Youth Outing @Bon Bon Aqua

Thanks be to God for all his blessings, reminders, and love!

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, the youth of the Lokal of N. Domingo had an outing at Bon Bon Aqua in Bulacan. To be honest, I didn’t know about the outing because I’m not really familiar with the activities lined up – because I’m not really checking at the advisories. Thank God that I was private messaged in Facebook asking if I’m coming or not. I took it as an opportunity given by God for us to be active in youth activities again. I grabbed it and found ways to participate in the activity. Thank God for giving and leading us to participate in Church activities for a few consecutive times recently!

Because of that, we got to be with our fellow youth, especially with our childhood “barkadas”, and bond with them. Our childhood barkada since I was 5 years old is in the Church where we were always active in different activities. However, since we grew up and life became busy, though it is very embarrassing to say so, I admit that I haven’t been very active. I didn’t want that to happen forever. My wish is to be and remain active in the church for as long as God permits me to. And that, like in the old days, my barkada is my brothers and sisters inside the church, where we can do God’s will together. That’s why I really thank God for such opportunity given.


Since I shared what I’m thankful for, time for the fun part!

The outing was simple in a very simple resort. There were only two pools: a kiddie pool and a pool for non-kiddies. Lol. The pools each had two slides which leads to different pool “feets”. The bathroom was small and had only a few cubicles despite the very crowded place. Crowded as in, I have never seen such a crowded pool in my life! Haha. We rented a cottage which also had a grill. There was also a snack bar there which sells swimming garments, junkfood, and ice cream!



We swam, we slide, we took selfies, we took groupies, we took underwater selfies, and we took underwater groupies. Some of us learned how to swim somehow. I finally learned how to float (as in a vertical position without my feet touching the pool floor). The food prepared by the older youths were tasty: Liempo, Bangus, and Egg. We also got to force some of our friends to answer an MBTI personality test. Afterwards, we talked about ourselves in regard to our personalities, which lead to other topics like when we were kids, and etc. Too bad we didn’t get to videoke, that would be awesome!

Here are some pictures:







Again, all I can say is I thank God for this opportunity and may He give us more to come! It was truly a blessed day, something to keep in the deepest of our memories. (Wow). To God be all the Glory!


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