English-Filipino Lesson (Basic 1)

Hi! Here’s my new agenda (and hopefully my ENFP flakiness doesn’t get bored on this project). I’m going to teach Filipino for English speakers, DUOLINGO STYLE!

What do I mean Duolingo Style?

Basically, I’m going to try to imitate Duolingo’s style of teaching and lesson categories but the difference is that, it will be for teaching Filipino, which is not in Duolingo yet. Also, quizzes and hands on translation is impossible since this is a blog. But! Let’s just try this and see if anyone is interested (though I have imaginary readers).

How I will do it:
1) Enumerate the vocabularies
2) Give examples of sentence constructions
3) Place some notes
4) Imagine that you’re learning

Let’s start!



Lesson 1 of 3:

Ang – The
Lalake – Man
Babae – Woman
Ako – I
Ay – Am
Isang – A/An
Batang lalake – Boy
Batang babae – Girl


The boy
Ang lalake

The woman
Ang babae

The girl
Ang batang babae

A girl
Isang batang babae

A boy
Isang batang lalake

I am a boy
Ako ay isang batang lalake

Lesson 2 of 3:

Siya – He
Ay – Is
Siya – She
Kumakain – Eats
Ikaw – You
Mansanas – Apple
Ka – You (Common sentence form)

*Common sentence – When subject is after the predicate
*Uncommon sentence – When subject is before the predicate
*Both are correct in most cases (if not all)


The apple
Ang mansanas

You are a man
Lalake ka/ Ikaw ay isang lalake

She is eating
Kumakain siya/ Siya ay kumakain

You are eating
Kumakain ka/ Ikaw ay kumakain

He is a man
Siya ay isang lalake/ Lalake siya

She is a woman
Babae siya/ Siya ay isang babae

He is a boy
Siya ay isang batang lalake/ Isang batang lalake siya

An apple
Isang mansanas

Lessons 3 or 3:

Tinapay – Bread
Tubig – Water
Gatas – Milk
Umiinom – Drink


The milk
Ang gatas

I am drinking
Umiinom ako/ Ako ay umiinom

I am eating
Kumakain ako/ Ako ay kumakain

He eats bread
Kumakain siya ng tinapay

The woman drinks water
Ang babae ay umiinom ng tubig

I eat an apple
Kumakain ako ng mansanas


That’s it, my imaginary students!

If you aren’t imaginary and you want to learn more, comment, or make me your personal teacher for some reason and make assignments for  you to answer, feel free to contact me 😀

To access other lessons, please go to the Teaching Tagalog category.

Thank you!


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