Resigning from my First Job

Another new experience

I just made my first ever resignation effective December 5, 2014. Last day of work was Dec 4. Another new experience in my life that turned out a little different from how I pictured it out to be, in a positive way that is.

Pre-handing out resignation letter
Honestly, I was excited and determined to quit the job months prior to actually quitting. I was just waiting to have a year in the company as a courtesy, and then I leave. On the other side, conflicts arose such as: my current company is already one of the best (internationally), I have no job that I can replace it with yet, not to mention I don’t really exert much effort in job hunting, and traffic going to work with a day job is such a hassle. I also had conflict with which date should I put the effectivity of my resignation (coz my salary might be put on hold and I might not get the bonuses). Still, I was excited to leave.

During the 30 Days of Rendering
It was quite exciting knowing that I can finally start an official countdown for a proper way of rendering. I was also scared because I still don’t have another job as a replacement. I also found it cute and heart-warming that I heard nothing from my colleagues everyday, especially from my team mates, except ”magreretract na yan”, or ”i-email ko na ba si TL na magreretract ka na?”, asking me to stay. I also volunteered to update the stat board everyday and to report who does not update it (super fun).

On my last week
Again, heard nothing but people asking me to retract (until the last day of work). I really felt  loved ♡. Repeated Q & A of ”I heard you’re resigning”, ”When?”, ”Why?” was also coming more often. Additional reason for retracting also took part: my large salary raise, which looked so handsome. That was also the week when my father agreed to let me job hunt after my resignation.


What I expected was:

”at last my dreams come true.
I knew, i knew, i knew
It would be… TODAY!!!”


A brand new start, a pallet cleanse
”As fresh as lime sorbet
Last night i was a m0nster
But this morning
This morning
This morning im okay! ”

。。。 Both songs from Shrek the Musical


It was a mixed emotion of sadness and happiness.

Happiness obviously because I dreamed of leaving for months now, and that was the day!

Sadness because I will have to say my final farewell to my wonderful workmates who have been my dear friends. They supported me and they felt like family. They had been very wonderful! Not only to my team, I would also have to say goodbye to everybody in that project. In the end, I had to let them know my thanks through a farewell group message.

It didn’t turn out to be as ”free”-ing as I pictured it out to be. But nevertheless, I felt blessed for the call center experience.

I learned A LOT and I will certainly miss a lot, such as the angry customers, speaking in english, assisting concerns, and being known in work as ”Let it go☆”. Thank God for that wonderful experience! Will cherish it! ♡




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