Circles, Shangri-La Hotel Review

On June 11, 2016, my father treated us in a lovely dinner at Circles, Shangri-La Hotel, Makati. He had the ticket for a while now but we decided to eat today (despite him being sick… aww…)

Anyways, this blog is a review of the experience of dining in Circles and I’ll also add a portion of my experience roaming inside the hotel itself.


So, asking my father about the price, he said that it was P2,500 per head. O_____O. But he got some sort of promo where he only paid P1,000 per head. Drinks are not included and costs P150 per head.

Anyways, I’ll talk about the positives first. 🙂

As expected, it was classy just as I would imagine for a five-star hotel. The ambiance was very elegant and the service was high class! The food, well, you couldn’t see some of the dishes else where.

I would like to mention that the desserts were good. Some of the desserts there are not present in other buffets like Dad’s, Buffet 101, or Vikings. They have Macaroon, Mango thingy with cream, etc. (Sorry I don’t know the names). The ice cream were definitely more high end than that of the other buffets.

Also, Wi-Fi is available.

Another food I would like to shout out is the Beef Mini Steak. Yum yum!


Beef Mini Steak

The crabs and shrimps were also luxurious. They were huge! Very different from the other buffets. Both can be cooked depending on your choice (could be steasmed, etc). As for crabs, the only part served are the claw part. I’m not sure why though. But what I’m sure of is that despite the fact that this buffet is $$$ expensive, it’s worth it or more (really sulit) if you would eat a lot of shrimps and crabs. Just watch out for the high cholesterol! Haha!


Shrimp and Crab

For Halal or non-Halal eaters, a sign at the right corner would be helpful to know which ones to or not to eat.


Lastly, have you ever wondered what Spaghetti/Pasta tastes like without using processed tomato sauce? Well, you’ll get to taste it here! Spaghetti with actual tomato bits. It doesn’t tastes like the normal spaghetti we know. It’s classier in terms of, it’s so authentically tomato-ish, and it’s really tomato. Haha! That’s all I can say. It’s very different. 🙂



Now for the other things I’ve noticed…

It’s smaller than normal buffets. It’s about half of Something Fishy, and maybe 1/4 of Vikings, Buffet 101, and Dad’s. It’s really small. As in, there are only a few food choices compare to other buffets. It’s really quite limited. Drinks are P150 per head for unlimited drinks. However, you only get to pick with four choices: Orange Juice and three variants of Iced Tea.


Drinks: P150 per head

I’ve also seen other customers order shakes and other drinks, but I guess they have a separate price for those.

Some of the dishes doesn’t have names in front of them, and some names are misplaced. Like this ice cream here:


Ube Ice Cream and Chocolate Ice Cream are switched

But I guess that’s just a minor mistake…

Unlike other buffets, dishes have limited sauce or some have no sauce at all. Your steamed crab or shrimp, for example, are simply steamed. There’s no sauce. So when we asked if there’s sauce for those dishes, the staff said that we can get them from the Japanese food area. Also, some of the dishes have shared serving spoons, unlike other buffets in which each dish has its own. The ice cream, on the other hand, has no serving spoon despite it being better to have one since it looked so self-service. The staff will scoop the ice cream for you.

Lastly, like other buffets, you will also be greeted Happy Birthday and be given a cake if you are a celebrator. However, other buffets who perform songs and some even sings song requests are better. In Circles, male staffs sing you a different version of Happy Birthday in a chant-like tone (Chant like meaning it’s not like it’s a song. It’s like a Happy Birthday song).


Circles is great if you wanna feel sossy for some time. It’s really something to be proud of if you have pictures eating in Circles. #SocialClimbing101. It IS elegant, luxurious, and very expensive. I’d recommend it if you want to impress a date or something. Not to mention, Shanri-La Hotel itself is very luxurious. The piano, the lobby, the garden, the staircase, the ballrooms, etc. ❤ Just so lovely. It would be nice to be  a guest there.

However, if you’re expecting a buffet-ish buffet who really specializes in buffet to the finest level, I guess this is not the place for you. If you’re expecting buffets like Dad’s, Something Fishy, Buffet 101, and Vikings where there are large variety of food, unlimited drinks and shakes, unlimited everything, Circles is very different and it’s just puny compared to those.

I guess the main factor that you can consider high-end about Circles buffet is its name. It’s in Shangri-La! A five-star hotel! You can expect a five-star ambiance, service, I guess some food a five-stars too, but it’s not large. It IS sossy though!

So there, thank you for reading!~

Here is a slideshow of the restaurant, the hotel, and some selfies ❤

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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