Finding Dory Movie Review

Title: Finding Dory

Initial Release: June 17, 2016
Journey to Dory’s past as the loveable blue fish tries to find her own past! Experience Dory’s sad childhood despite those crazy eyes and see how Dory turned out to be who she is! Feel one’s longing to be with family! That’s right, Finding Dory is in theatre’s near ya’ll!

Anyways, I’m so excited to do a Finding Dory Review because it has only beem a week since it was released! Yey! \(^w^)/.

With that said, let me start with giving you a synopsis of the story: 

A year after Finding Nemo, Dory is living with her new family: Marlin and Nemo. After hearing Mr. Ray teaching Nemo’s class about Migration, that fishes migrate to go back to where they came from, Dory began having flashbacks of her past: that she lost her family and they lived in the Jewel of Morro Bay, California. Dory then became eager to search for her family and was accompanied by Marlin and Nemo. On their way, they encountered a Giant Squid who attacked them, slightly hurting Nemo. Marlin, being the over-protective and easily-stressed dad that he is, got angry at Dory and told her that she should just stay at the corner and forget because that’s what she does best. Depiste Dory getting hurt at what Marlin said, she searched for somebody to help them with Nemo’s injury. Going to the surface for help, Dory was abducted by volunteers at Marine Life Institute and was taken to Quarantine. Marlin, yet again, had to journey in search of a lost fish  with his son Nemo. While in Marine Life Institute, Dory tries to search for her parents, return to her friends, while remembering her own past. 

Ok, with that said, here’s the review!


Interesting. Very interesting plot. The story revolves around Dory and her past that she forgot due to Short-term Memory Loss, which was emphasized in the movie. The movie started showing Dory as a kid and her life as someone who suffered from the said disease. She grew up in the Marine Life Institute with super loving parents who really cares for her and loves her. It portrayed how they raised Dory and prepared her to fight Short-Term Memory Loss, such as teaching her the “Just Keep Swimming” song. Due to unfortunate circumstance of getting sucked in the pipes, Dory lost her family and ended up in the open ocean. Growing up, she slowly forgets her parents. 😦 

Ok now Marlin, you know his trauma after losing his wife, losing Nemo, and now losing Dory. He was the kind of an over-protective kind of person especially with Nemo who can’t swim very well. So had trust issues with Nemo making it on his own right? Well, he is the same with Dory. He has trust issues that Dory can’t make it on her own because she doesn’t plan and just go for the first option she sees kind of thing. Now, Marlin learns to trust on people despite their situation. 

While Nemo guides Marlin to realize that trust because he trusts Dory. He is like Marlin’s life lesson. Haha! But ofcourse the story doesn’t revolve around him anymore as it revolves around the lost fish, and the finder of the lost fish, his dad.

Anyways, along the way, Dory meets some interesting characters: Hank,a seven-legged octopus (or as Dory called him “Septopus”, lol) who wanted Dory’s tag so he can go to a permanent tank in Cleveland instead of being relased to the open ocean like the other fishes; Destiny, ,a near-sighted whale shark and also Dory’s childhood friend; and Bailey, a beluga whale who believes he is incapable of ecolocation ability. 

So yep, the plot is interesting and so are the characters. There are character developments, especially with Marlin, who again learned how to trust “weaklings” lol jk. Hank was also from a stubborn octopus who just wanted to get his tag to someone who sincerely helped Dory. And bailey I guess, coz he enjoyed his ecolocation ability afterwards. Haha!


For the adventure, well it was great. But not as great as the adventure in Finding Nemo. I mean they were both awesome, they both had different places they went to, get to meet new characters who would help them along the way, both had thrills and dangers, and both had crazy journies just to find the missing fish. But I guess I said that Finding Nemo was better because of the ocean vs the aquarium feels. I mean, it’s more epic to look at fishes journying through the open waters than finding their friend in a human park. Finding Dory revolves more in the human world, so you’ll expect aquariums, tanks, fish bowls, even streets and highways! Which is actually good to set the difference between the two movies instead of both being set in the ocean. 

Feels-wise though, Finding Dory was the winner in my opinion. It made me cry T.T The feeling of saying “sorry” all the time because you can’t remember stuff, the guilt of losing someone precious to you and you blame yourself because of your situation, and the feeling of parents wanting the best for their child who is suffering from an uncommon disease. Let’s just say that despite the fact that Dory’s character is comical, suffering from short-term memory loss is a difficult situation. And it’s just sad 😦


Brilliant, Fascinating, a Spectacle, and super duper beautiful! I can’t say much. You know how beautiful Finding Nemo’s aura is in regards to animation, sounds, feels, cinematography and everything! You can expect the same for Finding Dory. It’s not like other movie sequels that leaves us traumatized after seeing that it’s far from the first movie. Finding Dory will satisfy you. ^_^


Yep! It’s recommendable! You should watch it. It’s nice 🙂

Overall rating is:

If you ask me though, which one I’d prefer between the two movies, I’d say I prefer Finding Nemo. The adventure and plot development in that movie is still better that Finding Dory. Though the second movie was great too! And as I said, it’s very recommendable.  It’s a Box Office movie by the way 😉

Thanks for reading!


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