My Life as a Night Shift Customer Service Representative

Hey guys, I’ve been working as a Night Shift Customer service representative for a while. I’m not tenured but my current job is my second call center experience. I still prefer the day shift rather than the night, and a non-voice job instead of a voice. But nevertheless, it’s still a good experience. So, I want to share it with you. I’ll also just enumerate them randomly. Haha



1) Unlike other jobs, night shift voice jobs pays you $$$$ very well. If you’re hungry for money this is the job for you. Voice jobs are already high paying, more so if it’s on the night shift where there are night differentials as part of your salary. In addition, customer service jobs usually have incentives, raffles, prizes, and recognitions.

2) No traffic. Here in the Philippines, it’s aaaaalways traffic. But on the night shift, you’ll get to your workplace in a much lesser time. Not to mention, you won’t experience the sun’s heat on the way to work, making you look more fresh on the job.

3) Unlike other jobs in which your work might be pending and you would have to continue it on the next shift, and you have to think about reports for your boss and all those things, a customer representative’s job is more simple in a way. After a call, you won’t have to worry about the concern anymore, it’s going to be an entirely different call. After your shift, it’s another day tomorrow. So you don’t have any undone works.

4) It feels like you have a lot of time or your weekends feel longer. You know why? At night shift, you’re awake and active. Once you get home from your job, since it’s daytime, and you feel like doing stuff at day time, you’d probably still be active. If you have not fully transformed to a night person who would still sleep at night even on weekends, then it would feel like you have longer weekends. In my experience, for example, I’m awake on the Friday shift at night, come Saturday morning and it’s already weekend, you’re in the weekend mode (which if you want to enjoy your weekend as much as you can and give lesser importance to sleep, you’d probably wait for the night again ’till you go to sleep since you’d probably want to sleep together with your family), so you’re also awake and active for the whole Saturday until you sleep at night. Sunday comes and you’re also awake in the morning and sleep at night. By Monday you’re also awake by day (and maybe nap a little), ’cause it’s not until night that you have to go to work. So it will feel like your weekends are: Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.

5) No voice or laryngitis is enough reason for sick leave. Unlike office works, you would need your voice for this type of job. Having no voice or having a hoarse voice is already a good reason for a sick leave. It wouldn’t be considered a sick leave in other jobs.


1) Working at night is seeing your family who is working at day time 1-4 hours a day in average depending on your job schedules. It’s like returning home from work in the morning to see them go to work, and vice versa. The only chance you’d get to be with your loved ones and sleep together with them is on the weekend. And again, you have limited time for each other on the weekdays.

2) You’ll probably be sleep deprived. You have to sleep at night but your mind is excited that it’s already daytime, the natural time for you to be active. Hence, you’ll probably be active by night AND by day. By the time you realize you have to go to sleep, there are only a few hours left.

3) Naturally, it’s harder to sleep by day due to the sunlight, the noises, and your mind being aware that it is daytime.

4) You’ll learn to count how many hours you have left to sleep. For me, even if I haven’t gone to sleep yet, I usually panic when I’m thinking “Oh no, x hours to go and I have to wake up!”, and I haven’t even slept yet! I also noticed that in a day job, even if you have to wake up by 6am, for example, and you slept by 12mn or 1am, it’s alright and it feels pretty normal. But when I was already on the night shift, I panic at how many hours I have left to sleep.

5) It feels like there’s no vivid line between yesterday and today. In the day shift, once you sleep and it passes midnight and you wake up in the morning, it clearly distinguishes yesterday from today. But on the night shift, you go home from work on a tuesday morning,for example, sleep, and wake up also at tuesday night. So even if you slept well, there’s no vivid difference between the two days. It feels like you just took a nap.

6) Having a VL or Vacation Leave between weekdays is kinda sad if you think about it. Let’s say your VL is Wednesday night. From your Tuesday shift, you go home at Wednesday morning, being on VL mode. You don’t go to work on Wednesday night, but if you think about it, you have to go to work tomorrow, Thursday night. So it’s kinda like, “I was in the office Wednesday morning, and now I’m in the office again Thursday night”. Worst is if because you wanted to sleep, after the Tuesday shift, you sleep at Wednesday morning. When you wake up on the afternoon or at night, you’d probably miss sleeping at night so you’ll be sleeping again at Wednesday night with you family. Come Thursday, preparing for the night shift, you have to sleep once again in the afternoon to reserve energy. So it’s like 3 sleeps in one VL. If you don’t want to be all sleeps though and you just want to sleep at night, you’ll have to be in Zombie mode, staying awake for 24 hours (woke up at night, sleeping at night).

7) Prone to getting fat. Other than stress, and high salary as the reason for always eating on the night shift, there is also a problem with how many times you eat. On my previous job, I noticed that I eat 2 lunches! I eat lunch at work (at night), and when I go home, I also eat lunch with my family. So you’ll have two lunches, a breakfast, a dinner, and if there are snacks, then that’s even worse.

8) Disturbing your body clock. Sleeping at daylight on the weekdays and sleeping at night on the weekends disturbs your body clock. It will make your body find sleeping at a specific time more difficult. It could tell you to be active by day because you do it on the weekends, making you sleep deprived in the weekday when you actually need sleep at day.


Working night shift might have a major change in your life, coz it occurred to me at one time. If you’re already used to the night shift, the sun or the light will feel like it’s hurting your eyes, causing your eyes to grow tired, hence making you sleepy. While at night, there’s no intense light so your eyes doesn’t hurt and you’re wide awake. It alters how you get sleepy, the sun becomes a sleepiness factor.

It looks like I have a lot of ramblings about this kind of job (having more cons than pros here haha). I have to admit though, it is a life changing experience. Because working as a customer service representative enhances a lot of skills: Multi-tasking, critical thinking, problem solving, people relationship, and my English. Haha! So I’m happy I got to increase my skills a little. However, I’d still be dreaming of the normal day shift.


Some memes for fun:






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