Duterte: Fighting Crime Game Review

Title: Duterte: Fighting Crime
Developer: Tatay
Genre: Shooting, Action



Philippine Presidential Elections is just around the corner, specifically on May 9 2016, and one of the most popular candidates is Rodrigo Duterte. He is known as a candidate different from the others because of his unusual character, he is the mayor of Davao who developed the city from chaos to safe, someone with a controversy regarding extra-judicial killing, yet a person with a strong stand in eliminating crimes.

And now, here’s a newly released not-yet-so-popular game about Duterte and killing criminals! When I say not yet popular, I mean it’s not being talked about yet. Currently (while I’m writing), the game is the 15th Top Free Game in Google Store Philippines with a rating of 4.5. And what I have to say is, it’s quite a surprise and quite entertaining to see a game starring a Presidential candidate!

With all that said, let’s get started with the review 🙂

The game is about Duterte killing criminals. You can pretty much compare the game with Zombieville if you’ve heard of it. So, Duterte walks in the streets with a weapon and shoots criminals like Robbers, Drug Users, and Serial Killers. Duterte also has different weapons which he can acquire such as handgun (infinite ammo), shotgun, and grenades. So, yep, those are the basics. Let me go the specifics.



1. Entertaining

Why not? Again, it’s pretty much like Zombieville yet the main star is Duterte shooting criminals.

2. Challenging

It’s challenging in terms of it will take a lot of bullets to kill the criminals. And at times, you’ll see them all packed up in one place. The trick is that you have to shoot one first so that he would be alarmed and run to you. That way, you can kill the criminals one at a time without all of them running towards you. Other factors why it’s hard is… Well, I’ll talk about it later.

3. The sounds

Other than the energizing, cool music at the background, and the sound of bullets fired, you would also hear a few Duterte lines randomly played. In addition, at the part where your score show up, you’ll hear Aling Dionesia (Pacquiao’s mom) sing wrecking ball.



1. No Instructions

Most games have. But welp, it’s a simple game, I guess you don’t need one.

2. No pause button

Yep. I can’t pause the game

3. You can’t switch ammos

Duterte keeps on walking, if you get a new ammo, you have no choice but to use it. If you get a grenade for example, you have no choice but to bomb the criminals. And mind you, the grenade is so hard to use. You can only throw it at a short distance which means you have to be near the criminals. And from my experience, you get killed while the grenade explodes. It’s still game over. For the shot guns, the trick is to save ammos or you can also try killing the enemies from afar before reaching the new weapon.


4. Duterte only has one life

While you have to kill the enemies with multiple shots, it only takes one attack to kill Duterte. It could be in the form of a punch, knife attack, a brick… So yep, be careful with your life coz once you’ve been hit, it’s game over. By the way, I thought that the badge was some sort of life since you’re kinda collecting it. Too bad it’s not. I’m not what it is for.


5. Nothing much to do

Buttons are literally left, right, and shoot/attack. That’s it! So it’s kinda like the simple form of Zombieville.


Still, I’m impressed for a game that is made in the Philippines and starring a Presidential candidate. If you’re used to the more complicated versions of this game like Zombieville, you might think it’s too simple though. But still, it’s entertaining. If you’re a Duterte supporter, why not give it a try?

My rating is:


It’s a cool game. Hopefully they’ll make it better by addressing the opportunities though.

Thank you for reading!


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