What if José Rizal had Facebook?

Lol this is so amazing! I want to make an rp facebook! anyone interested?

i speak. i write. i sing.

It is no surprise that Filipinos love to laugh and joke around. I mean, we (including myself) find something to laugh about at almost everything we see, hear, and feel around us. We can pull a joke out of calamities, politicians, celebrities, tv ads, etc. all in the name of fun. No wonder why in the Philippines if you scan the local TV channels you can always see gag shows, comedic sitcoms, and tv commercials that will surely tickle a funny bone out of you. Oh well, maybe that’s what separates us Filipinos from other people around the world.

This blog post is all about “what if”. Facebook has been around for just a couple of years and it’s gaining more popularity now more that it has been in the past. These snippets of photographs were taken from a few sources that I find totally hilarious. Looking and laughing at…

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