MBTI Mind & Heart Conversation

Me and my friends were randomly talking about what the heart and mind would say based on our MBTI personality types. Just collected our thoughts on that chat. So here it is, from the INFP, ISTP, and the ENFP! =D



mind: kill
heart : don’t
mind:  but it’s necessary
heart: but that’s bad
mind: it’s what’s needed
heart: maybe
mind: so listen to me
heart: i know but i feel bad
mind: well sometimes what’s right isn’t always what feels right



Heart: Let it be.. but I’ll cry inside for all the lives that will be lost
Mind: Don’t. Stupid.
Heart: D; No I’m not
Mind: It’s why INFPs are a pain
Heart: No! You INTJs are as cold as ice.



Heart: hello?
Mind: what.
Heart: we haven’t spoken in a while..
Mind: yea, and?
Heart: just thought we should work together on this.
Mind: don’t worry about that I’ll Deal with everything, you just worry about beating.
Heart: uhh ok.
Mind: bye.


Heart: we need to save those ppl.
Mind: why.
Heart: no innocence should be treated that way.
Mind: it’s not wise.
Heart: …🙀
Mind: I guess sticking it to the man would make me feel a bit better. Fine let’s do it.



Mind: ooh! I just thought of something unique and exciting to do
Heart: oh my shocks! Lets do it! I love the idea!

Later on:
Heart: im not feeling excited bout this anymore. It looks boring now
Mind: okay lets stop. I dont think its nice anyway


Heart: I feel for the person. Although its wrong, isnt it kinda logical and valid coz its a human feeling?
Mind: yes. It does justify him. I mean he’s wrong but since we kinda get what he feels then i think its all good.

-hears opposing side-
Heart: i can also relate to this side.
Mind: Maybe the other person is wrong because this side is totally right and he makes sense.

-everything’s possible-
-thought bounces to opposing side like a tennis ball –



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