestures. What you can notice at first is that, it seems like 60% of the current, limited population are Filipinos (including myself). Anyways, when you chat, bubbles come out and your conversation is also logged in the chat box. You also get to use some stickers they have such as ROFL, and chicken emoticons. Gestures are also super fun. I love how the game made a dance pad like thingy to make certain gestures. The only problem is that, you have to guess the combination to do the move. Here are the ones I know of right now:

Gestures combination:

Kick: Green

Turn: White, Green, Blue, Purple

Gangnam Style: White, Blue, Purple, Right Gray

Jump: Blue, White, Orange

Bow (Japanese style): Orange, White, Blue

Thank/Pray (???) Orange, White

Cry: Yellow, Orange, Red

Face Palm: Red, Orange

Scratch Head: Yellow, Orange

Flying Kiss with Hearts: Yellow, Orange, North-west Gray

Wave (left): Yellow, North-west Gray

Wave (right): Red, North-east Gray

Bow (stage style): Gray, Blue, South-east gray

Clap: Yellow, Gray, Red

Other than that, let’s just wait for more updates. I believe this game has potential if it’s other features (I’m hoping it would have) will be put up. Thanks!




What if José Rizal had Facebook?

Lol this is so amazing! I want to make an rp facebook! anyone interested?

i speak. i write. i sing.

It is no surprise that Filipinos love to laugh and joke around. I mean, we (including myself) find something to laugh about at almost everything we see, hear, and feel around us. We can pull a joke out of calamities, politicians, celebrities, tv ads, etc. all in the name of fun. No wonder why in the Philippines if you scan the local TV channels you can always see gag shows, comedic sitcoms, and tv commercials that will surely tickle a funny bone out of you. Oh well, maybe that’s what separates us Filipinos from other people around the world.

This blog post is all about “what if”. Facebook has been around for just a couple of years and it’s gaining more popularity now more that it has been in the past. These snippets of photographs were taken from a few sources that I find totally hilarious. Looking and laughing at…

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NCR KKTK Choir General Assembly

Last December 7, a general assembly for KKTK choirs was held in La Verdad Caloocan. It had the theme #WalangIwanan emphasizing the importance of never forgetting your function in the Church. A lot of choir members attended that the number of people exceeded the number of the chairs. Boys and girls had to either stand up, sit on the floor, or sit uncomfortably on a chair that you had to share space with others. But that inconvenience was totally worth the lessons I learned that day.

All I can say after all that was…

Thanks be to Him for giving me the opportunity to return to the function. Thanks be to Him for enduring me even though I’m such a hard-headed person. Thanks be to Him for not forgetting me, and for the abundant love He had for me. Thanks be to him for always letting me feel that He is always there even if I know that I am so not worthy of His attention. Thanks be to God that He forced the circumstances. He made a way to make sure I end up attending even though I admit that I was trying to avoid it. Thanks be to God for my bestfriend and also my sister in the spirit who, I know, loves me a lot and does her best to put us back on track. She was an instrument God used to invite us to the event, diligently fetched and took us home, and had been with us always.

I can’t enumerate how much I’m thankful for that one night. It meant a lot to me. I learned so much! I was touched! And I remembered what was important in life and what gave meaning and colors to my life, just at that time when I was already starting to see how unmeaningful my life was without any function. Just when I was beginning to lose track and I was already finding myself in a dangerous situation, I was saved. And I pray that, God help me, I would not go astray again. May God’s words stay in my heart forever.

Thanks be to God! The Glory will ALWAYS be with Him!

Resigning from my First Job

Another new experience

I just made my first ever resignation effective December 5, 2014. Last day of work was Dec 4. Another new experience in my life that turned out a little different from how I pictured it out to be, in a positive way that is.

Pre-handing out resignation letter
Honestly, I was excited and determined to quit the job months prior to actually quitting. I was just waiting to have a year in the company as a courtesy, and then I leave. On the other side, conflicts arose such as: my current company is already one of the best (internationally), I have no job that I can replace it with yet, not to mention I don’t really exert much effort in job hunting, and traffic going to work with a day job is such a hassle. I also had conflict with which date should I put the effectivity of my resignation (coz my salary might be put on hold and I might not get the bonuses). Still, I was excited to leave.

