Game Energy Coincides with Science

Hi! I’m a gamer. But not a hardcore gamer. I’m also a thinker. But not in the sense that I always think. And so I thought that games have some scientific basis. That’s why, on this blog post, I’m going to talk about game energy.


Now what is Game Energy?

For those who don’t know, Game Energy are the energy used in games. You use that to stuff that you have to do. Exhausting the energy will make you unable to do the major things in the game. In most games, you get an x number of energy stocks in a day, and you need x number of energy to fulfill an action. You can use all the energy you want until you get exhausted. In some games, energy is named differently, but most of the time, they can me in the yellow bolt icon (or sometimes a battery).

Now, why do you say it coincides with Science?

If you’re an experienced gamer, you know for sure that energy is gained in different methods, and I’ll enumerate them for you. However, one thing is for sure: Science says Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.

Here are the usual ways you can earn and exhaust energy:

1) Wait. Just like the real world, energy can be formed with time. Depending on the game, you will usually have one full energy or more in one day, gaining one energy point in x number of minutes. The same goes for real life.

2) Buy. Tired of waiting for energy? You can buy it using cash. In real life, if you don’t want to rest because you have to do something and you need energy to buy energy drinks or fruits or what have you to stay awake. Like so, in games, you can buy different items that will somehow replenish your energy. The more expensive the item is, the more energy it gives.

3) Ask. In some games, you can ask friends for energy and hopefully, they’d be so kind hearted to spend some of their time to give you some. The same with real life where you can ask your friends for a massage or the likes to keep you alive.

4) Tap on items. In a few games, like Kim Kardashian, you can actually tap on items on the street and see if you’ll get energy, cash, or nothing. If you think about it, crazy acts can wake you up in real life. Say you’re so tired, and you just decided to tap on things, dance around, and act crazy, I bet some of your energy will restore somehow.

5) Earn. Energies can also be earned as an award in games. If you successfully completed a task, sometimes you’re rewarded with energy. In the real life, a feeling of accomplishment after completing a task will hype you up and make you feel happy. The feeling of fulfillment will give you energy to do more.

And how are energies removed? Well, just use them. Work and work until you have no more energy. And then you can just rest or do the things above to do more.

So again, energy can be gained in so many ways. I bet there are more other than the ones I stated above, but one thing is for sure: Energy cannot be created even in a game. Also, you can exhaust energy but it can never be destroyed. Hence, Game Energies are scientific.

Oh by the way! I forgot to tell that other than being a gamer and a thinker, I also have a lot of nonsense. Nonsense that I have thought well. Nonsense that I want to shae with the world. And I hope you learned something. Thank you for reading 🙂


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