Our Personal Space Review

Title: Our Personal Space
Developer: Metasepia Games
Genre: Visual Novel, Sci-Fi, Romance, Choose Your Own Story


Hey Guys!

I just want to share with you this awesome game I played, called Our Personal Space. It’s a Sci-Fi/ Romance Visual Novel in which you’ll be playing Kelly (renamable character, mine is called Koi) as she goes through her marriage with Jack (renamable husband, mine is called Yuan) while living as a colonist in a newly discovered Garden Planet called Talaam. For this review, I’m going to call the characters Koi and Yuan (just because it’s my blog. Haha!)

The story starts with Yuan asking Koi to marry him and leave Earth to start a new life as colonists in Talaam. The government needed couples and families who would populate Talaam. Farmers like Yuan and a person with the protagonist’s job are also needed. koi decided to go with Yuan, of course, and they would meet other colonists, deal with challenges in living in an alien planet, and also deal with social/life problems such as your love life. In the game, you would have 25 Talaam months that you would need to survive before another ship from Earth returns with new supplies and new set of colonists.


So since I enjoyed it so much, I would like to share my opinion on this game: Pros, Cons, and Rating. So, here it is!

What I like about the game:

1. A lot of choices with a lot of different outcomes

Unlike the usual visual novels or otome games in which your choices doesn’t have that much effect on the game (except for points that would lead to available endings), Our Personal Space’s choices does have a major effect on how the story would go. At the start of each month, you would have to pick what Koi would do for the whole month. Decisions are divided into three parts: 1. Work 2. Skill progression, and 3. Free Time. In the Work section, you get to choose if you’ll concentrate on work or take it easy. In Skill Progression, you get to choose which skill to focus on to help the community. And lastly, free time is either spending it together with your husband or spending it alone which is less stressful. Your time with your husband and the choices you make will effect your relationship with him. The scenes will also depend on the choices that you make. After free time, there is also an event which is kind of like the main story.



2. Interesting Story

Sci-Fis and Romances are always interesting. But other than that, this game has a lot to offer. The characters you’ll meet are very interesting and the story progression does have a lot of surprises. There are also dark themes both in the main story and on the scenes depending on the choices you made. Spoiler alert! One of the characters will die, there are murder themes, scenes that you have to be one of the jury in a trial, having a baby with another man, having a divorce, etc. Again, there is a lot to offer. And once you finish the game for the first time, it is fun to experiment on other options.


3. Character profiling is very personalized

Compared to other visual novels, character profiling on this game is very personalized. At the very start of the game, you’d get to choose your character’s occupation, if she works in a hospital, classroom, car repair shop, etc… which will also be her job in Talaam. Of course, the scenes will depend in your occupation. In addition, you get to choose how you love birds can call each other. At the end, your baby can also be named.



4. Beautiful Dialogues

The dialogues are perfect, engaging, lovely, and all the wonderful adjectives I can think about!


5. Different Endings

I haven’t experimented around but I researched that there are various endings, depending again on your relationship with your husband and how you helped the community.



Game Opportunities

1. Art

Well, the art isn’t anything fancy like the gorgeous men in Otome Games. It’s kinda more doodle-ish if you’re used to those fancy art games. But, who cares?! It’s an opportunity for the game but I don’t really care. The story and game play will not let you care much for the art. I guess, thinking positively about it, it could be the game’s signature art!


2. Game is so short

If you’re so engaged with the story, 25 months is kinda short. Once you finish the game, you can play Game+ which will kinda keep your skills but you have to start the game over. So, yup, it left me hanging and wanting for more 😦 I WANT MOOORRRREEE!!!


In conclusion, I would rate Our Personal Space as 5/5!!! I love it! I want a sequel! I want to play it in a role play! And I suggest everyone to try it out!


Kudos to the Developers! 😉


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