Momarco Resort Review

We decided to have our team building in Momarco Resort in Tanay. This is the first time I’m making a blog about a specific place and review it. Haha. Anyways, I’m not the one who made the itinerary and all those specifics, so I’m not sure about the prices and other details. Still, let’s begin XD

The place was quite far from society and it does take a long drive to get to the resort. From and To Manila takes about 2 hours and a half till you reach the uncemented street with a sign pointing to Momarco. From that sign, it will take a while driving (while seeing horses and goats on the road) till you get to the guard at the toll gate who is going to check the car. Upon passing the guard, it will still take some time driving through the uncemented street till you get to the resort itself.




In all fairness, Momarco is very photogenic and spacious. It’s lovely to see and it’s good for group vacations. It also has a lot of huts (near the pool) where you and your group can eat lunch. There are two electric outlets per hut so, that’s actually nice. The huts are quite spacious too and can perfectly fit a large group of people. I also saw one group renting out a karaoke for a hut. Near the huts, there are also showers and sinks if you need to change or wash the dishes. Between the huts is a wide space, perfect for team building games.



Momarco has one big pool. (I think there’s also a smaller pool at the other side of the bridge but I’m not sure). The pool is quite clean and its design and surroundings are lovely. Around it, there a lot of lounges.

What’s nice about Momarco is that due to its distance (I guess), its not crowded. Though a lot of people do go to Momarco, its quiet compared to other resorts. You will truly get some relaxation and some quiet time in Momarco.

The rooms though, is very plain and, well, it looks like a hospital cabin. They are quite far from the pool and you’d need to hike your way up to some rooms. Our room, for example, is very far from the pool. You would need to climb a lot of stairs to get there. There are also showers on the way to the room beside the stairs.



I’m not sure if there are “hotel-like” rooms in Momarco. But what we got is a room with 5 double deck beds (good for 10 people). You can also request for extra mattresses. Anyways, each bed has one pillow, and a blanket (not that cozy but I guess it’s okay). They also have towels available. The room is air conditioned and has one bathroom (with a washer :D). It also has a lot of power outlets. Unfortunately, there is no TV 😦 It does have plastic chairs and tables inside though. Outside the room, a grill is also available.

Other activities in Momarco also includes biking, other sport activities, and also a mini zoo.

If you want to go out of Momarco by yourself, and don’t want to walk through the long, long road, then you can also ride a tricycle for P150 which will take you to Tanay Market.

So, that’s it! I’d rate Momarco resort 3/5. It’s a nice place. It’s photogenic, quiet, and not really crowded. It’s good for team buildings and family outings. However, it’s an average resort. The rooms are not what you will expect for a nice vacation and it’s quite far from the pools. The cost of the rooms are more that what you can expect of it. It is very far but I guess it’s good if you want to be one with nature 🙂


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