Batman V Superman Review

So here’s my review of the movie that a lot of people had waited for: Batman V Superman. I’m not a fan of DC Comics, Superman, nor Batman. But I happened to watch sufficient amount of movies to not be ignorant of basic information lol. And because of that, my review would be from a perspective of someone who is excited with all the action this movie would have but isn’t a fan of DC Comics so, don’t expect that I’ll be all fangirling and knowledgeable about stuff, because I’m not.

Let’s get started \(^0^)/ (There will be Spoilers!)



I can’t comment on whether it’s true to the comics or any of those stuff, so I’m just going to stick on non-fan perspective. For a non-fan, the first half or even maybe 2/3 of the movie was very slow and confusing. Fans might get it, but for me, it’s just like “what is happening?”. It’s interesting to see though that the conflict Batman and the Humanity are trying to address is that Superman is a very powerful alien who, even if he’s trying to do good, could be a potential threat to humanity. There were a lot of casualties when he fought General Zod and that started the “Superman Question” if he is actually good for humankind. On the other side, Superman wanted to expose who Batman is because of the latter’s method of justice, which is kind of brutal I guess. Meanwhile, Wonderwoman and Lex Luther has their own agenda. So, fine, the main conflict are kind of interesting. But it is still slow. Even my friend who liked the movie and is a fan of DC Comics told me that some people fell asleep before the good stuff happened. Now when did those good stuff start? For me, I think good stuff means before Batman and Superman fought. That can either be the scene where Superman stopped Batman in the Batmobile, or when Lex Luther blackmails superman that his mom is going to die if he doesn’t fight Batman. From them on, I admit that the story became interesting afterwards. It’s just that, the whole two-thirds of the movie is really slow.



The casting is good in my opinion. Superman is good, Batman is good, (and fans say Ben Affleck was great!) Wonderwoman is good, Lex Luther is also good. Lois Lane is okay for me, although my mom didn’t like the casting for both her and Superman (but that’s just my mom). Other characters are Doomsday, Flash (shown), Aquaman (shown), and Cyborg (shown) to prepare for the Justice League group I guess.


The cinematography is what you can expect from a Superman and Batman movie. It’s really great especially for the fight scenes. It’s just so exciting to see them fight, to see Superman overpowering Batman, and Batman weakening Superman with the kryptonite. We watched the movie in 3D and what I can say is that, it’s okay to watch in 3D but it’s not 3D material. It gives perspectives, depths, and it really brings out the closeup shots beautifully. If you have extra cash, why not watch it in 3D? But if you don’t, then just watch it in 2D. It didn’t really hurt my eyes too, I thought it was fine. My sister said otherwise though. She didn’t like it in 3D.


Other than normal looking dialogues, there are also some quotable lines like “Tell me, do you bleed?” (Batman) or “If I wanted it, you’d be dead already” (Superman). So, that’s good 🙂


Fight Scenes

The fight scenes are, again, very epic. Especially the most waited Batman vs Superman fight scene. Lex Luther keeps bringing up the analogy that the fight would be god vs man. Superman (the overpowered alien) vs Batman (the dark knight with kryptonite weapons). In addition, them defeating Doomsday with Wonderwoman is really good. I would totally repeat watching the fight scenes.



How I reacted before and after the movie 

Before watching the movie:

Me and my sister waiting to get inside: -observing the faces of the people who just got out from the cinema – Why do they look like they didn’t enjoy it? They all look disappointed… Was the movie not good?

After watching the movie:

Me and my sister: Oh that’s why! Coz they killed Superman! Look at everyone, they all looked like they just came from a funeral!

So, I asked my friend about that ending. I found out that in DC Comics, Superman was really killed by Doomsday and then he lives again. Well that’s fine, I know fandom, you can’t mess with the original story. It’s just that it was really sad because the last time you see Superman was he was dead. And it’s only the short coffin scene that confirmed he was alive (and you didn’t even see him alive).

Other stufff I want to share

  • I find it funny how Wonderwoman was laying low and not being Wonderwoman too much. She looked like she was just forced by circumstances (Batman questioning who she is, and the fact that her help was needed) to be Wonderwoman again when she doesn’t want to be found.
  • Even if this is the start of Justice League, for people who are non-fans, I don’t think it’s really that necessary to show Cyborg, Aquaman, and Flash. But I guess it’s fine because it’s just a short scene.
  • Batman said something like “Humanity is still good” or something like that. And then the scene shows people mourning for Superman. I hope they have explored or shown more about that idea. My impression of the short scene of people actually mourning for Superman after they question him if he is needed on Earth and making rallies that they don’t want Superman, is that people are plastics and unsatisfied in anything. It’s like, Superman saves them: they’re unsatisfied. Superman dies, they mourn. Who knows? They can be angry at Batman next? People are just violent… Tsk tsk (joke!)


My rating for this movie is:


I mean, I would definitely watch the movie again! Starting at 3/3 of the movie: where Superman and Batman actually fights. But the slowness of the pace of the first half of the movie is really a downside, especially for non-fans who are having trouble understanding what’s happening. If I were to rate the second half of the movie, I’d say it’s 4.5/5 because of the epic fight scenes. But then again, I’m rating the whole movie.

So there, again, I might have said something not agreeable or wrong because of my lack of knowledge on Superman and Batman. But I believe that a movie should still be good even for non-fans. And for me, half of the movie is confusing. We felt as if we were waiting too long for the good stuff to happen.

Welp, thank you for reading!


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