NCR KKTK Choir General Assembly

Last December 7, a general assembly for KKTK choirs was held in La Verdad Caloocan. It had the theme #WalangIwanan emphasizing the importance of never forgetting your function in the Church. A lot of choir members attended that the number of people exceeded the number of the chairs. Boys and girls had to either stand up, sit on the floor, or sit uncomfortably on a chair that you had to share space with others. But that inconvenience was totally worth the lessons I learned that day.

All I can say after all that was…

Thanks be to Him for giving me the opportunity to return to the function. Thanks be to Him for enduring me even though I’m such a hard-headed person. Thanks be to Him for not forgetting me, and for the abundant love He had for me. Thanks be to him for always letting me feel that He is always there even if I know that I am so not worthy of His attention. Thanks be to God that He forced the circumstances. He made a way to make sure I end up attending even though I admit that I was trying to avoid it. Thanks be to God for my bestfriend and also my sister in the spirit who, I know, loves me a lot and does her best to put us back on track. She was an instrument God used to invite us to the event, diligently fetched and took us home, and had been with us always.

I can’t enumerate how much I’m thankful for that one night. It meant a lot to me. I learned so much! I was touched! And I remembered what was important in life and what gave meaning and colors to my life, just at that time when I was already starting to see how unmeaningful my life was without any function. Just when I was beginning to lose track and I was already finding myself in a dangerous situation, I was saved. And I pray that, God help me, I would not go astray again. May God’s words stay in my heart forever.

Thanks be to God! The Glory will ALWAYS be with Him!


One thought on “NCR KKTK Choir General Assembly

  1. God’s love is just so big that even if we are unworthy of His love, He extends to us and let us in his vast room of love. Thanks be to God ❤


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