The Greatest Creator

Hi! I am the type of person who, from time to time, can’t help but just think about how beautiful the world is. How well-planned, well-maintained, and wonderful everything works! That’s why, here’s a poem I created to express my feelings and thoughts regarding that. To God be the Glory!


The Greatest Creator

One can appreciate well-made creations
A song, a science project, or an internet sensation
A house well-built, a poem, or a really good movie
But ever wondered who the greatest creator could be?12735890_10153379112856592_249935079_n

Marvel at the stars, see how splendid they shine
Or the planets and constellations perfectly aligned
How great is the mechanism of the outer space
Where planets have their own line and has its own place

Observe how the planets are round in shape12695887_10153379113571592_972228771_n
And how the perfect distance of the Earth from its surroundings makes it safe
Think about how day and night are in line
With humans natural body clock and time

Look at the Earth and everything it contains
From animals to plants, not all have been named994875_663519917008664_2099869171_n
Ask a scientist and he would say
That less than fifteen percent of all species have been named as of today

Appreciate how regular precipitation is
Or how when the ocean reaches the shore it will cease
Look at how different one creature is from another
Ecology will tell how everything supports each other12695826_10153379114881592_957595249_n

Humans breathe oxygen and expels carbon dioxide
Which is exactly what plants need, and oxygen again is what they provide
You just have to look at yourself and you will see
How marvelous a human’s blueprint can be

All of our parts are perfectly in place12736077_10153379116486592_380680287_n
It would be a disaster if it was put in another way
Fingers in different sizes align
When we’re picking something up it’s all perfectly fine

Appreciate how we humans heat up in a fever
Or categorizing what is needed and what is waste is up to our liver
Look at the protection made for a babe
When inside the mom’s tummy he’s in a perfect cave

Look at how humans have different faces 12736076_10153379117096592_1837756898_n
Unique fingerprints, voices, talents, and races
Vision, Smell, Hearing, Taste, Feelings, and Touch
Makes you say that human-made robots cannot  match

So what Big Bang Theory is this being taught in school
It’s nonsense and an idea made by a fool
“A large quantity of nothing decided to pack tightly together”
When did nothing have quantity and agreed to gather?

When accidents happen its usually nasty
It doesn’t make perfect things filled with beauty
Our world and all its creatures are not made out of an accident
It is from the wisest Creator’s will and intent


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