Doodle Face Review


Title: Doodle Face
Developer: Doodle Mobile Ltd.
Genre: Avatar Maker

Hey guys!

I’m going to review another app here that I find great for making avatars. It’s actually easy to use and it does offer a lot of choices. People who has OCs (Original Characters) or just wanted to make a cartoon version of theirselves might want to try this app for fun. Apart from being an avatar maker, it also has a mini game that will let you play with your created avatar.

Here are some pictures I made using Doodle Face. I kinda made a skit of my uncle’s original story and used instamag to have it all together in one picture.




Let me enumerate my Likes and Opportunities then:


1. Easy to use
2. A lot of choices
3. Easy to save in the gallery


1. Could be better with more choices especially in the items that they are holding.
2. When you save the image, I’m not sure if it is just a glitch, but it replaces the image that you previously saved.
3. Text for bubble speech is super limited.

So yeah, since it’s an avatar maker, I have nothing much to say. Anyways, it’s not that excellent and mind blowing kind of app, but it is good for making easy avatars 🙂


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