Makikinig Nalang Ako (Kay Bro Eli) Thoughts

Hello everyone!

There’s a new catchy song called “Makikinig Nalang Ako (Kay Bro Eli)” by anonymous _ posted in Youtube. For those non-English speakers, it translates to I’ll Just Listen (To Bro Eli).

The song is very cute and very catchy. The visuals are very well-made, the composition and is very cool and relaxed, And the whole song just left me repeating it over and over again. Other the song being very cute and catchy, I want to focus on how true and relateable the lyrics are. I hope that a lot of people would someday feel the same way me and my brothers feel.

The first stanza:

Nanood ako ng TV ng masumpungan
Ang isang taong may taglay na karunungan
Sinasagot ang iba’t ibang katanungan
At ito’y hindi hindi basta matututulan
Wala pa ngang five minutes nang siya’y mapakinggan
Marami na agad akong natututunan
At magmula noo’y di na tinantanan Mga sikat na programa… ni Brother Eli

I remember my parents telling me about the first time they watched Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path). They said that Papa’s office colleague introduced him to the program and since then, both of my parents were very interested in the program. They were feeling excited from the opening of the show ’till early morning when the program ends. Notes and Bible verses filled my father’s notebook which he reviewed after wards. You would be “addicted” if you may say to the program and you will feel that the question was answered just for you. That was the first time they saw a preacher who in every point he makes, will read a supporting verse from the Bible. Bro. Eli is not just all talk. When watching Ang Dating Daan, you can testify that the Bible Answers and Bro. Eli is just reading the answers from the Bible. Bro. Eli is the only preacher with a program who lets people ask questions regarding faith and the answer will be read from the Bible in a show called “Itanong Mo Kay Soriano” (Ask Soriano). The knowledge that you will acquire in just 5 minutes of watching Bro. Eli cannot be acquired by an hour of watching other shows. At the first time you watch his program, you can literally say “Wow, this guy knows the Bible from start to finish! And what he is saying is frankly true from the Bible!”. It’s true. Brother Eli does not use flowery words like other preachers, but he speaks of what is truly in the Bible whether you accept it or not. And there isn’t any biblical debate in which Brother Eli lost. Every debate shows that Brother Eli has the knowledge that came from God which is not in other preachers of false religions. You just need to open your mind and accept the wonderful explanation of the words of God that you won’t hear anywhere else. If you really want the truth that came directly from the Bible, watch Ang Dating Daan and compare what you hear from the teachings you hear in other religions.


Makikinig na lang ako kay Brother Eli
Manonood na lang ako kay Brother Eli
‘Di bale nang mapuyat sa sulit na palabas
Basta’t nasasagot lahat ng aking katanungan
Makikinig nalang ako kay Brother Eli
Manood nalang ako kay Brother Eli
Hindi ko titigilan kahit pa magdamagan
Sa Biblia lang ang kasagutan ni Brother Eli

If you are a person who is eager to seek the truth, and if you’re a person who is a lover of the words of God, you can literally listen to Bro. Eli all day. Like what is written in the Bible in Psalms 119: 103:

How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

The words of God are sweet to a person who is determined to seek the true faith. Like what Bro. Eli always say, the Bible is like God’s love letter to humanity.

Love letters straight from your heart
Keep us so near while apart
I’m not alone in the night
When I can have all the love you write

I memorize every line
And I kiss the name that you sign
And darling, then I read again right from the start
Love letters straight from your heart

Like how a woman cherishes and treasures the words of her admirer in the love letter, such is the feeling of a person who loves God who also cherishes, treasures, and is delighted by the words in the Bible. More so if you hear the Biblical explanation for the true faith which you can hear from Bro. Eli, the more that you’ll understand God’s love in the Bible.

