ENFP vs ISTJ – Drinking Juice Without a Straw Challenge



Me (an ENFP) and my sister (an ISTJ) bought 5 Zesto juices from a 7/11 store earlier. Later on, we realized that the cashier did not provide us with straws. So we were strawless but had no access to cups – or if we do have access, we’re too lazy to get one. Because of that, we decided to just drink the juice without a straw. The difference of how we did it is very interesting 😉

This is…

ENFP vs ISTJ – Drinking Juice Without a Straw Challenge

Edit: At the bottom, there’s an extra from an ISFP who also did the same thing


Challenger: ENFP
How she did it: Using a pen, the ENFP made a small hole in the middle of the pack which says “Put Straw here”
Result: The ballpen did not only pierce the front side but also left a hole at the back of the pack. The ENFP had to cover the hole at the back with her finger to prevent spilling at the wrong hole when she’s squeezing and sipping the juice. Because of the tiny size of the hole, the ENFP had a hard time drinking that it made her neck ache because of the effort it required. Later on when the pack was crumpled because of squeezing, juice squirted from the back of the pack straight to her nose.
Bottoms up: No. The ENFP had a hard time squeezing all the juice out of the tiny hole.
Satisfaction: Frustrated and hurt
Conclusion: Method is unwise


Challenger: ISTJ
How she did it: Using a pen, the ISTJ cut a hole at the side, cutting all the way through until she makes a big split, creating a large hole.
Result: Since there was a large hole, the juice was flowing smoothly which was very convenient for the ISTJ.
Bottoms up: Yes
Satisfaction: 4.5 (still prefers to use a straw)
Conclusion: Method is wise

In this challenge, it was clear that the ISTJ made the wiser decision. The ENFP should have copied the strategy as soon as she realized that it was better. But nooo ~ she stood up for being a weirdo.


My ISFP Dad also drank juice without straw afterwards:

Challenger: ISFP
How he did it: Using the scissors he found at home, he turned the juice pack upside down. He pierced the bottom with the scissors as if what the ENFP did with the pen to create a hole at the bottom. He then squeezed out the juice using both of his hands to pour to a glass
Bottoms up: Yes. Because he squeezed hard though he had a hard time
Satisfaction: So-so. I don’t think he cares as long as he get to drink using the glass
Conclusion: Method was better than ENFP’s. But it would be way better if the ISFP just used the scissors to easily cut a large hole so that the juice would pour out easily. Basically, do what the ISTJ did since the ISFP has the best resources: scissors and a glass.


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