Me as an ENFP (10 Descriptions)


So, I decided to just go over some descriptions of an ENFP and comment on how much of it is true with me 🙂

Just in case you didn’t know what I’m talking about, ENFP is one of the 16 Personality Types in MBTI or Myers-Briggs Personality Test thingy. I took the test a couple of times through different sources and, yup, I’m an ENFP.


Okay, let’s get started 😀

1. Spontaneous

Yes. That’s true. It’s like I don’t need so much preparation for something. I’m not that shy that I have to think of what to say, what the game plan is, etc. Of course I’m not a master in everything and planning is still important. But somehow, I can manage through without it. And sometimes, I just start something without even planning about it. I just, wanna do it.

2. Always starting a project but having a hard time to see it through

Mhm. I derive satisfaction from starting projects. In some online community, I’m even a pioneer at starting stuff (and I do become somewhat popular because of it). It’s like, I have a bunch of ideas I want to start doing. Sometimes, I just get fired up about something out of nowhere. And once I’m fired up, I start it right away and I have to finish it right away (if possible, on the same day or ASAP). If I don’t finish it right away, I have a big tendency to get bored and just not finish it.

3. Easily Bored

Yes. One time I’m ENJOYING doing something, but snap, I’m bored. I wanna do something else. For example, I’m talking to my bestfriend and having a good time on the chat, and snap, I’m bored. I just leave the chat or turn the WiFi off and FIND something else to do. And it might take me hours of finding the right stuff that can entertain me. Another example is me playing a new game I enjoy for hours, and snap, I just don’t feel like it anymore. Uninstalls app. That’s how messed up I am…

4. Can seem flirty

Well, I don’t look and act flirty at all. But I guess I can say that me being comfortable with casual talk to people, even for people I just met, is being… uhh… Touchy? I also love giving nicknames. Not as an insult or whatever. It’s just for fun. In other words I’m not THAT shy with strangers.

5. Poor Practical Skills

Very true. I just don’t mess with bills and chores around the house. Whenever my whole family is having a conversation about budgeting, I don’t participate. I just give them how much they need and they do the rest for allocation (My ISTJ sister is actually in charge of it haha). Details are also not my thing. It’s like a no-no allergy for me.

6. All Possibilities

Correct. I doubt myself all the time (not in an emo way). For example, I know something and I’m kinda sure about it. I won’t rate myself as 100% sure, maybe just a 95% if I’m quite sure about it. I always leave room for doubts or errors. Which is kinda not good coz I always use, “maybe”, “kinda”, “I think”, “I’m not sure” as disclaimers haha!

7. Enthusiastic and full of energy

Everyone who knows me can testify that. Working as a customer care representative, I get those adjectives all the time. They say my energy is consistent for all of the calls I took, which is great especially in my line of work.

8. Attracted to opposite personality types like INTJs

I can’t testify much here coz I haven’t been deeply attracted to somebody in real life. I get attracted to fictional characters though. And what I noticed is, I’m very attracted to ENFP types instead of INTJs. My fictional crushes are mostly ENFPs. Is that normal? Or is it because it’s just fiction?

9. Weirdos

We’re not freaks but I guess we look like the weirdest people of all MBTI types. I mean personally, I look weird to others. Maybe it’s because I seem to have my own world, I’m not THAT shy to do weird things in public, and we’re all about being authentic? So, maybe that’s why we look weird. Coz we’re being our goofy  , ball of ideas, spontaneous, enthusiastic selves and we’re not afraid to show that in public.

10. Has a child-like wonder on things

True. I often think about how common things in life work. I researched on random stuff such as history of sanitary napkins, ant colonies, how X-ray works, etc. Anything that sparks my curiosity! And I get easily impressed by stuff too!

I’ll put an extra…

11. Hates mundane tasks/schedules

Yes!!! It kills me! Anytime I know that I’m not “free” enough coz I have to go somewhere else later (even if I just have to spend 2 hours on that place), I get depressed. I feel like I have to satisfy and enjoy myself quickly before going to that place. I feel under the weather with a lot of tasks. I feel like someone with a fatal disease and I’m just down. I think this is my number one factor of depression (other than being bored or not being able to bond with my loved ones).

So there you go, me testifying of how my ENFPness works for me.

Thank you for reading


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