The second stanza:

Finollow ko lahat official na accounts niya
Twitter, Facebook Youtube mga blogs na kay ganda
At kay tagal tagal tagal na pala niyang
gumagawa ng public service na ibang iba
Pang international scope ang mga broadcast niya
From the east to the west at 24/7 pa
Mapa-Spanish Portuguese anomang wika,
sinisikap paglingkulan ni Brother Eli

Unlike other presiding ministers in other religions, Bro. Eli tries his very best to be approachable to everybody and for the broadcast to be easily accessible to all. Broadcast and Bible Expositions are not only in the Philippines, but also in other countries and in different languages. Not only does Ang Dating Daan run 24/7 in some channels, but learning the words of God is also accessible through the internet in forms of videos in Youtube, blogs that Bro. Eli have written himself like, and Twitter posts where one can actually consult and ask a question to Bro. Eli. The preaching of God’s words is non-stop from social media sites, blogs, television shows, radio, Youtube, to non-stop Bible Exposition, to weekly gatherings and thanksgivings, and it also extends to public services. In my opinion (and also my brothers’ opinion), if Bro. Eli and Kuya Daniel Razon would become an elected public servant, there would be a lot of improvement in the Philippines. Why? Because they aren’t one and they have done non-stop public services in different forms. To enumerate them, there’s the: Libreng Sakay (Free bus ride), Clinic ni Kuya (free clinic consultation and some operation), Librang Sakay sa MRT (for seniors), Libreng Biblia, Libreng College (free everything from uniforms, text books, allowances), Transient Homes, Fund-raising concerts for the Fallen 44 for example, Brigada Eskwela, and etc. Encouraging people to praise God was also implemented in the form of a praise song writing competition called “A Song of Praise” (a.k.a. ASOP) which is open to amateur song writers. Now, those are non-stop services. Non-stop meaning all of them continues everyday and it costs money to do free Public Service. Now where do they get the money you ask? Other than the contributions of the members of the church (which does not suffice for the millions of dollars needed each month since according to our faith, we don’t force people to give tithes), Bro. Eli and Bro. Daniel also have their ways to earn money through small businesses. They’re not like other preachers who does not work. I’m proud to say that our preacher is not only a preacher who after preaching, rests, but our preacher is a diligent worker even for his age. He never thought of ceasing a public service just to save money, but with God’s help, he always tries to find a way to continue preaching and to do good works.


Wala na akong pakialam
sa naimbentong mga paninira sa kaniya
Panatag na sa Biblia
si Brother Eli’y may unawang wala sa iba…

What causes people to refrain from listening to Bro. Eli are the cases filed against him which were dismissed, rose back from the dead by unfaithful politicians who listens to large churches, and filed against him once again. None of the cases were proven to be true. They were just filed to stop Bro. Eli from preaching or for the broadcast to cease. But, if you are open-minded enough, you have to focus on the teachings and not some demonic lies. John 7: 17 says

Anyone who chooses to do the will of God will find out whether my teaching comes from God or whether I speak on my own.”

Compare what Bro. Eli preaches with what other religion preaches? Which is more biblical? Which is true and which is just something the false preachers invented? Base your observation on the Bible and not just some traditions or teachings invented by man.

Dalangin ko na kahit nasaan pa man
si Brother Eli ay palaging maingatan
At sana nga ay marami s’yang maaralan
na mga taong hanap ay katotohanan
Naniniwala akong siya ay kasangkapan
masagip ang katulad kong makasalanan
Nang makilala si Bro. Eli aking naramdamang
magpasalamat sa Dios.. na buhay at tunay

We do hope that, if God wills, Bro. Eli be with us until the day Christ returns. We do hope that in his old age, God always be with him and guides him everyday. I hope that God also opens the heart of my loved ones and my dear friends so that when they listen to Bro. Eli, they would also have the same faith inside the true Church. And that they may feel that same feeling we had when we heard the God’s words. And maybe, they can also sing this song! 🙂

Sa karunungan at unawang bigay kay Brother Eli
Lagi kong masasabing TO GOD BE THE GLORY…

Because of Bro. Eli’s teachings, more people became thankful to God!

To God be the Glory! Thanks be to God for all of his love, blessings, and guidance! Amen.



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