During the 30 Days of Rendering
It was quite exciting knowing that I can finally start an official countdown for a proper way of rendering. I was also scared because I still don’t have another job as a replacement. I also found it cute and heart-warming that I heard nothing from my colleagues everyday, especially from my team mates, except ”magreretract na yan”, or ”i-email ko na ba si TL na magreretract ka na?”, asking me to stay. I also volunteered to update the stat board everyday and to report who does not update it (super fun).

On my last week
Again, heard nothing but people asking me to retract (until the last day of work). I really felt  loved ♡. Repeated Q & A of ”I heard you’re resigning”, ”When?”, ”Why?” was also coming more often. Additional reason for retracting also took part: my large salary raise, which looked so handsome. That was also the week when my father agreed to let me job hunt after my resignation.


What I expected was:

”at last my dreams come true.
I knew, i knew, i knew
It would be… TODAY!!!”


A brand new start, a pallet cleanse
”As fresh as lime sorbet
Last night i was a m0nster
But this morning
This morning
This morning im okay! ”

。。。 Both songs from Shrek the Musical


It was a mixed emotion of sadness and happiness.

Happiness obviously because I dreamed of leaving for months now, and that was the day!

Sadness because I will have to say my final farewell to my wonderful workmates who have been my dear friends. They supported me and they felt like family. They had been very wonderful! Not only to my team, I would also have to say goodbye to everybody in that project. In the end, I had to let them know my thanks through a farewell group message.

It didn’t turn out to be as ”free”-ing as I pictured it out to be. But nevertheless, I felt blessed for the call center experience.

I learned A LOT and I will certainly miss a lot, such as the angry customers, speaking in english, assisting concerns, and being known in work as ”Let it go☆”. Thank God for that wonderful experience! Will cherish it! ♡



Your father’s YES


Afraid that your dear father will say no to your request? Yes that’s natural. But don’t think that your request will never be granted. You know why? Because…

Your father loves you
With the right (true)explanation and a sincere way of asking a favor, a father could not resist you. If it’s not that big of a deal, he will grant your request even if his stand is firm. After all, you’re his baby girl (or boy). He has been granting your wishes since you were born. Just don’t get angry at him if he doesn’t grant that. Remember that every responsible father always says ”no” especially if it’s bad for you. Imagine a father who always says yes. That’s so irresponsible and clearly he doesn’t care much about you or his doing child-raising completely wrong. On the other side, if you believe you’re right, just talk to him and help him understand your view. Just be sure to also understand him.

Your father loves being your father
Just like a teacher who deep inside wants the student to acknowledge who they got their skills from, meaning, who their teacher is, a father also wants you to acknowledge who your father is. He doesn’t only appreciate you acknowledging him by fearing him, he also loves you asking him a favor. It’s like a sense of … ”I’m her father. She asks for my consent”. That makes a parent happy. So a little tip is to acknowledge him as you ask. 
E.g. ”Papa, is it ok if… Dahdahdah?” (๑´• ₃ •̀๑)

Thank God for parents who have natural instincts to care for you and love you. Parents are amazing! They love you endlessly! They are so full of love that you JUST HAVE to give the same.

One thing I learned from Bro. Eli is that you can’t hate your parents no matter what the situation is. You can’t think evil about them since, well, in tagalog, you have utang na loob (you owe them something)to them. A child will not survive on his own and you owe a lot of what you are and have now to your parents. They are the ones who took care of you!

So respect their decisions. If you don’t take no for an answer, ask them nicely. Our parents’ love are super! Thank God for parents ♡

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Creation Days: Not the Same as 24-hour Earth Days

This is so true!


Getting our parameters right begins with knowing beginnings, but more than that is being able to distinguish one beginning from the other. Most think that Day 1 of Creation is also Day 1 on Earth. The Bible explains that these two differ. It is on the fourth day of creation that the first earth day commenced.

GENESIS 1:16-19

16 And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: the stars also.

17 And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth,

18 And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good.

19 And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

The doubt that we have to solve is how vegetation could exist…

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