Quipsphere: A World Where Thoughts Come to Life


Name: Quipsphere
Developer: Quipsphere
Release date: May 7, 2016

Goodbye Twitter and hello Quipsphere, the new app which lets you voice out your thoughts to the world! With its official hashtag #BreakTheSilence, the silence would really be broken by actually recording what you have to say instead of just typing it!


Pretty much like Twitter but better, Quipsphere also revolves around hashtags and following. Trending hashtags are available on the menu but the difference is that you also get to record your message other than just inserting a typed message or a picture. You can also categorize your quips so that the other users know what you might be talking about. There are also Spheres, which are groups in which members can interact in. Spheres can also be followed by non- members or can be set in private with a password.


Wouldn’t it be nice to voice out your messages instead of simply typing them? For people who has a hard time typing for example, wouldn’t it be better to just say whatever you have to say?

Wouldn’t it be safe to hear the messages on your group in autoplay when you’re not available to get your hands on your phone? While your driving, for example, you couldn’t scroll and read through the messages on your group because you’d be focusing on driving. Quipsphere allows you to listen to the messages in autoplay! Cool~!

Wouldn’t it also be awesome to hear someone instead of just reading their messages? Imagine following a famous celebrity and instead of reading their tweets, you would be hearing their voices through their quips? I think that would be super awesome!

If you love singing, like I do, wouldn’t it be wonderful to record your singing for the world to hear?

And that’s why I love Quipsphere. It really is addicting and it would really be awesome if it would be used even by celebrities ❤

I will make a tutorial about Quipsphere, so please watch out for that.

Please follow me in Quipsphere @koimiazaki.  My sphere where I sing is @KoiSongBee, please follow also. Don't forget to follow me here in WordPress too 🙂



Much appreciated ❤


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