The World’s Most Dangerous Sinkhole

I love to watch amazing facts on YouTube with my sister. I especially love Top 10 Videos which just gives you so many mind blowing facts about the world not many people know about. It’s just fascinating!

One of the searches we had fun watching though are videos about Sinkholes: the most dangerous, the largest, the most weird sinkholes in the world. And it just gives you so much insight about how stunning, amazing, but at the same time very dangerous sinkholes are. Some are due to natural activities (such as the normal sinkholes which forms huge holes in the middle of the city, eating houses and communities), some are man made (such as the sinkhole in the dam).


Another amazing hole (even though it’s totally off topic) is the Kola Superdeep Borehole, which is considered to be the world’s deepest hole. Though its diameter is just 9 inches, it extends up to 40,230 feet underground or 7.5 miles. It was drilled by Soviets during the Cold War era in an attempt to get closer to the Earth’s crust


Kola Superdeep Borehole

Learning from all this, we thought that though all of those holes are dangerous, nothing can beat the World’s most dangerous Sinkhole!

First of all, let’s define some words, what is a Sinkhole?

According to The Free Dictionary, the definition of a sinkhole in Physical Geology is  “a depression in the ground surface, esp in limestone,where a surface stream disappears underground”. Another definition is that it is a place into which foul matter runs”. With those definition, let us now answer our question. What could possibly be the most dangerous depression in the surface, where the surface disappears, and where foul matter runs?

The answer is actually near us, it’s Tooth Cavities!


Kola Superdeep Borehole

According to Mayo Clinic, “Cavities are permanently damaged areas in the hard surface of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes.”. They are also holes which can cause huge damage to your life if we are not aware that it is the most dangerous sinkhole.

Cavity is formed from the root word “Cave”. See the resemblance? It is in fact a cave which can really hurt if it is not prevented. Just like a lot of the common sinkholes we saw on the video in which sinkholes are usually the effect of mining, Tooth cavities are also caused by mining (Refer to the picture below). Bacteria dig your teeth deeper and deeper until there is a vivid cavity on it.


Art of Miners digging the Tooth

Sinkholes can be physically dangerous. Both nature-made sinkholes, man-made sinkholes, and tooth cavities can cause dangers to the health and can be fatal. The difference is that the common sinkholes we know off will kill you in an instant. It might be deep but I don’t think it’s that deep that it’s very close to the Earth’s crust. To be more specific, according to, the Kola Superdeep Borehole has  a distance of half the distance or less to the Earth’s mantle or the Earth’s heart, which is is clearly defeated by how deep tooth cavities can go. Tooth Cavities can reach a human’s heart. According to Banner Health, poor dental hygiene can cause bacteria to grow inside your mouth, entering the bloodstream, which can cause some severe heart problems. So, while common sinkholes can kill you in a snap, Tooth cavities will make you suffer first from tooth aches, severe heart problems, and bad breathe.


Cavity Reaching the Bloodstream

What’s worse is that, even if the huge sinkholes we saw on the video can kill a lot of people, the possible victims are so much smaller than the possible victims of Tooth Cavities. Babies, Children, Young Adults, Adults, and Elderly can suffer from Tooth Cavities. Unlike common sinkholes which one should be safer considering that the place they’re standing on is sturdy, Tooth cavities can hit you wherever you are. In addition, Tooth cavities can hit you more than once as you have 32 teeth in total! You have a lot to suffer from without prevention!

Fortunately, being the most dangerous sinkhole doesn’t mean that it’s also the most inevitable. Tooth cavities can surely be avoided with the proper care and hygiene. But always remember to not underestimate this small but terrible hole, the most dangerous hole, the Tooth Cavity!




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