Your father’s YES


Afraid that your dear father will say no to your request? Yes that’s natural. But don’t think that your request will never be granted. You know why? Because…

Your father loves you
With the right (true)explanation and a sincere way of asking a favor, a father could not resist you. If it’s not that big of a deal, he will grant your request even if his stand is firm. After all, you’re his baby girl (or boy). He has been granting your wishes since you were born. Just don’t get angry at him if he doesn’t grant that. Remember that every responsible father always says ”no” especially if it’s bad for you. Imagine a father who always says yes. That’s so irresponsible and clearly he doesn’t care much about you or his doing child-raising completely wrong. On the other side, if you believe you’re right, just talk to him and help him understand your view. Just be sure to also understand him.

Your father loves being your father
Just like a teacher who deep inside wants the student to acknowledge who they got their skills from, meaning, who their teacher is, a father also wants you to acknowledge who your father is. He doesn’t only appreciate you acknowledging him by fearing him, he also loves you asking him a favor. It’s like a sense of … ”I’m her father. She asks for my consent”. That makes a parent happy. So a little tip is to acknowledge him as you ask. 
E.g. ”Papa, is it ok if… Dahdahdah?” (๑´• ₃ •̀๑)

Thank God for parents who have natural instincts to care for you and love you. Parents are amazing! They love you endlessly! They are so full of love that you JUST HAVE to give the same.

One thing I learned from Bro. Eli is that you can’t hate your parents no matter what the situation is. You can’t think evil about them since, well, in tagalog, you have utang na loob (you owe them something)to them. A child will not survive on his own and you owe a lot of what you are and have now to your parents. They are the ones who took care of you!

So respect their decisions. If you don’t take no for an answer, ask them nicely. Our parents’ love are super! Thank God for parents ♡

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